Week 2 Friday Night Scores

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Bedford 1 Pioneer 0 Forfeit

Milan 27 Huron 19 Final

Monroe 28 Lincoln 21 Final

31 thoughts on “Week 2 Friday Night Scores”

  1. Monroe needs to change their Offense.. they just don’t have the athlete’s to run it.. it starts with the QB… line up and power the ball… control the clock.. with the big offense O line you will wear down teams.. cmon change that Offense..

    1. They would be better off going back to the Wing T. But just because they’re big now doesn’t mean they’ll always be big. A school of that size should have enough athletes to run a spread though. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    1. I was at the game. Huron and Milan were, to me, equally as talented. One could say Huron has more talent. Of course they were without Smith.

      Huron just couldn’t finish drives. They had their chances. Several of them. They would get to the 30 and implode.

      Milan does what they do, win. They know how to win.

  2. Props to Huron. They have really good players and play hard. They will be hard to beat for their next 7 opponents. Hope they get #2 back. He’s a flat out stud.

    Milan Fan

    1. #5 is a BEAST! For some odd reason know one knows about him. I mean this guy scored 2 touchdowns with 5 minutes left in the game against Riverview back when he was JV. He also caught a ball and did a backwards somersault and still kept the ball. Too bad he’s injured. He is awesome to watch!

      1. Where is this kid and where was he last year? No offense, but JV plays mean absolutely nothing at this point. They were a really good team last year and I don’t remember him at all.

        1. Pretty much the same players, just older. He was there in a different capacity. No worries. The kid is an All-State track athlete with 40 plus (and still counting) placement medals in various sports. He is doing just fine.

          1. I’m not sure what your angle is here, but they graduated a ton of starters on offense (8 by my count) and at least 6 starters on defense. I just realized you said he was injured, I’m sorry I missed that earlier and asked where he was. I’m quite familiar with the program and haven’t heard anything about him, hopefully he’s back soon and can help.

  3. Huron came out the gate and did well against Milan in the first half but couldn’t pull out the victory in the end with Milan just doing that they do. Hurons playoff dreams might have come to an end tonight with that loss and riverview next week. Huron has been very disappointing.

    1. Huron took a top team in the league to the end of the 4th. They had an opportunity to drive and tie the game from the 50 with 2 minutes left. Unfortunately an ill timed pick 6 on a screen ended their chances at winning.

      This is a good team. They were without one of the best players in the area tonight. To say they’re very disappointing is ridiculous. They’ll be a tough out for every team they play from here on out.

      1. Huron will be 6-3
        Just watch
        They are talented. If #2 is back watch out. I hope he’s ok
        He is the best player in the league

          1. Just stop. There is a best player in the league. In fact, there are literally awards given for it. Isaac is in the conversation for best player in the Huron League and in the entire region.

        1. Huron will get in the playoffs even at 5-4.
          Quality of teams they lose to, however agree they miss the Smith kid.
          I see a 4th place finish in the league.

    2. I did the math for Huron. If they go 6-3. And the favorites win as far as who they have played, they would be 32 of 32 in D4. Which means they would be the last team to make it in.

    1. Huron had very untimely turnovers, that’s the story of the game. They played better than I would have ever expected without Isaac Smith, but his brother really stepped up and filled a lot of gaps. Micah had a monster game on both sides of the ball, Callahan and Williams played great as well.

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