Week 6 Video Picks

Watch as Frank Vajcner, Gary Hauf and Chris Schultz welcome sports writer Doug Donnelly to the show and make their week 6 MHSAA Football picks.

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25 thoughts on “Week 6 Video Picks”

  1. None of it matters. Make the playoffs. Play schools your size. Then see who is good or not. Who can produce on their way to Ford Field? That will be the best measuring stick since the HL has D3 thru D7 in it.

  2. Stop with Riverview did not have their best players in their loss to Airport.
    That kind of talk discredits the kids that played the game that evening. Next man up
    Riverview Dad

    1. So…if Riverview had those 4 impact players playing and they had beat airport with jack mills not playing…you wouldnt say that of jack played it would of made a difference??

  3. Carlson has entered the chat.
    Yes Airport beat Carlson in week 1 but that was a team with a bunch of juniors and sophs starting their first varsity game
    Carlson plays Airport now they win by 10+

    1. so Airport hasn’t gotten any better like Carlson has? Would it be a closer game probably, would Carlson win by 10+ I highly doubt it.

      1. yeah no, all of Airport’s production is seniors, I would hope Carlson can beat them next year. Take the L and enjoy watching your team play good football!

  4. I’d put Airport at #1 because they have two great wins and ran into a trap with Flat Rock. No other team has two wins like that. I’m a Riverview fan and I was at the game. The missing players would have made it more of a back and fourth game, but two of those guys missing were missing because they were suspended for disciplinary reasons. The Riverview team had some bad penalties, but also a decent amount they brought on to themselves. Airport pretty much kicked their butts and became a second half blowout. The game won’t be played again, so it is what it is. It was a humbling loss for the team. I feel like the team at that point, even if they had those guys in week two, just isn’t the team they are right now. Lots of first time varsity starters just adjusting to the higher level of competition. I believe they would have still lost most likely.

  5. Great show guys as always… EM you heard it from the pros power rankings say Riverview than Flatrock and then…Airport js

      1. I believe Chris placed Riverview on top of the others because they lost without some of their best players.
        With nearly all back, they beat FR, who beat Airport by a good margin.
        And they are the defending champions.

      1. Yes airport beat view that game….without 4 starters in key postions with that been said a rematch would go to the trap house…

      2. Again…4 impact players on yhe sideline in street clothes…if it was the other way around and mills was in street clothes and airport loss would you say jack would of made a difference?

        1. DR rat doesn’t seem like you know football. EMs point I believe is football games are won and lost at the line of scrimmage. That is especially true for a T team. Let’s assume you had all your skill guys. If the line isn’t blocking they wouldn’t have hit the big runs either. You lost to a better team. Time to get over it and move on. Riverview still has a lot to play for.

          1. The offense they run isn’t why they won or lost. Not sure spread teams win with poor offense lines. How does the defense play with those players? Why is it always the offense that gets critiqued by bystanders?

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