My Thoughts, Not Yours 9/3/21

Airport: Impressive win by the young Jets

Bedford: I hope these accusations aren’t true.

Carlson: Workmanlike performance for the Marauders, schedule is about to get a little tougher.

Dundee: Gotta take care of the ball.

Erie Mason: Hudson game prepared the Eagles for TCC play.

Flat Rock: Next week can only get better.

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Grosse Ile: Things don’t get any easier.

Huron: Chiefs are staring 0-3 right in the face.

Ida: Surprised by the week 2 outcome, but not a bad loss by any means.

Jefferson: Not many teams will hold a lead on Riverview this season.

Milan: Big Reds get the victory against short-handed Huron.

Monroe: The Trojans needed that win.

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Riverview: Pirates just keep rolling.

SMCC: The Falcons’ depth showed on Thursday night.

Summerfield: The Bulldogs will find out how good they are in week 3.

Whiteford: Bobcats with a big win and a legit Division 8 title contender.

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2 thoughts on “My Thoughts, Not Yours 9/3/21”

  1. It just great to be able to see some HS football from the stands this year. Streaming just didn’t get it done last year. I hope the kids stay healthy the rest of the way through. I know some teams are having a few problems so far with the virus. Hopefully it doesn’t get any worse. Looking forward to some good games this week and looking forward to the next video picks- you guys do a great job- Thanks

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