Spiess Steps Down at Huron

Huron’s Tim Spiess has stepped down after one year on the job. There was speculation that he would after his youngest son Brennan transferred to Venice High School in Florida over spring break. The Chief’s finished 5-5, but had lofty expectations entering the 2017 season.

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  1. @10:15 I know many parents have given Spiess a fair chance until they saw things for what they were. He wasn't here to give Huron kids a fair chance. He was here to give his own kids a chance/ advantage. Many talented kids on last year's team that proved themselves better that what Spiess chose to do with the plays that were even against what his staff advised him to do. Maybe future coaches shouldn't have their own kids on their team.

  2. No one said he was the "best player last year". Someone did mention though that he's their top RUTURNING player NEXT year, which he is.

  3. Let's be specific. Coach Kalbflesh was the head coach for 12 years. He resigned to take in the AD position at Gibraltar, his father was asked to fill in for him when he departed. A team of people, including parents, administrators, and board members interviewed several candidates. Speiss was offered the job. Speiss did some very good things for the program, that will have lasting effects on the school. He also made some mistakes. He made the right decisions to move on, both for him and for Huron. I don't know that he was given a fair chance. Nor do I think he gave Huron a fair chance. I wish him well. I also know that Huron will move forward.

  4. Cannot believe you guys are have a conversation about who paint the weight room.
    But if he did, he is a better painter than a coach.


  5. Makes you wonder if Huron had something in the works? Chad Smith is going to be the guy,seems pre arranged to me.
    7 coaches, 1.5 years.

  6. @12:24 Ok, I guess you know more than all of us. I was in the weight room while Spiess painted before all of the new equipment showed up. I was there with the company out of Texas putting it all together for 3 days. And for the boosters, you do an awesome job raising money but I know it wasn’t the boosters idea to put all of the new equipment in the weight room, it was the coach. Everyone seems to forget that Huron is the only school in our league that has a 7th,8th, and a freshman team. Don’t forget about the Huron JR Chiefs, it is quite a program to get and keep the kids interested in football. Once the school acknowledges and gives a little help with the little ones, things will really start hitting on all 12 cylinders.

  7. Makes you wonder if Huron had something in the works? Chad Smith is going to be the guy,seems pre arranged to me.
    7 coaches, 1.5 years.

  8. Some of you Huron fans are delusional. You make it seem like you were headed to Ford Field last year if not for Speiss. NEWSFLASH whether he was your coach or not you still lose to Riverview, you still lose to SMCC, you still lose to Flat Rock and you still lose to Thurston. I guess you'll just blame the new coach if you underachieve this season.

  9. Look how far Huron football has come in the last decade. It use to be that nobody cared about football over here. We ran through coaches every year. We would dress less than 20 kids and there would be more people in the band than spectators in the stands. Now, the games are a destination on Friday nights. Who cares who the coach is and what they did or didn't do last season. We have good kids, good parents, good administrators and good coaches at a fantastic high school. Let's move on people and help the team to a good season in 2018 and beyond.

  10. Does it really matter about the weight room? Huron had a solid weight room, it was just older and inefficient. The newer equipment looks nicer and allows the kids to get in and out quicker because they don't have to wait around as much for an open bench or squat rack.

  11. Spiess had nothing to do with the weightroom, might want to thank the booster club for that.

    From what I'm hearing Spiess was gone well before he officially resigned.

    Personally I don't think it was going to end well in any way so best that he left sooner rather than later. I'll support the next coach just like I supported the last. Like others have said, no coach can survive without the parents and community support.

  12. 7:01 they did put together a community committee for Spiess.
    7:57 non of that is true.
    8:08 Spiess had ALL to do with the weight room.
    10:23 true dat.
    Where do 90% of you get your information? If you don’t know it as fact, don’t say or repeat it. In the end you look and sound foolish.
    That’s the main reason the 90% are anonymous I guess.

  13. Head Girls basketball coach steps down after a regional championship appearance, and now the head football coach. Hmmmm

  14. The school school put together a hiring committee that has community members, staff and other coaches in the school this time. Too big of a job to not have stakeholders involved. I mean the administration did such a great job Last time round.

