FNV Week 3 Wrap Up, Week 4 Video Picks

Watch as Chris Schultz, Gary Hauf and Frank Vajcner discuss last weeks games and also make their picks for week 4. Also, in a new feature, Chris throws fastball questions at Frank and Gary that get them a little uncomfortable in the batter’s box.

3 thoughts on “FNV Week 3 Wrap Up, Week 4 Video Picks”

  1. Chris
    How do you know that Chelsea didnt ask the Eddies to play
    word on the street is the eddies turned it down -reliable source

    1. I have a reliable source too. Let me ask you a question. Do you think a program that has gone 104-15 with 10 playoff appearances over the last decade would choose not to play Chelsea? The same team they beat by 21 points in the D4 final back in 2018? Look, maybe neither team was willing to budge on a home or away game, but this game could have happened.

  2. I’m going to need a head’s up when you’re going to drop bad news on me like the “no Huron League Champion” stuff. I was shocked to hear that when I watched this at work today.
    Obviously, nothing is guaranteed but it was a nice goal for the boys to aim for.

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