Regional Scores


Airport 19 Harper Woods 46 Final


Flat Rock 56 Southeastern 26 Final

Carlson 19 Mott 40 Final

Whiteford 54 White Pigeon 6 Final

38 thoughts on “Regional Scores”

  1. HW was impressively fast on offense but that defense was the game’s star. They played exceptional assignment defense and just made everything hard for the Jets. I am super proud of the Jet team for battling and having a great season. This was a tough matchup and probably not a team they could have beaten without playing a perfect game.

    HW will need to play a cleaner game to win a state title. Seems like they were flagged on every third play.

  2. Great season Airport. You guys were a joy to watch all season and this senior class will go down in history as one of the best classes in school history.

  3. Longtime jet, lifelong cc downer (it's how I was raised)

    Airport…great season, helluva job…don’t need to get into the all star team stuff, rules are rules and Harper woods didn’t break any getting the guys they have…end of the day those kids up there have practiced since beginning of August like every other team in the state…so good on them, that’s probably ur d4 champ or runner up we lost to, no shame in that…shout out to nye, zajac, Nowak, mills and foor for what u have done for so long, u brought the jets back to what we were 15 plus years ago…Duffy brothers, ur as airport as they come so I’m happy for what you’ve done too, Derek Anderson (best rb I’ve ever seen at the high school level) u gotta be kidding me, loved watching this team, ran into an absolute buzz saw and that happens but man what a year…district Champs, league Champs (tie) but 80+ years of football in carleton and this team accomplished as much as any other team in our history…now buckle up, Jack go win a state championship in wrestling and jets who play roundball, go beat cc…at their place…what a year, great job boys

  4. Huron Chief Parent

    Stop all the whining or excuse making for the “all star teams”. If you don’t like it find another sport….oh wait it happens in all sports. Look at college and professional sports – the same thing happens.

    Ya it’s disappointing that Airport lost but give the players the credit they deserve. They had a great season and made name for themselves. My hat goes off to them and wish all their seniors good luck in the next stage of their lives.

    1. The only way you stand a chance against an all star team is some serious deception. Trying to beat them at their own offense which they recruit a top notch player at every skilled position is very tough with just a D4 student body.

        1. 3-6 last year, and suddenly world beaters with a qb that came from another country and a roster of d1 talent. Something going on there. At some of these schools, they don’t even lose eligibility when they don’t move.

        2. Considering they went 3-6 last year and now they are about to be regional champs you can say that because they have 7 guys with d1 offers including that Michigan guy and there QB is from Ontario and just got to Harper woods this past year they also have 5-6 guys with lower level offers would call that a all star team

        3. Sometimes scheme doesn’t matter when the other team is just better…

          Lots of All Star talk around here when teams lose..

          Riverview loses… we played all stars

          Airport loses, we played all stars.

          How about… they were just better than us

          1. The fact is they are better teams. It’s easy to be better when you’re out recruiting rosters of a dozens of area schools to find players. Nothing all that special beating just an ordinary hs teams in d4 with a select team. Just watch, next week they smoke Goodrich.

        4. An all star team would be a team who actively recruits their roster of proven players out of district l. There’s a hand full of such programs in the area. Used to be just Farmington Harrison but now there’s a more. It wins state titles these days. They really shouldn’t be eligible because they are recruiting a much larger student body. There should be a separate division for select teams.

    1. Personal fouls are only ejection worthy if deemed flagrant. Otherwise there is no limit.

      Unsportsmanlike conduct (which is a non-contact foul), is 2 and a DQ.

  5. Wow, my perspective of Carlson was they were going to run away with the game early. They were in control of the game, running 6-8 yards a play and ready to score again to go 14-0 then went to the pass and threw a pick. That play gave the other team a ton of momentum and the qb and receivers who before that were giving up early on routes, suddenly started running the routes and making an effort to go to the ball. Best HS qb I’ve seen in person. He was as much a threat with his feet as he was with his arm. He threw a nice ball. This guy is better than most Michigan qb’s in recent memory, could throw the long ball. Carlson had a good game plan early, run the ball and the clock which was working, until they tried to pass. The ground game was working, even in a spread blocking scheme, 6-8 per play. They’d have probably won the game out of a run based offense imo. The spread made perfect sense for the other team who had the qb and receivers, no sense for Carlson. Doesn’t matter how you win, just win. Running the football is the way with that team.

  6. I went to Jackson tonight to watch JLC against Clinton. Jackson Lumen Christi just barely scraped by Clinton by a score of 21-14, it could have yours Falcons! Hopefully this is motivation for next year.

    Congratulations to Carlson on a great season! Very talented and well coached team.

    I will go out on a limb and predict a Flat Rock upset next week after Flat Rock recovers an onside kick and kicks a field goal in the 4th quarter to win. Corunna is good but aside from the Pontiac Notre Dame QB, they haven’t seen anyone like Junge

    I think Airport wins 56-54 in a shootout as well. Airport can score at will which should be a great game.

  7. It’s how it shook out and I’m happy about it for sure but we have played 3 teams that couldn’t sniff what we saw in the league…3 not good teams but who cares, I dont…next week should be a whole lot tougher but for now…regional Champs, heck yes buddy

  8. Easy road thus far for the Rams. I know Gary posted the calpreps matchup of FR and NDP or Corunna but after looking closely at Corunna’s scores the last couple years, I wouldnt count out the Rams. No high level division one talent like Country Day last year which is a big deal and maybe an even bigger deal is they do not run the T. FR will definitely be an underdog but do have a shot at Ford Field.

    1. I’m rooting for Flat Rock, but I don’t believe there’s a chance they’ll beat that team. Corunna might make the finals in 3 or 4. That’s a very good team.

    2. I wish FR well, but…… Corunna ain’t Milan, Summit or Detroit SE.
      They are big and they have speed.
      FR is slow, it may be a problem.

  9. GO FR!!! IMO, I have never seen an easier road to the final 4 than this. Just not very good teams. Next week is a different story. Good Luck FR go chase that 76 team.

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