2023 Playoff Ephemera

Division 1

Monroe, is in a pretty good situation, in that they control their own destiny. However the loss to Pioneer, makes things a lot more difficult. Monroe most likely needs to win 2 of their 3 remaining games. Looks as if week 9, vs Riverview, might be for all the marbles, assuming they go 1-1 over the next 2 weeks. Very hard to predict who would win that game.

Currently: IN

Projected: OUT

Division 2

Bedford needs to win 2 of their last 3 to have a remote shot at the playoffs. They may only be favored in one of those games, which makes week 8 vs Monroe huge. Even if the Mules win 2 of 3, their chances are not all that great.

Currently: OUT

Projected: OUT

Carlson, after the week 1 loss to Airport, Carlson has grown as a team and eagerly awaits the week 8 showdown with Allen Park. This game will crown the DRL champion( as long as they don’t look past Woodhaven). It would seem as if AP and Carlson will see each other twice this season.

Currently: IN

Projected: IN – possible week 10 opponents: GP South, Franklin, Jesuit, Allen Park

Division 3

Riverview will be in a district with the downriver schools.  The Pirates must win out to have a chance at a home game. Even then, it may not be enough. Trenton is the team to watch here. I see them opening up with the Trojans.. either home or away. These 2 teams should be very close in Playoff Points, assuming Riverview beats Monroe.. which is definitely not a given. Edit: There is a chance(I’d say about 15%) that Rouge makes it in. They would likely be in the same district as the Pirates.

Currently: IN

Projected: IN – possible week 10 opponent: Trenton, Anderson

Division 4

Airport should find themselves home through Districts and possibly the Regional. It’s very hard to predict who the Jets may face at this point. The districts have been in flux, and could be organized many different ways.  No matter the outcome there, I see Airport as certainly one of the better teams in that area of the state(D4). Jet faithful may need to keep an eye on Goodrich and Harper Woods. To me, those teams are the biggest threat to Airport and a state semi-final appearance… yes, you read that right.

Currently: IN

Projected: IN – Possible week 10 opponent: Adrian, Divine Child, Redford Union, Chelsea

New Boston Huron, the Chiefs would have to win out to make the playoffs. Even then, it would be razor thin.

Currently: OUT

Projected: OUT

Division 5

Grosse Ile. The Red Devils are still mathematically alive. Win out and they are in. At this point, that seems too tough a task.

Currently: OUT

Projected: OUT

Dundee simply cannot afford another loss. They must win out. The Vikings are certainly good enough to do so, but it’s a rather tough road. With Hudson and Ida left on the slate, the Vikings will need sweep onward with threshing oar. Their only goal will be the highest score…. had to make it rhyme.. credit to Robert Plant. For you youngsters, look it up.

Currently: OUT

Projected: OUT

Flat Rock finds themselves in a great situation. They are very likely the strongest team in their Region. That is taking into account Pontiac ND Prep is in another Region. I’ve seen forecasts with PNDP in the same Region and in different Region. This may be the biggest threat to the Rams and a date in the State Semi-Final. Dundee is a team to watch as well. Remember back in week 1, the Vikings had the Rams on the ropes. If Dundee finds themselves in, this could be a great district rematch. Two home games is almost certain, with 3 being likely.

Currently: IN

Projected: IN – Possible week 10 opponent: Milan, Romulus, Dundee, Summit, AA Richard.

Milan may find themselves as maybe the last team in the field of 32 after week 9. The Big Reds need 1 more win to make that happen. It would seem week 9 vs Skyline would be the best chance to get that win.

Currently: OUT

Projected: IN – Possible week 10 opponent: Summit, Flat Rock, Romulus

Jefferson can win out and still find themselves outside looking in. I don’t see a path for the Bears to make it in.

Currently: OUT

Projected: OUT

Division 6

Ida may need to win 2 of 3 vs some tough opponents. Week 9 vs Dundee might be make or break for both teams. Even if the Bluestreaks win only 1 game the rest of the way out, they could find themselves in. Again, it would a last team in type of situation.

Currently: IN

Projected: IN – Possible week 10 opponent: Lansing Catholic, Ecorse, Michigan Center.

Erie Mason has somewhat done themselves a disservice moving over to the TCC. The Eagles really need to bolster their non-league slate in order to better their chances at making the post season. Mason could win out and still be outside looking in. I think the objective for any team competing in the MHSAA should be, if you have a winning record, you should qualify for the post season. At 5-4 or maybe even 6-3, the Eagles wouldn’t qualify. Seems to me that some things need to be reworked in Erie.

Currently: OUT

Projected: OUT

Division 7

SMCC is very likely in the playoffs. One more win guarantees it. The Falcons will likely be on the road in week 10, unless they pull an upset in week 9 at Country Day. SMCC could go one of two ways, as far as districts go. Depending on how many teams from the Detroit area make it in, they could go West or North. Detroit CMA is the team to watch here. If they trip up, SMCC will go North, if CMA qualifies, the Falcons will go West.

Currently: IN

Projected: IN – Possible week 10 opponents: Clinton, Detroit Central, Manchester, Detroit Loyola.

Division 8

Whiteford, the defending D8 state champions, could find themselves as the #1 overall seed in division 8. A team or 2 would need to lose, but it is possible. Ubly once again looks like a powerhouse in D8. These 2 teams could find themselves facing off, this time in a semi-final. Hudson, however, may have something to say about that. The Bobcats may be in a very tough district with Hudson and Addison.

