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  1. I will agree with JD. After the season they have had to speak positive and about the character of the players from Riverview and the way they have handled themselves all year they deserve the kudos. You do not hear about how dirty they play or about them not being good young men. This team is full of glue guys. #77 Demar, #45 Warlick and #57 Kincaid make one of the best defensive lines in the state. Not only are they good on the football field but great in the classroom All straight A students and great character examples. Add to that #32 Rice, #88 Dively, #22 Guthrie, # 80 Gardner, # 63Maher, #8 Johnson and that D is solid and can stand up against anyone. Add to that all those boys play offense also. The D line just turns around after they make the stops and proceed to make hole after hole for the backs. All year long they have played against bigger linemen. #77 Demare and #57 Kincaid (both tackles) are only 200 pounds yet play like they weigh 250. Add #63 Maher, #88 Dively, and #85 Sarnaki to the mix and again based on stats alone I would say one of the best if not the best lines in the state. Those boys have worked their tails off and play for each other and have each other’s backs. They pick each other up and define what a true team is. Congrats Riverview and continue to show the downriver community what you are made of. We are proud of you.

  2. @3:18, JD is not bragging, he is proud!! Just as we all are as parents. He is proud of the entire team and the success they are having after only winning 2 games last year. He could be on here only talking about his own child, who I might add, is not only a beast of a football player but one of the kindest, most well mannered young men I know!! Brag away JD, these boys have earned it this year!!

  3. No JD isn't a bragger he's just proud as all of us parents are of these kids!!
    We will see about no one left after this week from the HL. Everyone keeps under estimating Riverview and we like, look out D.C. You are in the clock!!!!

  4. WOW, 3:18
    JD, makes a post saying what a good bunch of kids that he has the pleasure to know and coach and you call it "bragging"? Really? If that's "bragging" then I hope he keeps "bragging"! This blog could use more post like that!

  5. There will be no one left playing in the Huron league after this week. Oh well, at least you had a week longer then anyone in the downriver league. Side note and question for RV parents, is JD always such a bragger? I thought kids didn't get inducted into NHS until junior year? What does that baseball comment even have to do with the team playing FOOTBALL today? Inquiring minds need to know.

  6. Hey Chris and Gary great commentary, you mention Zach who is one of my sons best friends and over our house quite a bit. That kid is tough as nails, plays Rugby, Black Belt martial artist and a 4.0 student. I coached him in Junior Football and he was the same way. The whole team has played together for years and not only has brawn but all great students. I️ had 11 out of 12 of these kids on my baseball team I coached their Freshman year. I had to call the coach and move the game because only 2 kids could come due to the rest being inducted into National Honor Society. Best junior and Senior class to come thru Riverview.
    #bucnation #hocokings #teamron

  7. They play as a complete team does Riverview, this week will be a test.
    Already beat to Wisconsin commits now let's beat a msu and u of m commit.
    This will put kids on the map to be looked at by recruiters if they haven't already been!

  8. Riverview is definitely having g a great season.
    #1 in Rushing yards in the state
    #12 in Rushing yards in the country
    #18 in the state in tackles
    #20 in the state in sacs.
    1 game at a time let's go Bucs take down D.C

  9. Great video guys. Figured it was worth noting that Riverview is currently 12th in the entire nation when it comes to rushing yards according to MaxPreps.

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