Friday Night Scores

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Bedford 7 Franklin 27 final

Trenton 17 Carlson 7 final

Flat Rock 29 Summit 28 final

Tecumseh 30 Riverview 53 final

SMCC 36 Detroit Central 28 final

Gabriel Richard 19 Whiteford 56 final

80 thoughts on “Friday Night Scores”

    1. D4 and D7 are different beasts. Besides you remember what happened when they played this year. Don’t worry about Airport, enjoy your playoff run.

  1. Carlson lead 7 to 3. 3 and 3. Let’s pass the ball. Now it’s 4 and 3. Let’s pass the ball. O Trenton picks it off and takes it to 20. And 5 plays later scores.

    Punting is not a bad thing

    Carlson fan

  2. The Flat Rock Summit game was ugly. Summit had at least 250 yards in penalties if not more. They had 5 personal fouls. Because summit played so sloppy it’s obvious the refs felt the need to call “phantom “ holding calls on Flat rock to balance it. Summit 4 delay of games, at least 6 false starts, 6 personal fouls, several offsides. It was awful. If summit could play clean and minimize penalties probably a really good team. Oline was absolutely enormous.

    However very entertaining at the end.

    1. I think it’s amazing how many good running backs Riverview has but without that O-line where would they be. Great job BUCS , good luck next week.

    2. Yes you did read that right.
      Home field.
      There smaller than most teams.
      They believe in themselfs
      They never quit

      They worked hard and play as a TEAM!!!
      And they
      improved skills every week,
      They where in shape to play 5 quarter if need be,
      They don’t have any big egos
      I’m sure every Position on the team is earned.
      Well coached
      Etc Etc

      Thank notes fans

      Huron league fan

  3. That Tecumseh guy was right all along, someone did get taken to the woodshed. Great to see 3 district champs from a supposedly down Huron League. Congrats to Riverview, Flat Rock and SMCC, keep it going next week.

    1. So is FR! They will get exposed and won’t be the messiah that everyone is anointed them to be. I’d say they are more lucky than good. Several of their wins have been by a point so does the at mean they are good, if they are just squeaking by?

      1. Messiah? What are you talking about? More lucky than good? Lucky is a hail Mary pass! Lucky would be a close win, once. FR has multiple close wins this year and that’s what good teams do. Are they great? I don’t think so, but they are a very good Division 5 team and that has landed them as one of the top 8 teams in D5 this year. Now go sit in the corner.

      2. Winning by 1 point is still winning. Not sure why so much hate for FR. Get exposed?!? Those kids fight until the bitter end! They could have given up with less than 2 minutes left, but they didn’t. That’s one thing about this blog…never give credit where credit is due from some off you haters. The underdog can be a good team.

        1. Just ignore it. We give people a voice. But it’s going to be short lived if it’s just done in spite with zero backing.

      3. So what everyone is excited for them winning. 2 years ago they 0 wins last year 2 wins and now 8 wins that’s a big turnaround. From a Bucs fan

      1. Pound the Rock!!

        Riverview has Tecumseh players with their backs on the Turf all night. I was thoroughly impressed with View’s execution of the T.
        Riverview played with no fear against that tecumseh offense. Played cover zero almost every down. Riverview should be in the semi final with a day vs OL St Mary’s.

  4. Carlson. Why would you pass on 4 and 3 on the 40 yard line.
    Punt and make them go 80 yards
    Sorry Carlson you blow that game

  5. FR-Summit could have been the worst, yet most entertaining HS playoff game Ive ever attended.
    FR kids don’t quit
    Summit up 9 with 1:56 left and lost. Tough for them.
    Congrats to FR on finding a way.
    They will need to throw the ball 40
    Times next week … finally let Junge throw it in the 4th.

  6. FR was down 28-19 receiving a kickoff with under 3 minutes left. Incredible and unbelievable finish, great drive to score in less than a minute. Perfect onside kick. Complete a pass for 30 on fourth and 20 and kick a field goal to win it on 4th down from the 5 yard line.

  7. Ok let all the Carlson excuses begin. I’m pretty sure that’s what you all told Huron last week. Enjoy your off season!

        1. I don’t see any Carlson excuses…but still see Huron fans thinking about them LOL!
          Hope Huron enjoyed watching games from the stands last night.

          1. Where are the Huron fans on here? Oh wait there was one that pointed out your mistake for not punting the ball. I was referring to all the the Carlson fans who were bagging on Huron last week about excuses. Looks like you get to enjoy next weeks games from the stands with Huron. Have fun as we move on!

          2. What Huron fans are you referring to? The one that pointed out your mistake to go for it and not punt. I was referring to all the Carlson people who were bagging on Huron last week for making excuses. I guess you can join them in the stands next week as we play on. Lol!!

          3. Carlson got some very go calls in there favor in the Trenton game.
            But they still managed to let the Trenton curse get the best of them.
            And some risky offense play calling.
            Great job Trenton

    1. Summit had maybe 30 penalties in that game.
      One time they had 4 in a row.
      No offense to FR, because they came back ,but Summit might be the worst HS football team I’ve ever seen in the playoffs.

      1. You are clueless. Their offensive line was huge and their back was legit. Defensively they were extremely fast. Were they a little unorganized at times on offense? Sure they were. I don’t think they were used to the no-nonsense MHSAA officiating crew that kept the play clock moving. That alone led to numerous penalities.

        1. Cause you run a blog don’t mean you know football.
          Over 30 penalties, 3 consecutive fumbles on handoffs, too many players on the field, not enough players on the field, off sides maybe 8 times, holding, almost a safety on kick receive, no clock management, the entire backfield goes to the sideline for every play call?
          Illegal formations, illegal shift/motion, rushing only 3 people on the QB? Running a very soft cover 2 against the best QB they’ll ever see?
          That is only some of what I saw.
          If you think Summit is that good, you need to take a football 101 class dude.

          1. LOL, no but I’m sure I know more than you and more than most. Did you see them blowout Grosse Ile last week? You’re obviously over-exaggerating things. You didn’t happen to be the guy yelling all game at the Summit coaches are you?

          2. Anonymous
            Just stop your bull. Close your pie hole.
            Chris has been doing a great job for years.
            Thanks for everything Chris,Gary and Frank.
            Keep it up.

            Huron league fan

    1. You might stand a chance in the regional final against Detroit Country Day but I think you will run into the buzzsaw of Frankenmuth in the semifinal.

      1. I’m fine with people saying we might have a chance to make it to the Final Four and THEN run into a buzzsaw…

        No one was thinking that months ago we would win 2 games…

        We will worry about Frankenmuth after we take care of Country Day!

        FR in the house!!!

    1. How is game over already. That’s like an hour and 20 minutes.
      What, did they run the wing for 48 minutes straight.
      Halftime is like 15 minutes..
      Come on man!!

    1. Looking good so far, but those Tecumseh boys are big and fast. They can score quick. Clock management will be huge for the Bucs.

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