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  1. Low scoring game i think it will be a 3 score game, Monroe is a first half team, do they come out and actually play a second half? they got nothing to lose. This will be a close game as river view will not throw and monroe will want to keep the d off the field, And if monroe wins does that put them at least second on the power rankings?!

  2. Even the Cat wonders.

    If the Trojans do NOT beat the Pirates…they need to dig a hole and bury all their football gear…or trade it in on more volleyballs…and a new net.

      1. Even the Cat wonders.

        Should Monroe beat them? More than likely…but will they?? I think I hear the clank of shovels already this morning.

  3. Trojan Football 09

    Monroe will beat Riverview by 3 scores or more.. this game could get ugly for Riverview… Monroe will shut down Riverviews wing T.. they will be lucky to have a total of 100 yards all game…Riverview doesn’t match up.. I can’t believe they even scheduled this game.. this will be a total beat down.. Monroe high were true to you..,

    1. Cant say my name anymore

      Riverview doesn’t even run a wing T. They run a full house T and you’ll see it confuse and cut through the Trojan defense

    2. Monroe has twice the enrollment of Riverview. If they are a good team and are well coached, they should win big shouldn’t they? I wouldn’t be bragging about being 3-5. They lost to Roseville. Not a Monroe hater or anything, but they have talent, size, and speed. But they are not very well coached and have a feeling it might show tomorrow night.

      1. Relax with the enrollment size argument. Isn’t Riverview’s enrollment almost 3 times SMCC’s? Yet CC has won 7 out of the last 10? Roseville is undefeated and had to forfeit 3 games, they’ve put up 400 points and gave up 61…”not a Monroe hater or anything” probably actually means you are

        1. Sounds like you’re getting a little sensitive. CC is a private school that wins state titles. Monroe struggles to make the playoffs year in and year out. Not sure that’s a good comparison. And look who Roseville has played. They haven’t played a single good team this year. Monroe has more talent then most teams. I’m not sure anyone can argue that point.

          Honest question….What is the last BIG GAME Monroe has won?

          1. Tremendous pressure on Riverview to tonight. They are representing the Huron league as their champion. I can’t wait to see how the team dominates Monroe with that Full house T. Good Luck to both teams.

      2. Not sure anyone is bragging about Monroe’s record. The fact is they have played a very difficult schedule this year. It hasn’t worked out like they have hoped it would for sure. You can blame the coaches if that makes you feel better and you might be right in saying that, but tonight I think Riverview will see a hungry bunch of seniors playing their last game at Monroe High. Who knows how the game will really play out at this point but I think you throw the records out and play this game with heart and leave it on the field. In my opinion Monroe wins this game.

  4. Just because Monroe is “Big” we’re all suppose to pick them to win over Riverview??? I’m sorry but I agree with Chris, Riverview wins. Will it be close? Depends on what those Monroe coaches decide to do. Monroe should have the size and speed to “compete” but they’ve also had the size and speed to compete all year and have been blown out by 3 teams on the schedule. Riverview is a consistent winner, Monroe is not….

    1. One more thing I’ll say is Monroe played Airport a few years back and everyone expected Monroe to win by 50 and they probably should have. That was a smaller Airport team that had no business playing Monroe that year. A middle of the pack HL team in Airport only lost to one of the best Monroe teams in the last decade 34-16 (or something like that). Riverview is a different monster!!

      1. Fair point.

        Monroe played Chelsea last year, who is a great program, and lost 26-17.
        Monroe had a chance very late in the game to tie or take the lead on a 2 pt conversion.. cant remember which.
        Chelsea ended up scoring at the very end of the game to make it a 9 point game.

      2. I was at that game. Refs called like 3 TD’s back. That game wasn’t even close. If it weren’t for those TD’s called back it would of been a 60 burger as Chris would say.

    2. I don’t recall anyone saying because Monroe has size that EVERYONE should pick them.
      It was only part of the reason I think Monroe will win. But that is my opinion alone.

      Calpreps has Riverview winning 38-19. So I wouldnt say my opinion is popular.
      I just know what can hinder the T. A big NT and good LB. I think Monroe has that.
      But if Monroe tries to run a traditional 4-3, they might get handled. I look for Monroe to adjust as the game goes.
      Monroe has many options that HL teams dont have. They can move Lentz, Richards and the like to the D line if needed.
      Will it be enough? We shall see on Friday.

      something to also keep in mind.

      Monroe’s 3 big losses were to very athletic teams. They played Bedford very tight, who isnt quite as athletic. I expect the same this Friday.

      1. I’m mainly talking about the comments on here. I value your opinion Gary. You know your stuff. Monroe “could” do some things to really slow Riverview down but I just don’t see that happening from the coaches. Kinda weird but this might be the first time I’ve ever agreed with Chris on anything…

        1. Please realize that I dont think Monroe will win going away. I said on the video, its a last possession game.
          Could Riverview win? Yes and it wouldnt surprise anyone.

          1. It’s mainly the unpredictable “which Monroe team will show up” that has me picking Riverview. I expected Monroe to compete better in the 3 games they were blown out in and I never thought they would lose to Bedford at the beginning of the season. But you’re also right-if Monroe stays in that 4-3 monster or whatever it is they will get rolled by the T. Hopefully Riverview does their live stream. They do a great job with it!

          2. Something I added late to a previous post.

            Monroe’s 3 “blowout” losses were to very athletic teams. Monroe played Bedford very tough. Probably should have won.
            I think Riverview has the same type of athletes as Bedford.. and not what a AAH has.
            Plus View’s style of play is far different from AAH, Dexter, Roseville and Saline.

          1. I apologize Gary, that was probably a little too far. I think Riverview’s coaching staff will give them an edge which will lead to a double digit win.

