Week 4 Our Thoughts, Not Yours

By Chris Schultz and Frank Vajcner

As usual people, these thoughts are from Frank and Chris. Frank is usually serious, Chris not so much.

Do you think they partied in Carleton last night after winning at Navarre for the first time in a decade?

The last time Bedford was shut out in consecutive games was 2001. That team went 0-9.

Holy cow! Was Carlson that good or was Roosevelt that bad?

Nice bounceback for the Vikings.

Not sure if the Eagles are a playoff team

What did Jimmy Johnson say about whose job it is to keep the score down?

I think we forgot that this is an odd-year

What the fudge?

I’m an Ida alum, and I knew that 34-point spread smelled like the Quad Lakes (sorry, Kanon).

Losing can be frustrating, but have some self-control.

We are open to any shot that Milan fans want to give out. I for one deserve it.

Fight on!

How can one guy carry the ball only 10 times and rush for over 300 yards?

At least there was a big gate over at Navarre last night

The Dawgs are barking at 4-0

Nobody goes into The Woods and comes out on the winning end.

A big thank you to Kanon Dean for joining us this week. We heard you are a pretty popular guy!

Bonus: How many fifty burgers got served this week?

Bonus: Has anyone else resorted to my method of watching college games on multiple devices?

Bonus: Any readers buy a blue ski mask?

To all the readers who have donated to the blog, we thank you! To those who haven’t, what are you waiting for? You come back almost daily.

29 thoughts on “Week 4 Our Thoughts, Not Yours”

  1. As a CC alumni, this is a must win for the Falcons this week. I think they could win other games on their schedule but if they lose this one, the team could be wishing for basketball season. I have full faith in Coach Kipf and staff they will get the team ready to compete Friday night in Milan. Go Falcons!

  2. I remember looking at the live scores the other night and seeing Huron jumped out to a 13-0 lead and thought WOW upset brewing in New Boston. Then checked back not long after and saw Riverview ran off 36 straight in what seemed like record time. Almost like Riverview started scoring on every play. Can anyone that attended the game provide a breakdown.

    1. I doubt that you’ll get much of a breakdown from the Riverview people, they haven’t been around much since week 2. Even though they have a huge game this week that could potentially lead to a share of the league title. I guess for some people 1 loss is the end of the world.

  3. I’m kinda catching up on some comments about this flag being planted at Navarre after the Airport win. I’m sorry but that is pretty dumb! Have a little respect for your “opponent”. Notice I said opponent because that is not a rivalry at all. I agree with Gary 100%-that is no rivalry. That would be the equivalent of SMCC baseball saying they have a rivalry with Airport baseball. Or Airport volleyball saying they have a rivalry with SMCC volleyball. Not even close! Imagine SMCC baseball planting a flag at the mound at Kurtansky Field? Planting a school flag anywhere is classless in any sport no matter what level it is. Just my opinion. (Good job Baker Mayfield)

    1. Hey Troll go ask the SMCC kids the one team they wanna beat more than anyone I bet the answer will be Airport and vice versa. I bet the Airport and SMCC players and coaches would disagree with your assessment. And as far as the flag plant goes, I’m sure you Monroe county Michigan fans didn’t have a problem when Michigan did it in Columbus last year.

      1. It’s still not a rivalry…
        Planting a flag is classless.
        I’m a Michigan fan and it’s still classless but we’re talking about high school athletes-not the NCAA. Is it gonna be perfectly fine if SMCC wants to plant the flag next year at Airport? Let that sink in-I guarantee you would be the first one on here calling them out for it.

        1. So by your definition Jefferson vs SMCC isn’t a rivalry huh Troll since Jefferson is down right now. Riverview vs GI has been pretty one sided lately so no rivalry. See how silly that sounds. That’s you Troll. Again go ask SMCC and Airport players and coaches then get back with me.

          1. I think it’s fair to say that some people may think a certain game is a rivalry game, and others not.
            Typically, if one team wins only 20% of the time, most would not consider that team a rival.

