Riverview All-Time Top 10 Teams

1. Riverview 1968, 9-0

2. Riverview 1988, 10-1

3. Riverview 1997, 12-1

4. Riverview 1960, 9-0

5. Riverview 1962, 9-0

6. Riverview 2004, 11-1

7. Riverview 1974, 8-1

8. Riverview 1980, 8-1

9. Riverview 2002, 10-4

10. Riverview 2017, 11-2

4 thoughts on “Riverview All-Time Top 10 Teams”

  1. Good list. 2017 being so low shows the talent of teams coming through riverview over the years. That team would be top 3 for most schools you guys cover.
    View faithful

  2. Difficult decisions, they’ve had some great teams. I’d go with the 1997 team at #1 though. The toughest and most talented group of kids I’ve seen play.

  3. Solid list… I've been to about 50-60% of Riverview's games in the last 35 years… First game I can remember was at Garden City East in 1980. I was 5. I became the ballboy when I was 8 or 9 in early 80s. Played for Coach Lessner one season in 92. Did films and stats for 15 years or so after I graduated…
    I've seen a lot of great players… Great memories…
    I remember being awed by Mill Coleman from Harrison in 88…
    Mr. Popadopolous getting all fired up in the stands…
    That day at practice when Tim Strok broke the tackling sled. Dude was a beast.
    His brother Nick was a monster in 97, he just ran over people.
    Casey Watson was probably the best Pirate QB I've seen, in 98. Bob Guiney, Ted Tackett both solid as well…
    That 98 Jefferson game and the 2013 Huron game both started out as quiet games that broke wide open in the last 5 minutes. Just crazy wild finishes, I was glad to see the Bucs come out on top (barely) in both…
    The 02 team was pretty average, but they came together and became a completely different team in the playoffs, what a great run.

    W. Masserant Jr.

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