  15. 4 head coaches in 4 years, maybe someone needs to look at the administration in Huron and not the coach! I am starting to question why my son should attend New Boston Huron schools over others. Kudos to Gary and Chris for keeping comments respectful. At the end of the day, the coaches are giving up a lot of time to help other's sons and they are treated with hate. I have heard horrible stories about how Coach Spiess was treated by parents of kids in the program, not only by a select group of parents but a certain couple of Huron schools administrators and I wish him nothing but the best of luck in Florida. My bet is he won't be the only Huron sports coach to resign this year .

  16. Ok
    so Chris and Gary what is the next step
    Are they throwing this wide open or hiring from within.
    I would think they should due their due diligence and open this up and not be scared by the last outside hire

  17. 5:05pm,

    If I can read between the lines, you are accusing Chris and I of approving too many “gray comments”. Which may be true. We do our best and sensor quite a bit.

    However 5:05, you are here. You are reading. You are commenting. Why be a part of something which you think is hindering support of a program, if you indeed think that’s what we contribute to?

    I’m guessing it’s because you enjoy the blog. And we are glad to have you.

  18. Good grief! Do peeps still feel the need to complain about Coach Spiess? This is sooo old, folks! Please move on and get a life!

  19. Gary- Agreed. “Community and parent support MUST be there for the coach to be successful.” Too many “gray area” blog comments feed the fire and contribute to hindering this support.

  20. Ok anonymous commenters that thought they would be amazing coaches from this season you no longer have to scream about Speiss coaching or Ohio athletes. Now you can go be the new head coach. I mean you all acted like you coukd do it so apply for the job!
    View faithful

  21. -850X-

    You can coach your kids at the varsity level. It happens at a lot of places with success.

    Huron needs to find a winning mentality and support MUST be there for the coach.

    Huron has just about everything in place to become a very good program, with a record to show for it.

    Parents and supporters play a huge roll in the success of a program. They also play a huge roll in it's demise.

  22. Huron Football will be better off. This was set up for failure from the start. At the high school level you cannot have your kids playing for you without causing controversy weather warranted or not.
    As for next year Huron will be in top half of the league. They have the most numbers in the league and some very good position players.


  23. Let’s be honest here. This probably wasn’t a good fit for either side for whatever reason. It may be as easy as a buckeye coaching in Michigan or the fact that Ohio owns Michigan in football for 12 if the last 13 years. Seriously just not the right guy or school for all involved. Good coach, good kids, good school, good administrators and good parents mixed in with egos and human nature sometimes equals a mess. Everyone should move on.

  24. Huron’s class of 2019 will have had 4 different varsity head football coaches during their 4 years in high school. You can’t build a program around that.

  25. Huron won't be any good next year. They lost 20 some seniors, and their best returning player is transferring out. Lucky to win 4 games next year regardless of who the coach is.

  26. It's difficult to have loyalty and commitment to a place that turns on their coaches so fast. It was really embarrassing to sit in the stands and hear the comments that I heard, and then come on this site and read the comment that I did. The kids played hard every game and were in every game up until the end (with the exception of View but that was 14-0 going into the 4th). They just couldn't take that last step and finish the game strong. What's sad is that the comments have ceased to stop. The season ended six months ago, let it go. Not once was any coach approached in person. Instead, grown men got on a website and cried for the world to see. I don't blame the guy, I would have done the same thing.

  27. -Blog Decorum-

    People can write stuff so that we can see, that's fine.

    However, we aren't going to approve anything that is demeaning or casts blame in a direction that cant be proven.

    Opinions are great but when they throw shade at someone, we have to be careful. It just makes sense.

  28. Apparently, Mom moved down there because of an ailing father. My parents live right behind Venice high school in the winter. They have a great football program in won the state title this year. Interesting program, they’ve had some great teams but have had issues with the athletic association in Florida. There was actually a great article This weekend about them and another school up in Sarasota. They are huge rivals but both have been cited for rules violations over the years. It was in the Sarasota Sunday paper this weekend.

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