            I think if we are talking Airport, it’s clear that Flat Rock is their rival. Games have been played evenly over history, schools are 8 miles apart and
            I think they even play for a cup or jug. Which in itself says… we want this to be a rivalry game.

            You mentioned Jefferson being down, they have beaten CC as many times as Airport has over the last 15 years.

          2. Maybe I should apologize for all this rivalry talk. I was just giving Gary a hard time after the Airport/SMCC game from a previous discussion we had.

          3. That is what this site is partly for. Discussion.. sometimes argument.
            As long as it is civil, it’s all good.

      2. Typically- not always SMCC is a top tier HL team. As an Alum- going back to the 80’s our rival typically was who else was a contender- Riverview for years in the 80’s- Then Jefferson when they had their run- To Milan and then & Airport when Redmond coached. Now back to Riverview. FR

        Who ever is a contender is CC wants to beat

      1. It’s not often we see a student section call out.
        I think that is just what student sections do.
        We are going to win, you are going to lose.
        Your school stinks, our school is the best.
        While having absolutely zero affect on the game. But apparently got under the skin of one of our readers.

  4. I took myself out to Navarre field Friday night to see an absolute hell of a game! The flacons started off hot, but we’re answered quickly by Nye and this Jets team. I don’t think we’ve seen a quarterback as good as Nye in a while. The senior Qb was making plays all night on both sides of the ball. On the flip side of things it will be interesting to see if the falcons can sneak into the playoffs with a 2-7 record. Time will tell.

  5. My Thoughts:

    Carlson seems like they have something to prove

    Airport struggled early but had some of that secret juice in their Locker Room

    SMCC tried but the Jets are just too good

    Flat Rock looks like they could make a Playoff run

    Jefferson gonna Jefferson

    Milan enjoyed that ride to the Island with all the train tracks

    Grosse Ile looked like they got hit by a train on one of those tracks

    Riverviews back. Until they play Flat Rock

    Can’t blame NB Huron for trying

    Dundee may be a dark horse

    Ida needed that one. Sorry Frank, I don’t see Ida making the Playoffs unless the Playoff point system is nice to them

    Monroe looks well Coached. Their real test is this Week

    I expected much more from Bedford. In my opinion, Saline should have hung 60 on them

    Whiteford is 2-0 against Ohio teams. Lets put them up against the Buckeyes.

    Erie Masons not looking too red hot

    Could Summerfield beat Whiteford?


    SMCC at Milan could be a good game and possibly a Touchdown fest for both teams

    1. Your coach made a decision over and over to go for it on 4th down leaving FR a short field. It would be 4th and 13 on there own 30 and he would go for it? So they would lose 3 yards in 3 plays then think they are going to gain 13 yards??

      So now FR has a short field and is a passing team. I would look towards your decision making as part of the issue. If you don’t have a punter, start practicing that.

      FR has talent this season and then add on giving them good field position every time, just makes no sense.

      1. When you are outmanned, playing 4 down football is an option a coach can use to maybe keep the possession going. Even if it’s 4th and long. Think about it, in that game, FR would score from anywhere. Hardly matters where they start.

        1. Field position is why you punt.
          Yea, they’ll probably score, but will take them longer with more yards to go.
          You keep giving FR the ball with half or less field to play and they could put up a lot of points quickly.
          Maybe 86 or more.

          1. I’m rather sure it made zero difference in the outcome of the game or the amount of points FR scored.

  6. Gonna be tough for the Vikings to make the playoffs really gotta put it all together after this week it’s a tough 4 game stretch very impressed with Monroe this year also very excited to see how flat rock does come playoff team very exciting teams this year

  7. Even I didn’t see Milan bouncing back like that, but it was good to see.

    You guys don’t really deserve too much in the way of shots, at least I don’t think so. I was on board with your pre-season analysis of “Milan could win 3 games, or 6”, and I still think it’s true now.

  8. Monroe is looking way more competitive this season. Coach Reed has these kids playing hard and seems to have them in the correct positions. Regardless of what happens the rest of the season he will not quit on them. Nabozny and collett are having really nice seasons!!!

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