Regional Our Thoughts, Not Yours.

Each week Frank Vajcner and Chris Schultz share their thoughts. Frank’s are usually serious, Chris not so much.


Not much to say other than that the better team won.

You can’t win against high level talent when you turn the ball over four times.

Am I crazy to say that the Rams have a better than a puncher’s chance next week?

I think White Pigeon is going to have nightmares about the DeBarr brothers.

Whiteford just scored again.

Winning blog teams put up 50-burgers this week.

Flat Rock just scored again.

I believe that trailing against Hudson woke up Whiteford last week.

Had the opportunity to watch Zeeland West at Parma Western. The Dux are very well-coached.

Parma Western has some incredible hospitality. 

Bye week is over. We are on to San Diego…I mean, LA


Congrats on a great season Jets. This guy was on your bandwagon in July. Thank you for not disappointing.

Nothing to be ashamed of Carlson. How often does a Vince Young type of QB surface in MHSAA football? (Yes that was a reference to a QB that starred around the time you were born)

Congrats on making the semis Rams, now go out and beat the best team you have played all season. (Let’s Go!)

Not sure what to say at this point Bobcats, your dominance is mind-boggling.

Nice win by Michigan yesterday. Remember, the head coach is ultimately responsible for everyone on his staff.

State stinks!

Forward Down the Field

4 thoughts on “Regional Our Thoughts, Not Yours.”

  1. Please add to my list
    best RBs in Ram history
    Al Summers-76 state title team
    Bob Blosser
    Casey Steffen
    Ron Queen
    Brian Booms
    Mickey Jessup- sorry if sp error

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