FNV Week 5 Staff Picks

Bedford (3-1) @ Ann Arbor Huron (1-3)

Chris: Bedford 40 Huron 18

Frank: Bedford 55 Huron 6

Gary: Bedford 45 Huron 13

Saline (3-1) @ Monroe (1-3)

Chris: Saline 38 Monroe 14

Frank: Saline 42 Monroe 21

Gary: Saline 45 Monroe 27

Carlson (2-2) @ Edsel Ford (1-3)

Chris: Carlson 46 Edsel Ford 13

Frank: Carlson 44 Edsel Ford 18

Gary: Carlson 45 Edsel Ford 14

Clinton (4-0) @ Summerfield (2-2)

Chris: Clinton 45 Summerfield 21

Frank: Clinton 42 Summerfield 20

Gary: Clinton 45 Summerfield 20

Whiteford (2-2) @ Morenci (0-4)

Chris: Whiteford 45 Morenci 12

Frank: Whiteford 48 Morenci 16

Gary: Whiteford 45 Morenci 14

Blissfield (3-1) @ Dundee (3-1)

Chris: Blissfield 21 Dundee 20

Frank: Blissfield 24 Dundee 21

Gary: Blissfield 30 Dundee 21

Erie Mason (2-2) @ Ida (1-3)

Chris: Ida 32 Erie Mason 30

Frank: Erie Mason 44 Ida 38

Gary: Erie Mason 40 Ida 39

Airport (3-1) @ Jefferson (2-2)

Chris: Airport 20 Jefferson 14

Frank: Airport 28 Jefferson 21

Gary: Airport 30 Jefferson 21

Huron (2-2) @ Grosse Ile (0-4)

Chris: GI 21 Huron 20

Frank: Huron 37 GI 21

Gary: GI 14 Huron 13

SMCC (3-1) @ Flat Rock (1-3)

Chris: SMCC 32 Flat Rock 21

Frank: SMCC 35 Flat Rock 34

Gary: SMCC 28 Flat Rock 20

GERWECK NISSAN Game of the Week

Milan (4-0) @ Riverview (3-1)

Chris: Riverview 40 Milan 35

Frank: Riverview 22 Milan 20

Gary: Riverview 28 Milan 27

19 thoughts on “FNV Week 5 Staff Picks”

  1. SMCC is an improving team with a lone loss against a solid Milan squad. I don’t see this game being a one TD game. SMCC by 2 TDs minimum.

  2. As for Riverview. Flat Rock and Milan run the same exact offense with a few minor differences. Flat Rock moved the ball all night vs riverview. Flat Rock stopped themselves in the red zone.

    Milan is Flat Rock but on Steroids. The Hines as a runner is far more explosive than Davis, and their overall skill positions are better than flat rock at every position. Riverview can not cover the pass. CC even had success with the pass vs riverview. IF Milan has a somewhat decent D they will win because they will spread them out, and hit seams all night. If Riverview get behind by a score or more, look out it could get ugly.

  3. Poe and Gardner are possibly the 2 fastest kids in the league
    I know you guys said Riverview’s DEs were small but not we’re getting double and triple teamed against SMCC, and still did there jobs, most of the runs were middle middle middle
    Gardner and Lockhart contain the edges well not many teams get outside them as long as the lbs fill there’s no we’re for Hines to go
    Not to mention Riverview will have the entire starting O line for the first time this season
    Riverview 30 Milan 20

      1. I wasn’t saying that toward you Gary on the show you guys said the DEs are small but SmCc either double or triple teamed them on a lot of plays and they still made Rb cut back in
        Most of CCs play were through the middle
        Yes we did get dominated I’ll be the first to say and was in shock we couldn’t even move the ball
        Match ups play a part and we don’t match up well with them just like Milan doesn’t against View
        We will see Santa happens, they have to go out and play

  4. Nobody on Riverview can guard number 4 Kendrick Mcbride on Milan idk how they gonna stop Tristen Hines those to me are the best players in the league.

    1. Jeff, I almost changed my pick to Milan. Our FNV keys to victory may have taken a hit with an injury update or 2. But I stuck with what I picked.
      I just hope its a great game.

    2. Jeff, what about number 21 on Riverview that Poe kid? Led the league in interceptions last year and leading the league again this season. GO BUCS!

      1. Airport by double digits (although I said the same last week about the Huron game). Huron keeps GI winless, SMCC over Flat Rock and Riverview over Milan to put Milan, Riverview, SMCC & Airport in a four way first place tie in the league.

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