8 thoughts on “Saturday’s Game”

  1. I saw a game tonight that most people had already made up their mind long before the ball was even kicked. I came to see if the good things I had heard about Bear football were true. The Bears did not disappoint me one bit, gritty, scrappy whatever you want to call it. Sure Erie Mason was the better team, the scoreboard proved that. I could run down the whole game but why? If you were there you saw it and if not you are listening to someone who was there. I can admit that I probably would have been scared as a 9th grader playing on varsity (be honest) but those young men stepped up took some lumps and played a heck of a game. Hats off to the upper classmen, the 8 or 10 of them that anchor that team… a Herculean task is ahead… Good luck Bears

  2. Jefferson Bear forever..

    Bear football is in bad shape people.. looks like another 0-9 season.. running the wrong offense. line up and run the ball.. Monroe finally is doing it and look what happened. listen to me bear coaches. line the ball up and run it.

  3. I was at the Mason Jefferson game tonight. Mason by far was the better team.. if I was Jefferson head coach I would put number 14 at QB number 2 should not be the QB he should stay at a WR.. number 6 should stay at running back.. the thing is every time #2 was at a WR they always threw the ball to him.. they need to throw at other WRs. #2 couldn’t get open Mason kids were to tough at DB.

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