Friday Night Scores

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Whiteford 54 Summerfield 6 FINAL

SMCC 14 Riverview 35 FINAL

Huron 48 Airport 6 FINAL

Grosse Ile 29 Jefferson 12 FINAL

Milan 28 Flat Rock 55 FINAL

Carlson 51 Roosevelt 7 FINAL

Sand Creek 14 Erie Mason 20 FINAL

Hillsdale 14 Ida 27 FINAL

Dundee 9 Columbia Central 7 FINAL

AA Huron 40 Monroe 0 FINAL

Bedford 36 Ypsi Lincoln 28 FINAL

88 thoughts on “Friday Night Scores”

  1. Something awesome to look forward to is the rivalry showdown between Huron and Flat Rock to close out the Huron League season. When is the last time both of these teams have had successful records going into this game. It is usually one or the other. Both teams looking poised to make a playoff run. Should be an exciting night in Flat Rock, MI.

  2. One trait no football coach would give up is physicality. You saw it on display in the Huron/Airport game. You see it on display most weeks with Riverview. Winning teams have it.

    1. Where’s that guy who asked where The FR guy is ? When I said we are going to win more then 2 games and are on the rise this year…

      You owe some adult beverages and FR is just getting started!

      1. Next year is going to be HUGE for FR in a lot of sports. Your basketball team is stacked for a long time to come and football has a bright future too.

  3. Very humbling season for SMCC. Most likely losses in next 2 games. Possible 3-6 or even a 2-7 season. Goes to show none of us are invincible. Hopefully the faithful are hanging in there, you have 2 good coaches in Kipf and Flint. For what tuition costs, its tough to maintain the talent year after year.
    What do you guys usually say when your winning, IN GOD WE PREY or something like that. Not this year.

    1. Riverview is a great program. Good coaches with strong, athletic kids. SMCC is having THAT year that every program has at some point. They’ll struggle the rest of the season and it’ll be ugly at times. But they’ll be fine next year and in the coming years. They have some solid football players in the younger grades.

    2. Yes SMCC is struggling. However, this speaks to how good the HL is as well. Jefferson hanging with GI, Huron smashing Airport, FR thumping Milan. Zero gimmies this year.

      1. Respectfully disagree with you.
        This is a result of everyone being very mediocre this year.
        Worst seasons in many years for Milan, SMCC, Riverview will win the league, but not nearly as good a team as last year, Huron losing games it should have won, FR, GI, and Airport all benefitting from all of this, Jefferson still struggling.

        1. An indication will be how the HL does in week 1 of the playoffs vs other leagues. FR vs Dundee? Airport vs Tecumseh? View bs DDC? Huron vs Trenton/Carlson.

          1. Gary. I think the huron league is down this year. It will show in the playoffs. Riverview looks really good.

          2. There it is again, Whiteford guy. Sorry, Whiteford has a fine little team, and they do well in their little league, and they might win a couple games, but there is no way they survive the week in week out grind of the Huron League. Ain’t gonna happen.

        2. View not nearly as good as last year…is any team nearly as good as years previous?! I can remember hearing last year View wasn’t as good as the 2017 team. How about give the present team the credit they deserve?! Quit comparing years past and focus on the here & now! The current team has athletes let’s give them the credit they deserve. If I’m not mistaken View had players up for player of the week the past 2 weeks. The present is the here & now!!! Focus on that

          1. There it is. “Huron League is down this year” 40 years running. I heard the Huron League was down every year even before this blog was around. Its just one of those things. Gets worse every year.

      1. 4 games…
        Flat Rock is a toss up. Which Falcons team will show up? Are they healthy to compete?

        Huron could be ugly.

        Jefferson is a toss up.

        Ecorse, I know nothing about.

        The only thing that helps SMCC is that all 4 games take place in the friendly confines of Navarre Field. Go Falcons!

        1. FR is a toss up?
          That score could get ugly real quick.
          Not sure about injuries and the like, and I know most years SMCC wins, but this year?
          It could be 50-20, easily, and I only say that because FR doesn’t defend the power/run game very well.

