7 thoughts on “Week 9 Video Picks”

  1. Well well well, let’s admit that the Huron League as a whole is treacherous. Regardless of divisions really good competition. I know FNV follows Whiteford but the ol’coach year 2 at John Glenn is worth mentioning. Imagine if he took over a HL team…

  2. TE/DE Adam Nabozny won’t be enough for the Pirates and this powerful T offense. Last week, the senior posted 5 catches for about 100 yards and had a tremendous game defensively. If the Trojans cannot finish with the win this week, this would have them going out on a 5 game losing streak.

  3. Monroe does have a chance to make the playoffs still with a win. They will need some bonus points from their schedule but they haven’t been completely eliminated.

    1. I just went through the scenario for Monroe… as I did before.

      Monroe would have to beat Riverview of course.

      If all of their opponents win in week 9, which in itself, would be crazy, since 4 of 8 are underdogs.
      Monroe would sit at 27.333 Bonus Points.

      If they beat Riverview.. their POP would be 24.44
      Add those together.. you have 51.773.

      The lowest cut off mark I can get to for the 32 spot is 52.11.

      I just dont think it is mathematically possible for the Trojans.
      If I did, I would have loved to have said so.

      1. I found a scenario for the Trojans to get in. They must beat Riverview. Then they need these 6 teams to win: Bedford, Dexter, Pioneer, Skyline, Ypsilanti Lincoln, and Jackson. This would give them 50.33333 and the 32nd spot.

          1. I forgot to include U of D Jesuit beating Oxford. I think it’s mathematically possible, but highly unlikely.

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