Top 10 Huron League Teams

We decided to put together a top 10 Huron League Champions over the last 20 years.  This is certainly up for debate and mainly done just for fun.

1) 2014 SMCC


3) 2005 SMCC


5) 2010 SMCC

6) 2003 AIRPORT


8) 2009 SMCC

9) 2015 SMCC

10) 2012 Milan

Repost from last year.  Should 2018 GI make the list?

7 thoughts on “Top 10 Huron League Teams”

  1. Madison Heights will lose by two touchdown plus against SMCC this upcoming year. CC has a lot of their core back. Madison is losing their key components. It will be interesting though who plays QB next year. Will Harrington come out next year after being behind Blanch. Or will Bergmosser come back from ACL injury and play there. Will be an interesting year for them. Also where will Cousino. I am good friends with him and he told me that he received on email from Michigan St. to just keep working hard and grinding soooooo. Mossburg and Cousino at State in fall 2020??? Best two linebackers in Monroe County History??

  2. I know this doesn't have much to do with the original post but big opening in the LCAA at Blissfield who is returning several starters including their QB who has been starting since he was a freshman. I am hearing a big name TCC coach and a fairly successful area coach are throwing their hats in the ring, has anyone heard anything else?

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