    3. First of “In God we prey” is never used by the football team. If there’s any slogan they use it’s “Tradition never graduates.”
      Whenever traditionally good teams are down, people in the blog say the HL is down and void of talent. Not true. What is true is the talent pool has shifted. Enrollment plays a part. RV near 1000, Huron over 800, AP just under 775. There’s talent in number. Weight training year round. I know for a fact RV has weight training and football tech classes, and so do other HL schools. Someone mentioned physicality and toughness. Well that comes from the weight room. You can have the best scheme with ax’s and O’s but without strength, physicality, toughness, and speed/explosion development it won’t show on the field. Complete programs: some HL schools have complete programs where their middle school through high school run the same system bottom to top. That’s a huge advantage. Not all HL schools do this. Playoffs: this is telling when you look at where the league stands. How well to they compete with like schools. We have not seen many of the larger HL make it all the way or even past regionals. The smaller ones have had more success, after playing better competition in the league. We will see what happens this year to gauge where we our league compares. Best of luck to the HL teams going forward.

  4. Is the SMCC dynasty running out of gas or is this just a fluke bad year for them? I know they have some injuries but this is the worst season I have seen them have. I know we went 4-5 in 2016 but there was 2 or 3 one possession losses that year, I remember because it was my senior year! It looks like 1998 was the last year they struggled this bad. I am not trying to bash the coaches or players but curious to why they are struggling so bad? thanks FNV staff for all the work you do.

    1. SMCC will be back.
      They have a loaded freshman class and their JV is doing very well, although I’m not sure that is a great indication.
      Amazed at the amount of sophomores and even freshman are on current HL varsity rosters.

    1. What happened was Huron was better in all phases tonight, not sure I remember any Huron fans on the blog saying they were gonna win much less by that margin.

        1. Huron has always had better athletes than most teams in the Huron League. Maybe this new coach knows how to put it all together? There isn’t any reason Huron can’t compete for a Huron League championship every season.

        1. It’s easy to come on here AFTER a win. I’ve seen nothing all year regarding Huron to this point. Is Huron fan the new Airport fan?

    2. “Watch yourselves Airport, Hurons coming to win this game”. GH

      “Huron is going to give Airport all they can handle”. CS

      Huron isn’t this good. And Airport isn’t this bad. It was one of those games. But we now know what the Chiefs are capable of. Look out.

      1. Stop Gary. Your post was just to cover yourself if your wrong. You never really looked close to Hurons D or Line matchups. Wake up

      1. You guys never own up when your wrong. You’re like the weatherman. ” Today will be mostly sunny, with a 10% chance of rain.” C’mon man !!!

        1. Funny how the Monday morning QBs come out and are the experts AFTER the game, yet I don’t remember anyone on the blog saying Huron was taking Airport to the woodshed BEFORE the game. And newsflash anyone calling Chris, Gary or Frank out for their predictions is laughable. Those guys forgot more high school football than any of you will ever know.

    3. Is Huron the week 5 Flat Rock?

      Back in my days at Polk High we would do our trash talking before every game so we could suffer after every crushing defeat. I still regret making those lousy bets knowing the Bundy curse would bite me in the end

  5. Shake it off Airport fans at least you scored. Monroe has sunk to a new low this week. Back to Back goose eggs. They are still not willing to put people in the right places. I felt bad for the defense because they were on the field most of the game.

        1. Huron’s defense happened to it. They were better up front, in coverage, and they created turnovers. Buettner, Callahan, Marentette, Caldwell and Smith all had a great night.

  6. Grosse Ile up 29-6 mid 4th. Grosse Ile down 6 starters and Swick got hurt in the second. Grosse Ile doing what they want all day

    1. I don’t think so. Swick went down and GI did nothing in 2nd half. 7-7 in second half. Swick caught all 3 TD passes in first half. He is definitely your main guy. Hope he is all right. Heard he went to hospital. You will have a tough time without him.

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