Week 3: Our Thoughts, Not Yours

As usual people, these thoughts are from Frank and Chris. Frank is usually serious, Chris not so much.

J.E.T.S. Jet, Je, J


The Downriver League warmup is over for Carlson. Now the work starts.

Vikings have probably had enough of Blissfield’s Kassidy Lenz

The Erie Mason score surprised me a bit.


Crazy things happen on the island. Wait…..wasn’t this game played at Navarre Field?

The Chiefs always seem to be a better team after halftime.

At least the Blue Streaks won’t have to face Clinton again until next season

The week 3 goal for the Bears was to stay healthy. All good?

Looks like the Big Reds let one slip away last night at home.

The Trojan D stepped up big in a closer-than-expected game.

Pirates are back to doing what they do.

Two more wins should get the D7 Falcons in the playoffs at 3-6. Where will they come from?

First 3-0 start for the Dawgs since 2013

Bobcats pass their first test against a team from the Buckeye State. The next one could be tougher.

Bonus Thoughts From Chris on the FR/Airport game:

Flat Rock seemed fresher and more physical than Airport last night.

Not a fan of the banana uniforms the Rams were wearing last night. Fashion tip: never wear that much Gold/Yellow after Labor Day.

Loved the new field at the Alma Mater. It was nice to see my dad’s old friend Bob Mittlestat do the ceremonial coin flip.

I thought the game last night was well officiated.

I hope colleges and universities start recruiting FR’s Graham Junge. He is a special talent at QB.

Take note: When invited to a tailgate, Chris will always bring a dish to pass and maybe a beverage.

Frank Bonus: Still not a fan of “streaming only” college games? Better have multiple devices.

Frank Bonus: We should be happy but not satisfied with the Lions’ win in Week 1. 

27 thoughts on “Week 3: Our Thoughts, Not Yours”

  1. It amazes me that flat rock gets zero respect.

    Airport blew out the defending downriver league champ and the Huron league champ in back to back weeks.

    Flat rock handled airport for 3 quarters. Nye made some absolute elite throws in the first quarter and airport hit their wheel route for a TD. Their first TD came after a huge kickoff return on the opening play in which they got the ball on the 10. Besides that, they were held in check.

    Flat rock fumbled on their 1 yard line as well. This easily could have been a 20 point flat rock win.

    As for this Riverviews “ skill positions” not playing and that mattering… it doesn’t. Riverview “skill” is their line and scheme, the scheme is the skill because of the deception . I have seen them plug in back after back, qb after qb and not miss a beat. Back when they played Harrison in the semi final they played with a backup qb. And should have won. When the line is rolling it doesn’t matter who is carrying the ball. How many times have you seen a Riverview back go 50 yards without being touched? Many… that’s not skill of the player, it’s the scheme executed perfectly. it seems this year might be different for them. If riverview goes down 2 scores it gets ugly.

  2. From the way it looks the league championship will be played in two weeks went flat rock goes to Riverview. Flat rock can win it outright, if riverview wins, I see a 3 way tie .

    It seems the tiers

    1a and 1b flat rock, airport

    Tier 2… almost tier 1 Riverview

    Tier 3. Milan, Huron, SMCC, Grosse Ile

    Tier 4. Jefferson

  3. I wouldn’t count out the Falcons yet. Yes they blew it vs. GI but I expect them to be much more competitive this week vs. Airport. They have the most experienced staff in the league and good, young talent. It should be a good game Friday at Navarre.

      1. The Monroe Trojans are led by a senior Defensive End Adam Nabozny who missed his junior season. With the defensive line pressure from (Nabozny) and Monroe county’s best player Breylon Richards the Trojans will look to push for a 6-3 record; and take down the defending Huron league champs week 9. If Nabozny can keep up this dominate performance, the senior has a chance to be Monroe county’s defensive player of the year. The Trojans take on Skyline week 4 and come in as heavy favorites.

  4. I want to just throw this out there-I personally do not like spread offenses. I almost feel like it’s ruining high school football. Too many schools run it without having the athletes to do so. I see these junior league football teams running a spread and it’s absolutely brutal. They’re not learning how to properly block from the line of scrimmage. Not to mention the bad snaps, bad handoffs, and just bad everything. I understand the big schools that have the players year after year to run it. Hell, even Kyle Reid went back to the Wing T at Monroe. I’m just not a fan of the spread and was wondering your thoughts on it?

    1. I agree with you that it certainly takes the right athletes to run the spread properly. It requires speed out of your skill positions and a QB who can run and throw. At it’s core the spread is about equating numbers in the run game. Unlike the T which says “put 8 players in the box and just try and stop us” the spread is all about equating numbers. As a defense you can pack the box against a spread team but then the QB can just fling it out to receivers on quick slants, bubble screens, and RPOs all day. But again it requires the athletes who can make a man or two miss. It’s just the dominant offensive philosophy right now, especially at the college level.

  5. Flat Rock still has to play Riverview. I’m expecting a 3 way tie for the HL this year. Riverview beats Flat Rock creating tri-champs! On a side note-Riverview only beats Flat Rock if they’re at full strength unlike the game against Airport…

    1. FR beats Riverview once we get there.

      No need to dwell on that yet….

      Jefferson at home first.

      FR won’t let up. They will stay focused and take care of business this week.

      1. Troll don’t forget Airport won the battle up front against Riverview but not against FR. If the FR gets the better of Riverview up front Junge will pick them apart.

  6. My Thoughts:

    Carlson had an absolute field day. Can they continue it next week?
    I thought Airport was gonna cruise through the League. I was wrong
    Are we watching the Flat Rock Rams or the LA Rams?
    Grosse Ile shocked a lot of people
    SMCC is in some trouble
    Huron looked good
    Milan has some adjustments to make
    Riverview is back
    Jefferson tried but Riverview is just too tough
    Dundee should bounce back next week
    Idas playing the big dogs now. They should be okay
    Temperance Bedford doesn’t even look the same
    Monroe looks likenthey had an off night, but a wins a win
    Erie Mason didn’t look too red hot
    Whiteford barely escaped
    Summerfield may be the team to look out for in the TCC

    1. I agree Ida will be fine as they have played a very good schedule to date but where has the Hoffman kid been. I was looking for him to have a breakout year on defense. I haven’t seen his name anywhere for tackles.

  7. Three Monroe turnovers hurt the Trojans or it wouldn’t have been so close. Ypsilanti Lincoln had 14 yards total offense. But still too close for comfort.

    1. I am not. We struggled to run the same old offense. Our players aren’t big or strong enough to run the wing-T anymore yet we keep running it. Defensively, we played pretty well but for the life of me I will never get why we give eight to ten yard cushions and put in our big guys in obvious passing situations. The kicking games was decent last night but I didn’t get why we didn’t try to kick it deep to the 10 or 15 like we did verses Huron. The number of turnovers we had was embarrassing. Coach Kipf and his staff have their hands full this week

  8. Lol. Great job Flatrock.
    Hey Airport. There is 4 qts to every football game.

    Airport out coaches again by Flatrock’s Quarterback.

    Huron Dad.

      1. A win is a Win. It was like you had no game plan for the 2nd half. You can’t just play run the ball football. Out coached again.

  9. if the Vikings can hold onto the ball they win that game questionable coaching having them throw the ball at the 1 yard line resulting in a interception poor offensive coaching hopefully the Vikings will be back

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