St. Mary Catholic Central Falcons 2022 Team Preview

The Falcons of Monroe SMCC are coming off a successful 2021 campaign, finishing with a 9-2 record. SMCC reached the district final, before losing to Jackson Lumen Christi 21-12. In his 8th season, Head Coach Adam Kipf ( 55-21), will once again lead the Green and Gold into battle.

Assistant Coaches: Bill Bacarella, Nick Calkins, Brian Flint, Nate Geiger, John Giarmo, Scott Hoffman, Kyle McElvany, Lonn Passon

Conference/League: Huron League

Top Returning Players:

Cole Jondro – RB – 122 carries, 755 yards, 11 TDs; Riley DeSarbo – DE – 57 Tackles, 2 Sacks, 11.5 tackles for loss; Patrick Lipford – DB – 24 Tackles, 6 pass break ups; Carson Kinsey – LB – 22 Tackles, 7 tackles for loss; Jake Borer – OL.

Returning Starters (Offense – 3): Cole Jondro – RB (Sr), Murphy Bogdanski – OL (Sr), Jacob Borer – OL (Sr)

Returning Starters (Defense – 3): Riley DeSarbo – DE (Sr), Patrick Lipford – DB (Sr), Jacob Borer – DL (Sr)

Top Newcomers: Drew Harris RB/DB (So), Ben Carter TE/DL (So), Nolan Moore OL/LB (JR), Evan Marcon RB/LB (JR)

Coach Kipf’s Thoughts: “We have a big roster for our school with 36 kids up on varsity. What we don’t have is a lot of experience. These kids are learning on the fly and working to get better every day. We are making progress but at a slow rate. We have had more energy at practice this year than in years past, but we need to harness that energy into improvement. That will happen in time. Health and depth are very important and this year is no exception. If we can stay healthy, we can have some depth at key position groups. I expect the league to be highly competitive with a multitude of teams capable of winning it all and for Airport to make big strides this season.”

Coach Kipf sees Airport, Riverview and Milan as the top returning teams in the Huron League.

FNV Outlook: It is always nice to have a larger player pool as the Falcons do in 2022. 36 players on varsity for a D7 school is quite a bit, especially nowadays. Only returning 3 starters on each side has to be a concern for the coaching staff, as they try to hurry along the less-experienced with rep after rep in practice. The season starts off with a bang, state runner-up Michigan Collegiate awaits in week one. There will be no gently breaking-in the underclassman. The Falcons have the roster to have a very successful 2022 campaign. The first 5 games will not allow for any growing pains. How quickly the coaching staff can get the inexperienced up to par, will determine success or failure early. Look for SMCC to challenge for the league title and continue as a playoff qualifier; as they have done 19 times since 2000.

Scrimmage: Varsity Aug 18th, 6p @ Ida

Twitter: @SMCC_Football; Instagram: @smccfalconfootball

15 thoughts on “St. Mary Catholic Central Falcons 2022 Team Preview”

  1. again Smcc will be lucky to go 3-6 this year.. i was at the Smcc scrimmage.. Big and slow.. they don’t get off the ball.. Coaches seemed a bit confused out there also, i also noticed the coaches yelling a lot at the players… they will finish in the bottom half of the league this year..

  2. was at the Smcc scrimmage last night at Ida.. Yes Smcc is huge. i think this might be the biggest team ever at Smcc.. as for the Scrimmage it was a typical scrimmage some good some bad.. i think they have 37 players.. they were with out Jondro.. the pieces are there for them to have a special season…

  3. The young Falcons will get better every week under an experienced coaching staff. Theres 3 or 4 Head coaches on that staff and multiple coordinators who have been successful. Staying healthy will be the key to success for them.

  4. I think the sky is the limit for these young men
    There’s a lot of experience with these Players that Toby and his coaches have Taught these young men
    Don’t forget when they told us our United States hockey team wouldn’t go very far in the Olympics
    For those of you not old enough to remember they won The gold

  5. There’s not a chance the falcons can compete with ANYONE in Michigan this year. I have an insider source that says that the falcons recruiting wasn’t very good this year and they have ZERO talent this year.

    1. Why do we love “Milan Step-Dad” so much here on the FNV?

      6 posts going back to last year.

      -All state nothing but truth and facts.
      -Zero bias.
      -Zero vitriol.
      -Nothing but praise and gratitude for all the young men and women, out there giving it their all.
      -Every post informative and enlightening.

      We are just glad he takes the time out of his busy schedule to add his thoughts.

      His latest, another bonified gem.

  6. Any analysis of SMCC football that doesn’t mention Buddy Snodgrass , the transfer from Monroe, would be incomplete. The kid is lightning in a bottle and will be the Falcons not so secret secret weapon in 2022.

  7. The falcons are loaded with talent.. should be a Huron league title and a state championship for the falcons this year..

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