Hope and Concern: Monroe SMCC Falcons

Let’s head south and talk hope and concern with the SMCC Falcons

Biggest reason for hope: Although losing one of the best backs(Jondro) in its history, SMCC returns plenty of firepower in the backfield. Evan Marcon and Drew Harris should get the bulk of the carries in SMCC’s full-house attack. Both are exciting runners with different styles. TE/SE Buddy Snodgrass(6’5″) will be a playmaker when the ball is in the air.

Biggest reason for concern: Graduation losses leave the Falcons searching for replacements on the line of scrimmage. This of course is the foundation of any team, certainly to a team that runs the ball 90% of the time. Can the Falcons find the personnel to plug those holes? Many believe this will be the fulcrum for success, or lack thereof, in the Huron League for SMCC.

“The bartender got a hundred for just keeping the ice cubes cold” Henry Hill, “Goodfellas” ‘We have been keeping a lot of ice cubes cold since 2009″ Chris Schultz, FNV

2 thoughts on “Hope and Concern: Monroe SMCC Falcons”

  1. SMCC returns like 3 starters from last year. They graduated almost everyone! Not to many they had a couple kids transfer and quit playing. If they have a winning record, it will be a successful year for the Falcons.

    1. All of what you said is pretty much true.

      However, returning starters is an overvalued commodity at times.
      It’s a good thing to have seniors starting. If you have a good amount of seniors starting, the following year,
      you wont have many returning starters. Plug in more seniors…. rinse and repeat. This too is a formula for success.
      Usually, continued success.

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