FNV Week 9 Picks

Last Weeks Results:

Frank: 9-1

Gary: 10-1

Chris: 11-0


Frank: 71-18

Gary: 74-19

Chris: 76-17

Crestwood 6-2 @ Huron 4-4*

Frank: Crestwood 28-21

Gary: Huron 27-20

Chris: Huron 21-20

*Bedford 6-2 @ Mumford 3-5

Frank: Bedford 56-12

Gary: Bedford 50-10

Chris Bedford 46-6

Flat Rock 2-6 @ Clarenceville 7-1

Frank: Clarenceville 42-14

Gary: Clarenceville 33-7

Chris: Clarenceville 41-21

*Whiteford 7-1 @ Erie Mason 5-3

Frank: Whiteford 44-20

Gary: Whiteford 48-21

Chris: Whiteford 34-6

Osborn 4-4 @ Milan 6-2

Frank: Milan 42-16

Gary: Milan 52-7

Chris: Milan 49-0

Flint New Standard 0-7 @ Summerfield 5-3

Frank: Summerfield 48-0

Gary: Summerfield 42-7

Chris: Summerfield 46-0

*Grosse Ile 2-6 @ Clintondale 4-4

Frank: Grosse Ile 22-20

Gary: Clintondale 35-14

Chris: Grosse Ile 28-24

Dundee 5-3 @ Hudson 8-0*

Frank: Hudson 34-14

Gary: Hudson 39-21

Chris: Hudson 22-8

*Airport 3-5 @ Robichaud 5-3

Frank: Robichaud 34-32

Gary: Airport 35-30

Chris: Airport 38-24

Columbia Central 0-8 @ Ida 6-2

Frank: Ida 52-6

Gary: Ida 40-7

Chris: Ida 46-6

Jefferson 2-6 Northwestern Collegiate 4-4

Frank: Jefferson 24-14

Gary: Jefferson 28-14

Chris: Jefferson 21-20

Carlson 7-1 @  Woodhaven 8-0

Frank: Woodhaven 38-34

Gary: Woodhaven 38-24

Chris: Woodhaven 38-21

*SMCC 7-1 @ Warren Mott 3-5

Frank: SMCC 24-21

Gary: Mott 30-21

Chris: SMCC 32-18

Remax Masters The Labeau Team Game of the Week

Riverview 8-0 @ Monroe 4-4

Frank: Riverview 29-28

Gary: Monroe 33-30

Chris: Riverview30-28

16 thoughts on “FNV Week 9 Picks”

  1. So I wanted to touch on a topic about Monroe that some people were mentioning in video blog-I keep hearing how Monroe’s schedule is so tough and they play in the SEC Red that’s apparently one of the toughest leagues to play in. I get it, tough schedule, tough league but Monroe is a big school. Look at Bedford-same league and they competed against everyone they played this year. Why is Monroe having such lopsided losses? They should be more competitive in those losses. Scores shouldn’t be as lopsided as they are. With all that being said, this is the game that everyone has been talking about all season and it’s finally here!! It should be one hell of a game but I’m still picking Riverview! Go HL!!

    1. “Why is Monroe having such lopsided losses? They should be more competitive in those losses. Scores shouldn’t be as lopsided as they are.”

      Reason: The skill positions of Monroe couldnt matchup with AAH, Roseville, Dexter.

      Monroe v View: It’s my opinion, mainly due to View’s style of play, the Pirates will not be able to take advantage like the above teams did.
      View plays to the strength of Monroe. View will start hot, as Monroe adjusts throughout the game, eventually figuring out the T, making for great drama in the end.

      1. Are Bedfords skill positions any better than Monroe? Bedfords losses to AAH and Saline were very respectable score wise. I totally agree with you on Monroe being able to stop Riverview. They can definitely do it but will they make the adjustments to do so? That’s the biggest question. It should be a dog fight though!

    2. How about play a schedule with schools that are your own size? Imagine doing that and most teams are loaded with D1 talent. It has been a tough season playing against so many loaded teams and we run a spread offense with a huge line. The scheme isn’t perfect for the Personel but I think it will be good tonight. I really can’t wait to see what Riverview is all about because in my opinion if the QB is stopped the game is over.

      1. I’ll say this-Milan moved the ball fairly well against Riverview and they run the spread. That game was a lot closer than the final score. You might be onto something there. I’ll be watching this game on the live stream and I honestly can’t wait until 7:00!! Gonna be a hard nosed football game!

  2. After reading this weeks comments, Riverview should just stay home. Your too small and weak to handle the big boys of Monroe and the mighty SEC…..

  3. Week 9 so far:
    Monroe- Needs this win, period.
    Carlson- will finish 7-2, will not beat Woodhaven Summerfield- Easy game #9. Playoffs again.
    Mason- playing down in TCC may hurt your playoff chances.
    Dundee- 5-4 will get you in and maybe a home field game 1 of playoffs. Nice season.
    Ida- Can make some noise in playoffs this year.
    Riverview- Not playing D5 teams this week.
    I think Monroe beats you in a close one.
    Huron- 5-4 finish. Is it injuries? COVID? Or just being Huron.
    Flat Rock- Another dismal year at 2-7.
    Jefferson- Finish on a high note, showed improvement all year. That’s good coaching.
    GI- see you next year, gear season for soccer team again.
    SMCC- great you got a game 9, may have bit a little more than you can chew. But it’s still a win win for you.
    Milan- Another solid year, as usual.
    Airport/ gonna have to beat someone, someday. Hire a D coordinator on off season.
    Bedford- great year, keep it going.
    Whiteford- After putting up 76, not a fan any more.

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