        2. Hey Troll, which local team do you consider yourself a fan or supporter of? JW

          Will you be at the Riverview Monroe game?

  5. So here’s a question for you fellas. Adrian Madison vs Sand Creek? Thoughts, on 2 identical offenses going head to head and Coach Gallaghers first game against a Sand Creek team he coached to the semis last year? Madison just scored the most points in game in school history against Chris’s Lakers Dropping a 60 burger (you’re welcome Frank).

  6. The Riverview/Monroe game should be a good one. The unknown in this game is that Riverview hasn’t seen a team with the size that Monroe has. That being said, Riverview has some good things going for them; they are used to winning, and have confidence in the play calling and coaching decisions. A good coaching staff can be a big factor in a close game, and I think this one will be close. I give Riverview the edge in this game, but expect it to go down to the wire.

  7. Airport wins by 16 over Robichaud. This could be a crazy basketball score like 56-40 but Airport is better coached and gives us a preview of the future.
    Riverview pulls off the upset over Monroe on their home turf by 10 by controlling the clock. 24-14 Pirates
    SMCC vs. Mott- Mott has too much speed for the SMCC secondary to handle, Mott by 12. I expect an improved performance by SMCC on offense and in the kicking game after last week but the youtube video Gary talked about has me worried
    Woodhaven vs. Carlson- Woodhaven by 24- Carlson has been a pleasant surprise this year but Woodhaven is really, really good.
    Jefferson vs. Northwestern Prep- Bears 35-0
    Bedford vs. Mumford- Running clock, Mules starters get rested for the playoffs
    Whiteford vs. Mason, Bobcats in a closer than usual score maybe like 46-38
    Milan vs. Osborne- 42-0 Milan
    Flat Rock vs. Clarenceville- L.C. 35, Flat Rock 17
    Huron vs. Crestwood- Huron makes the playoffs after beating Crestwood 28-7
    Grosse Ile vs. Clintondale- Grosse Ile by 3
    Hudson vs. Dundee- Hudson by 24
    Airport vs. BCC- Running clock , Ida by 32

    1. Lawerence Johnson Jr.

      Rview doesn’t kick field goals silly, but if you meant they get every 2-point then take makes sense.

  8. Gary, you wanted some chatter, you got it.

    You know I won’t come talk trash about Monroe because we don’t have a lot of data or things to compare. The only thing we saw was 7 on 7’s and since the lines weren’t there, it’s unreliable info.

    Here’s what I saw though:
    FIRST play, a kid tackled, yes tackled, our (Riverview’s) QB which resulted in a little scuffle. It was fairly chippy after that but View’s skill position guys were better. But that’s August and again, no line.

    So Monroe might need the game more, but don’t think Riverview hasn’t had this game circled and doesn’t love the idea of ending Monroe’s season outright. Running clock on Riverview? No shot, though I hope the team comes in with that overconfidence. They wouldn’t be the first team to be shocked by our toughness. 2 TD win for Riverview? Maybe.
    I just don’t know what to expect Friday night except to see both team’s best.

  9. Woodhaven by 21 over Carlson
    Mott by 14 over SMCC thats if SMCC plays well. This is deju-vu of them playing Riverview in my opinion.
    Riverview pulls the upset by 10 at Monroe

    1. They are bigger so it will be an interesting game. I like Gary’s take on the game but Chris was out to lunch on that game. Said it only took 2 seconds. Just shows he really doesn’t know what type of competition Monroe plays.

        1. Seeing a lot of Monroe hate, 2 seconds Chris? That’s hard to believe, was looking forward to your guys’ thoughts on the game, glad Gary provided his thoughts

          1. Hate? I’ve been supporting Monroe virtually all season. I just don’t see where after 8 weeks that they have shown that they can beat Riverview. Gary gave his reasons why he thinks Monroe will win. I guess I could have listed all my reason why Riverview wins, but really didn’t see the point. Will it be close? Yes, I think so.

      1. Curious about which team(s) Riverview would’ve beaten that Monroe has lost to??? Or if Monroe would be undefeated with View’s schedule?? Good thing we don’t have to speculate much longer….

          1. CP is really high on the HL this year. I think overly so.
            For instance, it has SMCC defeating Mott 31-6. That score will not happen.

          2. I think Bedford and Riverview would be a good matchup, why do you think Riverview wins that game? Just curious

          3. I left them off by mistake.. They might not win that one either.
            The SEC red would be a tough ask for nearly all D3 teams. This is no knock on View.
            With Dexter and AAH drastically improving their programs, only the very elite in D3 would fair well in the SECR. DeWitt, Rouge, King, Musky, BBR, OLSM.

            If View and Monroe were to switch leagues this year. I believe View would be 4-4 and Monroe 8-0.

      2. In Chris’s defense he can only go on their performances against the teams Monroe has played. All of their losses except Bedford have been very bad. Riverview has pretty much dominated every opponent they have played. Plus the coach Of Riverview is very good and I’m sure knows where Monroe’s weaknesses are at. It should be a very good game to watch.

        1. Yes, I think everyone thinks it will be a good one.
          I wouldnt say View dominated Huron, Milan or SMCC. Those games were close in the 4th.
          Riverview has shown that they can put good teams away in the 4th quarter, something to watch Friday.

  10. Riverview by 2 TDs. I agree with Chris easy pick. Woodhaven too much for Carlson. SMCC traveling to Mott is interesting, gimme the home team but i have no confidence in that pick. Huron punches it’s playoff ticket beating Crestwood. Airport ends the season on a high note beating Robichaud, just curious how that would be a upset? Milan rolls into the playoffs with a easy win.

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