Week 2 Playoff Scores

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Michigan Collegiate 14 SMCC 44 final

Summit Academy 22 Milan 56 final

Riverview 26 Allen Park 42 final

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  1. also, just heard today that cc game may be played @ Carlson because of the field condition of Navarre field. chad Myers was asking for help to clear off the field so it can get unfrozen and playable by Saturday.

  2. Well I predicted the AP win. This Milan may exit the tournament, although I was not impressed with the CD win over HW. As I said CC has the path of least resistance in terms of teams that can handle their physicality. Charter league schools can’t match up. Montrose is no longer Power football, CC will roll them too. The LCAA opponent waiting in semi’s won’t fair much better. The weather is changing to T weather and unless a team can throw to make plays or is on turf to use speed against CC, they will dominate. T is certainly not broken.

    1. Montrose still uses power. I saw them yesterday. They are huge with some special athletes. 19 kids over 200 pounds, 6 of them over 250. These aren’t overweight kids either. Very impressive looking bunch. Going to be a tremendous game this Saturday. One of the best in the state.

      1. Montrose used to be a Power formation team under center. They are now spread gun. As the weather turns it gets harder for spread teams outdoors. They also rely on passes and screens, finesse plays. SMCC should have demanded a night game if they could, much better for the Falcons. I don’t think Montrose can handle the physicality. They played one physical team on their schedule New Lathrop 42-21 loss. Cass City was ok. Most teams were D7 and out. Let’s stop acting like SMCC is not good. They are very good and can beat anyone in D6. Higher Divisions too given the way they played Milan on the road. Not looking ahead, but certainly not pretending we can be stopped. They can only stop themselves.

        1. Correct. I’m just saying they want to run the ball. Big lineman and bruising backs.

          It’s going to be a great game. Either team can win.

        2. I would totally agree the main way that cc will be stopped is them shooting themselves in the foot. but watching film on Montrose. like Gary was talking about, they have some big/strong dudes. not great team speed but just big dudes running the ball. I just hope they don’t TNT upfront against our line. inside trap is cc best offense right now. a big nose guard could cause problems I think.

          also, hope coach Kipf uses that smith kid more. he’s freaking fast. week 8 against Jefferson he used him on a jet sweep from an ACE formation. maybe a quick pitch, like they used to run with Carribino and Woolford.

  3. Gary, you tweeted out that cc would play on Saturday why is that??

    also what did you see from the boys last night, I was in attendance and tried to talk to you but you must have not seen me

  4. I decided to go see SMCC and Collegiate play last night. My hunch, was right that there was no way collegiate was going to stop the T. It was Just whether they could score enough points to keep it close. SMCC is big and physical. Cousino was a beast of defense and Alex Morgan is the real deal. Savvy move by Coach Kipf to change the look at QB. The keeper worked and kept Collegiate off balance.

    1. only reason why the QB exchange was cuz of Harrington having the stomach flu Wednesday night and into the evening of Thursday. Yes, he still got some minutes but that was the main reason for the exchange.

  5. Cassopolis loses 28-6 to Reading. AP rolls Riverview. CC dominates the clock and plays solid throughout. Milan puts on display the absolute might of the Huron league. Detroit Country Day is looking less ominous with their 17-12 Harper Woods win. Belleville is the biggest and the baddest. Jackson Lumen Christi makes it look easy.

  6. The atmosphere at Navarre tonight was incredible. I was standing off to the side near the end zones and there were a few occasions when I heard a genuine crowd roar. Like a deafening eardrum rupture roar. This team is rolling into regionals and they’ll have those faithful fans there with them next week.

    Also go big reds. I’m rooting for you guys to represent the Huron league well too. Go get country day and represent Monroe county. Would love to see CC And Milan play back to back at ford field. D-6 is at 4:30 and d-4 at 7:30.

    1. I was also in attendance last night with some of my amigos. and we were getting pretty hype for the boys. always love when the alumni get together and cheer on the boys. GO FALCONS

  7. 67-14 Belleville over Woodhaven start of the 4th. I left…
    Belleville is one of the best teams I have ever seen! One of the biggest O-line I have ever seen! There guards are 6’4 300lbs easily. All around fast fast fast. 5 receiver Spread offense was awesome to watch. Don’t see anyone beating them unless they can score 100 points.

    1. This is the last post by you that will be approved. I deleted some others. Go be an idiot on someone else’s website. You get the iggy. Take care.

  8. Riverview could be number 1 in the state and I’m convinced they would still find a way to lose to AP. But this is getting embarrassing for the Bucs tonight

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