Currently: IN

Projected: IN – Possible week 10 opponent: Sand Creek, Addison, Riv Gabriel Richard

Summerfield, with the close loss to Sand Creek, needs 1 more win to give themselves a shot at post season play. With that 1 win, they would be one of the last teams in, or one of the last teams out. The game vs Quincy appears to be their best shot.

Currently: IN

Projected: IN – Possible week 10 opponent: Hudson, Whiteford, Addison.

29 thoughts on “2023 Playoff Ephemera”

          1. Yes sir. Even if my predictions are wrong on a few of the games, Airport will easily finish above Adrian if they both win out.

          2. Nice,

            I’ll do the same in the next week or 2.
            Hopefully Pizzo is healthy, I dont think GI beats HF without him.

  1. Never said be projected anything. But he’s good. I’d rather hear about the rest of the post I submitted with your thoughts. No one likes country day lol

    1. Oh I thought you were saying he is good, meaning Country Day would be in. And didn’t you bring up Country Day? And didn’t you say they would be in? Anyway.

      Both Airport and Flat Rock can make it to a Semi(I think FR would have a better chance to do so) if they both wind up with favorable draws. You are right pretty much correct on all you said…. Minus the DCD part 🙂

  2. Just imagine if SMCC didn’t lose to Grosse Ile. Any given Friday! Pulling for my Falcons to upset people the rest of this year. If anyone can do it, it is Coach Kipf and his staff along with this group of young kids who work so hard every week.

    1. I’ve seen them and they are an absolute load. Big, strong, fast with D1 players in there. Airport doesn’t have the size, strength, or speed running a spread offense to contend with that. They’ll stuff Airport at the line of scrimmage on every play and the receivers won’t get much against those athletes in secondary. Yes, they play a tough schedule compared to what’s around here.

      1. So in other words WS no need for Airport to show up cause they will get shut out. Ok got it. I’m sure Harper Woods has talent, but you make them sound like they are Belleville or that OLSM team Huron played in the semis.

        1. They’ll play, I just don’t see what Airport has that can contend with that. The Airport WR’s won’t get any separation from that speed. It’s not at all a fair fight.

          1. WS the earliest they would most likely play is the regional finals, so we got plenty of time to break the game down. If Airport is hosting a regional final I’ll roll the dice and take my chances.

        2. The weakness on Harper Woods would be conditioning. They tire, so if Airport can play to a strategy that tires those big guys out by the second half, maybe they stay in the game.

        3. So basically Harper Woods is a handpicked team of stars who were recruited. It’s really not a team of players from Harper Woods. The qb was recruited out of Canada. I’m surprised MHSAA allows it, but then again, Farmington Harrison racked up state championships doing it for years and got away with it. That’s how a team in this state has a roster with multiple d1 players on it. I’m sure there’s probably a dozen teams in the state doing it. If you lose to a team like that, it’s just losing to an all star team.

          1. I’d worry about Chelsea and Adrian before looking ahead to Harper Woods. Chelsea only loss to GR Northview who is pretty good this year. Chelsea will two platoon and has another college running back little brother of the last kid and two committed division 1 lineman. Not the best Chelsea team they’ve had but very well coached and will have 60 kids on the roster.

        1. That is hardly fair to Dundee. FR and Clinton are just better. Blissfield is also a good team.

          Nobody will be all that surprised it Milan loses to Skyline. I do think they will get the W however.

          1. Whiteford Alum 97

            Do you see a scenario where Whiteford and Hudson aren’t in the same district? Or regional?

          2. Yes… Summerfield is the key. They would need to make the playoffs. Week 8 vs Quincy is the win they need to have. Otherwise, with them gone, I believe that would link up Hudson and Whiteford in the district.
            Region? I dont see that, no.

          3. Whiteford Alum 97

            What do you think will happen with Whiteford if Cassopolis or Decatur sneak in? Also there are 3-4 teams (Mount Clemens, Rochester Hills NW, ATAP and Detroit Douglass) around that Detroit area would that pull or push Whiteford a certain way.

          4. Honestly… too early to play that game.
            Give it another week or so and I will take questions like this and go through every game.
            Im much better at forecasting who will be in, vice where they will go.

      1. Snooze has AP opening up against Country Day. It’s early but he does a fantastic job with this stuff. They lost to warren Michigan C by 6 points who destroyed SMCC week 1. Country Day will bear powers and SMCC and make it in. In that same district would be Divine Child who is very good and just lost to JLC 14-7 and beat a D-2 51 Milford team. Could work out where you go in against Adrian or Chelsea which is if I’m an AP fan, That’s what I want to happen because you’d be evenly matched with talent with those teams although Chelsea would have much more depth and less two way starters. Also very well coached. They wouldn’t want to play Harper Woods. And that could be a possibility as well.

        Flat Rock to the semi’s is possible if they get an amazing draw. They would want Milan to make it in and push Marine City out of that region. But also very possible that Williamston doesn’t get pushed west because they are in no man land geographically. Pontiac ND prep could also very easily end up in that region. No one should want to play them other than the Grand Rapids teams. Best Notre Dame Prep team in a very long time.

        Riverview would have a very good chance to win a district. Trenton wouldn’t be a pushover. But Port Huron or most likely Detroit MLK would be waiting in the regional.

        Should be fun to see how it shakes out .

        1. Snooze doesn’t project, he only pairs the teams that are currently in. If you notice DCD is the last team in. Country Day probably won’t make it in after week 9. Even if they go 2-1 the rest of the way. Beating a 2 or 3 win D5 & 7 school will doom them.

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