MHSAA Football Division 3 Week 1 Rankings

This season FNV will be giving their MHSAA Football weekly rankings for all divisions. Look for these to come out the weekend following Friday’s games.

  1. River Rouge (1-0)
  2. Chelsea (1-0)
  3. Muskegon (1-0)
  4. Orchard Lake St. Mary’s (1-0)
  5. Cedar Springs (1-0)
  6. Detroit King (0-1)
  7. Edwardsburg (1-0)
  8. DeWitt (1-0)
  9. Zeeland West (1-0)
  10. Riverview (1-0)

Photo Credit: HSFA

13 thoughts on “MHSAA Football Division 3 Week 1 Rankings”

  1. 1. River Rouge – Champs until they are beaten
    2. Muskegon – Zero percent chance I think Chelsea beats Muskegon.
    3. Detroit King – Loaded. Tough loss to Cass Tech.
    4. Orchard Lake St. Mary – They would handle Chelsea also.
    5. Dewitt – I think Edwardsburg is better, just had a bad day last year with their best player being out.
    6. Edwardsburg – Solid as always.
    7. Zeeland West – Solid squad every year
    8. Chelsea – Wins the games they should. Never beats the big boys. Solid club.
    9. East Lansing – Not sure if they are still D3
    10. East Grand Rapids – Always tough later in the season.

      1. Yeah, but I think that was kinda fluky. They edged Parma Western, Coldwater, and Allen Park before that with a legit shot a losing all three. Not exactly powerhouses. Think they were fortunate being that close to Rouge. I will stick with where I have them. Who above them on my list do you think they would beat?

        1. RR was the team that hadnt beaten anyone… until last year.

          Chelsea was all undrclassmen last season. They will be a very tough out this year.

          1. I agree they will be solid. Who do you think they would beat that I put above them? Appreciate the discussion!

      1. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing this squad there and think they have loads of talent but early rankings are more just about ego boosts, right?
        I’ll definitely default to you guys on this since you all have a better sense of the whole state than I do

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