Week 9 Picks

Here are this weeks Michigan High School Football FNV staff picks for week 9. Here, are the results so far for this year. Last week is in parenthesis.

Frank: 68-24 (9-2)

Chris: 72-21 (10-1)

Gary: 75-18 (10-1)

Woodhaven @ Carlson

Frank: Carlson 31-28

Chris: Carlson 28-27

Gary: Carlson 24-21

Jefferson @ Erie Mason

Frank: Jefferson 29-28

Chris: Jefferson 27-21

Gary: Jefferson 26-21

Summerfield @ Flint New Standard/Burton Academy

Frank: Summerfield 48-12

Chris: Summerfield 42-0

Gary: Summerfield 40-6

North Central @ Whiteford

Frank: Whiteford 52-14

Chris: Whiteford 42-6

Gary: Whiteford 50-0

Monroe @ Riverview

Frank: Riverview 35-28

Chris: Riverview 30-21

Gary: Riverview 35-20

Robichaud @ Airport

Frank: Airport 42-22

Chris: Airport 40-18

Gary: Airport 45-14

Huron @ Crestwood

Frank: Huron 28-21

Chris: Huron 27-14

Gary: Huron 28-14

Clarenceville @ Flat Rock

Frank: Flat Rock 38-22

Chris: Flat Rock 35-32

Gary: Flat Rock 31-21

Henry Ford @ Grosse Ile

Frank: Henry Ford 34-27

Chris: Grosse Ile 28-18

Gary: Grosse Ile 28-24

Detroit Leadership @ Milan

Frank: Milan 42-20

Chris: Milan 35-20

Gary: Milan 35-14

Ecorse @ SMCC

Frank: SMCC 27-20

Chris: SMCC 30-28

Gary: SMCC 28-20

REMAX Masters Game of the Week

Dundee @ Ida

Frank: Dundee 17-14

Chris: Ida 20-19

Gary: Ida 26-20 OT

28 thoughts on “Week 9 Picks”

  1. Airport played tough upfront and controlled the line of scrimmage. The touchdown threw the air became the difference of the game. Mills can’t run the ball every play than have to make all the tackles in the secondary he needs help.

      1. I was at the game bro… Mills is a very good player. But airports whole offense is give the ball to 7 75% of the plays and on defense he was the only making open field tackles in the secondary.

        1. Downriver Rat Mills is a very good player but no he didn’t get 75% of the touches and he wasn’t the only one making tackles in the secondary.

  2. Old HL all league player who understands the difference

    I feel the margins are too big on Riverview over monroe…I can see the pirates winning but Airport losing 18-13 last week makes me wonder about it…Monroe has played 6 or so games vs teams better than teams not only in Riverview league but maybe overall including divine child…I got the Trojans by double digits in a “surprise” victory

    1. Could be right. But they did beat them last year and I’d argue Riverview has been playing better than they did last year, besides the Airport game which they still won.

      1. Gary. The Riverview and flatrock game was closer than what people think. .
        That last drive flatrock was moving the yardstick. They finally got stopped. From what I was told a questionable call. I didn’t see the tape so I’m not sure.
        Just saying.

        Huron league fan

        1. What game were you at?
          Riverview won by 3 TDS, and took a knee on the 1 yard line 3 times with 1:05 left in the game.
          So could have been 42-15.
          That is not a close game.
          Get a clue, and I am a FR fan.

    2. You’re confusing bigger with better. SEC Red really isn’t that strong of a conference. A couple ok teams but more not so great teams. Riverview shouldn’t have any problems with Monroe, a historic underachiever.

      1. Damn. This guy hasn’t got a clue about the SEC. Competition is much different. I think Riverview is a good team and run their system very well but I’m expecting a close game and will not be surprised if Monroe wins reguardless of their record. The way I see it Riverview really has nothing to gain in this game other than banged up players before the playoffs. I look for a very physical game.

        1. You realize they played last year.
          Same situation almost entirely.

          Did the guy you are talking about, not have a clue about SEC competition last year as well?

          1. Should be a good game, wouldn’t be surprised if either team wins. I would say Riverview isn’t better than their 2021 team but they’re pretty good. Also Monroe did play a pretty tough schedule, I’d say Saline/Huron/Bedford/Dexter is a pretty tough stretch while ending with Riverview…

            Good luck to both teams tonight and everyone else in the County

          2. CP has View winning by 33
            Goose has View winning by 29

            We toned our picks down compared to what the numbers and competition show.

          3. I realize they played. Can you tell me how they did in week 10? Lost a vital part of that team didn’t they. You are so Anti Monroe Gary it isn’t even funny. I expect nothing less from an SMCC Alum though. They won’t walk over Monroe even though you hope that happens.

          4. Please point to one thing I have ever said that is anti-Monroe.
            You wont find one.
            A good friend of mine’s son is on the team(Monroe) and I coached(basketball) a player that also plays.
            You are dead wrong on that one.

            I picked the game 35-20. I wouldnt consider that a walking over.
            But it’s what I think. I picked Monroe https://www.fridaynightvictors.com/2021/10/fnv-week-9-picks.html to win the game last year and it didnt work out.

            What does losing a kid to injury have to do with anything?
            Proud moment for you? Odd flex

          5. Monroe is not a great program. SEC is middle of road at best. Look at your own playoff record before you point at a team and a league that is clearly better. Huron league #17 all time winning percentage, which is top half in the state, SEC is #28, and sub .500 all time at that. The numbers don’t lie. SEC is sub-par by the numbers.

        2. Lets go bucs.. I don’t think the view blows them out. Monroe plays very good sec red teams so expect a tough game i say 30 20 bics

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