FNV Week 2 Player of the Week Nominees

By Frank Vajcner

Each week, I will go through the box scores of all of our teams and pick four players whom I will turn to you, the people, to determine our Player of the Week. Go over to our twitter page to vote: @FNVictors

There are a lot of choices in a given week, so narrowing them down to four is a challenge in itself. If you have anyone in particular to nominate, hit me up on Twitter (that will actually help me out more, as my Friday nights are busy with officiating).

You can then vote in our Twitter poll to determine the final outcome.

Without further ado…

Jack Mills, RB, Airport: Mills is building a strong case for Offensive Player of the Year through the first two weeks. In a 48-27 win over Riverview, the senior carried the ball 19 times for 130 yards and three scores, and also caught three passes for 23 yards and a score. The win also snapped a 29-game regular season winning streak, as well as a 22-game Huron League winning streak for Riverview.

Ethan Layton, WR/RB, Dundee: Layton showcased multiple ways to score, as he ran the ball ten times for 70 yards and three scores, caught a 44-yard touchdown pass, and ran for a two-point conversion in Dundee’s 41-18 win over Erie Mason. He also threw a touchdown pass.

Brian Booms, RB, Flat Rock: Booms turned in a record-setting performance for the Rams in a 35-6 win over Grosse Ile. He carried the ball 17 times for 181 yards and a school-record five touchdowns. Booms also had a five-yard reception and a two-point conversion run.

Drew Harris, RB, SMCC: Harris turned in a breakout performance for the Falcons in a 19-13 win over Huron. The junior rang up 147 rushing yards and two touchdowns on 21 carries, caught two passes for 27 yards, and also kicked an extra point.

Honorable Mention: Jake Wadsworth, RB/K, Summerfield; Nolan Zajac, WR/K, Airport, Billy Gaskell, QB, Milan; Dinato Gandara, RB/KR, Monroe, Whiteford Defense.

17 thoughts on “FNV Week 2 Player of the Week Nominees”

  1. What Div is airport. I see a lot of hoopla about them. I enjoy seeing the fan base. I hear lots of good things going on up there.

  2. The HL is boring.. Airport going to wrap up the title by Week 3 against FR..
    I believe top to bottom the LCAA is much stronger this year.
    There will be “ upsets” and some actual important games at the end of the year.

    1. Assuming Airport beats FR on Friday the Huron League will not be wrapped up. Week 4 they are at rival SMCC. And later on they play Huron. I know Huron is currently 0-2 but I believe they will get it together, besides these Airport seniors have never beaten Huron.

          1. No. To me, the competition needs to be close, in terms of wins and losses. For SMCC over the last 10 years, Milan(5-5) and Riverview(6-4) would be rivals.

            Airport(9-1) had this great class come through, but prior to that, it hasn’t been much of a rivalry.

        1. I get your point Gary. Not a hill I’m willing to die on. Original point being a win over Flat Rock doesn’t guarantee anything for Airport with a trip to SMCC up next.

          1. Being cautious is a good way to go. I think Airport is a strong team. I wasn’t sure in the preseason but I think they are strong enough to win a Region. From there, who knows? Top 5 of D4 has some excellent teams, but I think the Jets could give themselves a chance.

          1. The good thing regarding Airport, other than Goodrich, all the top teams are west.
            I think maybe the stiffest competition would be maybe Harper Woods, prior to a state-semi.
            That is where you might meet Goodrich(see Riverview last year).

            I think the overall trip for Airport will be a good one.

            Tecumseh just lost to Whitehall(D4’s top team) by a lot. \

            Your trip would look something like this.

            Early rounds: Adrian, Tecumseh, Divine Child, Livonia.(very doable)
            Regional: Harper Woods, Cros-Lex.(HW is talented)
            Semi: Freeland, Goodrich.(Starts to get very real here)
            Final: Whitehall, Unity Christian, South Christian, Portland.(Best of the best)

        2. Nice breakdown Gary. Still a lot of regular season football to be played but that seems like a manageable road if Airport is as good as a lot of us think they are. Time will tell.

          1. Damn! Gary just gave the mic drop regarding the SMCC/Airport rivalry. EM, I’d say it’s more of a hatred towards SMCC-most schools in the HL have it towards them because they’ve really never beat them. Whether it’s football, volleyball, girls/boys basketball, softball, and sometimes baseball-a lot of schools just don’t like SMCC. It’s like a respectful hatred of that makes any sense.

  3. Great slate of young athletes to follow this year! Going to be a great year! Some may think the Huron league is boring, but everyone loves cheese pizza!

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