FNV Thoughts and Questions

Send us your suggestions for Preseason Defensive Player of the Year candidates.

Looking forward to covering Airport again this season.

Hopefully Bedford is on board.

Working on my previews and predictions, just not sure on Carlson’s ceiling.

Always tough battling injuries. Stay healthy Vikings!

Should I go all in on Erie Mason or wait another year?

Does Ravion Davis have a nickname or should we call him “The Truth 2.0”?

If Grosse Ile finds an offense, they could be my favorite to repeat in the Huron League.

Numbers seem down at Huron. Quality over quantity?

Hard to pick against Ida, they have burned me too many times.

3 seems like a good number for Da Bears.

Are people sleeping on Milan?

What’s the over/under on Monroe wins this year?

Lot’s of love for the View out there.

Same for the Falcons.

At least one of us at FNV thinks Summerfield is headed to the playoffs.

Apparently there is no Ottawa Lake. Wait, what? I know, right?

I could really use a 5 man sled, just saying!

19 thoughts on “FNV Thoughts and Questions”

  1. Yes CC Alum he was slim
    But his speed off the edge is crazy
    He went against 4 D1 players and they couldn’t handle him and two were top dogs in Furtney and Hutchinson

    He’s put on 15-20 pounds of muscle since then and his speed has gotten faster even with the injury
    As long as he stays healthy you can’t do 1-1 with him he wins every time and most of the time 2-1 he bets so it benefits Riverview tremendously just having him back out there
    He possibly is the fastest kid in the league but you have to play week in and week out

  2. who is this Gardner kid from the view? what number is he for Riverview, I want to go back and watch film on him.

    1. He’s number 80 he started on varsity his 10 th grade year and I think had like 12 sacks on the season, team made it state semis
      He’s tall fast and strong, as long as his knee holds up he’s pretty much unstoppable coming off the edge
      Scrimmage game got hurt against Southgate was out all 11th grade year

        1. He played the first three games on JV, the kept down to start off the year do to some unfortunate events that occurred
          Google search his highlights he has a NCsa page also

          1. just saw his Hudl highlights. Very skinny kid as a sophomore. Hope he put on some weight. BUT has good motor and quickness to get around the bigger lineman

        2. CC alum he was slim but strong and fast, even if you put two blockers on him he controlled them
          He’s put weight on and his speed has got crazily faster as his parent I wondered how trust me but he’s hungry and ready I know you said something about his injury and I’m not gonna down play it it takes time to recover from it but he’s put in a tremendous amount of work to get back to where he’s at
          Yes he gets sore but it’s expected which will subside
          As a parents personal opinion on D no one can contain him and on O no one will be able to cover him but we will see
          I’m confident in all of Buc Nation this team is deep with young and older kids
          Trust me I don’t like to reply on these things
          But I do want to give a Thank You to Adam for the compliments

          1. awesome glad to hear that he is getting bigger and stronger. I can’t wait to see this kid in action on film. I am good friends with Wyatt bergmoser and he has talked about soreness as well. Will your son be wearing his knee brace during the year or not. I have heard that it restricts running a little bit. Good luck this year to your son!!!

  3. I think the Preseason DPOL is a short list
    Blanzy GI
    Cousino SmCc
    Gardner Riverview
    Same as last year when they were juniors, I’d probably give edge to Gardner since he missed last year will be hungry and ready to prove something

  4. John Martin- professional baseball player
    Gene Richards-76 state champ

    Mike Blosser
    Greg Kohn
    all Ram past QBs – tough to pass this group

    1. I’ve been fortunate enough to watch a lot of Ram QB’s over the years. Davis is as good as and talented as, any of them. Which of them can match his stats from last season. I understand stats aren’t everything, but the talent around you also dictates how good your team is along with how good your opponent is.

  5. I would say the kid is the Truth, maybe, he did lead a flat rock team that was so so to almost finishing second last year in the Huron League, I still think you need to win ball games to be known as something great.
    I agree people are defiantly sleeping on Milan. they got a transfer QB from Monroe, if he is anything like they say he is, him and Hines should be an interesting combo. I still think Hines goes crazy this year and dominates is opponents for 2 plus TD a game and 200 plus all purpose yards a game.
    It will be challenging for Grosse Ile, I think to replace Hartwood, kid became a heck of a player from starting as a sophomore on varsity. Blanzy will be the hoss on that team, and I think their entire season depends on how he leads them.
    I believe the View deserves the love. Gonna be a fun year.
    and alway

  6. just wanted to say thank you to you guys for covering high school sports in the area. you all do a great job and its a joy to watch your videos and see a different point of view about the team. another good year on the way boys. thank you

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