Friday Night Scores

Please submit your MHSAA scores with quarter and we will get them posted ASAP.

Summerfield 8 Erie Mason 36 Final

Whiteford 58 Madison 32 Final

Monroe 57 Skyline 14 Final

Bedford 37 Dexter 36 Final OT

Ida 16 Dundee 15 Final

Jefferson 16 Flat Rock 24 Final

Milan 48 Grosse Ile 7 Final

SMCC 33 Airport 26 Final

Riverview 24 Huron 8 Final

Carlson 14 Allen Park 42 Final

74 thoughts on “Friday Night Scores”

      1. I think he is basing it off that they actuall have a few kids that can step up and play. I’m not saying they are contenders. Just dont think you can simply sleep on them

    1. Ravion
      Love your support but the Rams are about to get abused next week and I don’t believe they win a game the rest of the way. Even the best team they’ve had since 1990 couldn’t beat a 2-7 GI team on the island

    1. Yep, #2, #7, #81 were all great, too bad #8 got hurt early or it might’ve been a different story. That was a powerhouse View team and they gave them a heck of a game. Missed on 2 opportunities that were the difference.

    2. Daddy Ball doesn’t equal wins. I said this 2 years ago and doesn’t look like it’s changed. But keep hyping up your guy while taking L’s

      1. Lol daddy ball? I didn’t know Matthew Williams’ dad was a coach. Whatever they did last year worked, and I don’t believe the staff changed much.

        1. Funny thing is, if I were the Huron coach, I’d have converted Isaac to QB so he would touch the ball every play like Milan did w Hines 2 years back.
          I don’t think it’s daddy ball when your kid is that level of a player. Not to take anything away from 7 (who also made some great plays against my Pirates), I just don’t know that I could call it daddy ball.

  1. Whoa! There sure are a lot of Trolls lately. #2 for Airport is a very good 2 way player. I think it’s Hammond. He’s been on varsity for 6 years now. Lol. SMCC had ALOT of players and coaches missing but give Airport credit. They played well enough and could’ve snuck out a win. That was a great game to watch! Airport will be very good in the next couple years. BTW-The Troll is changing his name to Anonymous…

  2. Smcc was missing 12 players.. 5 starters on D and 5 Starters on O.. Airport brought their A game and still loss.was it just me or was Airport coaches bitching on every play..

    1. I doubt this is from an SMCC player because they know better. Yes CC has players and coaches out but Airport is a good football team, especially on offense and special teams. Most big games come down a handful of plays and SMCC just happened to make 2 or 3 more when it mattered. It was a great game.

  3. What happened to Ida? They played awful. I think the loss to Whiteford hurts them.
    Not the same team I saw scrimmage SMCC.
    They really got outplayed by Dundee tonight. If Dundee could have taken advantage of a turnover they win. The Dundee defense brought it.
    I think the LCAA is down, Hudson is good, Clinton is ok after losing to them. Ida and Dundee could contend??
    It’s bad if Ida and Dundee contend after getting swamped against out of conference opponents.. That’s not LCAA football

  4. I think we should be giving Coach Mac at SMCC some credit. He took over with the HC,DC, and OC-Kipf being out. Along with their best player and a few others being out. He was calm and our kids kept their composure except for a few penalties. When CC needed a play they delivered. Airport could be the team to beat in the future.
    BTW…Dundee’s loss is our gain. Looks like they could have used him tonight!
    -Mini Troll

        1. Airport has an explosive offense. #2 for them is a dangerous running back. Yes SMCC had more than 2 coaches out and still several kids out according to the son but they gutted out a win.

        2. Airport should be able to play Defense… they have a nice offensive scheme but they are often out leveraged and out of position on D
          With those athletes it’s disappointing to watch them not play downhill on D

        3. Yeah, we know Gary.
          Airport played great and little D7 SMCC still beat them with their 2nd string and no HC, DC, OC.
          Rah rah rah rah, rah rah rah, etc.
          Just quit it please.

          1. sour grapes huh? I don’t always agree with Gary and his opinions but hes been about as fair and complimentary of Airport as he could be about last night’s game. If you listened to the broadcast of the game, it was the same as well.

        1. I see the League shaking out like this by week 9:
          1. Riverview – bigger, faster, stronger than anyone else
          2. Milan- They have SPEED unlike anyone else and one of the best coaching staffs in southeast Michigan.
          3. SMCC- I look forward to seeing them at full strength. t
          4. Huron- They have a ton of playmakers and big offensive line. They are probably the best 0-3 team in the state.
          5. Airport- I watched the livestream of their game against SMCC and I was impressed with their offense but the defense needs work if they want to pull an upset. I think the Jets would be sitting at 2-1 right now if #2 had played against Ida.
          6. Flat Rock- They’re a very young team that gets better every week.
          7/8- The winner of Grosse Ile/Jefferson takes the higher spot. Both teams are led by good coaches but just have run into bad luck this season.

          This is a great year for the Huron League. With the new SOS system, I am not sure how many teams will get in but theres at least 5 teams capable of winning games in the playoffs this year.

          Gary based on what you know about the new playoff formula, how many teams do you see getting in from the Huron League?

          1. 3

            If Huron is to make it, they have to run the table. Which they are capable of doing but it won’t be easy.

    1. I’m hearing reports that there was an actual brawl after the Ida /Dundee game can anybody confirm that? and if so one end up happening?love a good rivalry but geez that’s pushin it..

      1. There was no brawl between the players, they are all friends on and off the field. Lots of relatives between these two teams. Guess it’s possible some crazy parents could have gotten into it afterwards but didn’t hear or see otherwise.

        1. Yeah my daughter goes to high school at Dundee I just found out the real scoop it was younger kids fighting after the game had nothing to do with the players or teams.

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