Week 5 Questions with the FNV Staff

Which score/result surprised you the most?

Chris: It wasn’t the result that surpised me, but the fact that Erie Mason hung 56 points on Sand Creek in their 18 point victory. The Aggies had only given up 55 points all season prior to that.

Gary: Mason’s dismantling of a very good Lansing Catholic Central tops my list this week. The Bulldogs make a huge statement, cementing their position as a top contender in their division.

Frank: I have to go with Ida putting the fear of God into Blissfield. The Royals beat Clinton and Hillsdale by double digits, and both of those teams beat the Blue Streaks by a combined score of 99-48. Yet somehow, the Blue Streaks went toe-to-toe with the Royals before dropping a heartbreaker in the final seconds. I will echo what I said last week, as it appears the pilot light has turned on for Jeff Potter and company, which is a potential sign that Ida could be a tough out in the playoffs. And should these two teams meet again, buckle up.

Which team is trending up?

Chris: I like how the Trojans have bounced back the last two weeks after falling to Saline. A season ending victory over an excellent Chelsea team could set the tone for a solid playoff run.

Gary: Im going to go with SMCC as a team that is starting to trend upward. A dominant performance over the Bears have the Falcons soaring high late in the season.

Frank: Much like Ida, SMCC appears to finally have turned the pilot light on after a strong performance in a 40-7 win over Jefferson. The Falcons will need to keep it rolling with a significant tune-up game against Detroit Southeastern in Week 9.

Which game are you looking forward to this week?

Chris: I really like the match up between SMCC and Detroit Southeastern. Southeastern is a quality opponent (5-0) that boast a special QB who can run and throw. The Falcons will counter with their ever improving rushing attack. If you get a chance, take a drive over to the eastside where the Jungaleers play in the shadows of the Jefferson North Assembly plant. Game time is Noon on Saturday.

Gary: Chelsea at Monroe is my game of the week coming into week 6. Chelsea is our #1 team in D3. Can the Trojans get a victory over an excellent team in Chelsea?

Frank: I’m going with Chelsea at Monroe. The Bulldogs have established themselves as a power in Division 3, while the Trojans have looked strong this season with a ball-hawking defense. Both teams will be looking to make some noise before postseason play.

11 thoughts on “Week 5 Questions with the FNV Staff”

  1. Michigan High School Football Updates

    The Result that surprised me the most was Riverview over Grosse Ile. I thought the Red Devils would have given the Pirates at least half a scare. Man. I know better now. If Riverview keeps putting up this many points per game, expect a long Playoff run. As for the team thats trending up, give me SMCC. The Falcons may not be as good as years past but Coach Kipf has these guys playing good Football at the right time of year. Watch the Falcons go way deep if they keep it up. As for the game I’m looking most forward to, I have 2 that are toss ups. Chelsea at Monroe and Riverview Richard Vs. Clarkston Everest. Both will be great games.

  2. It’s bogus because the question should be if this years or last years EM team played last years SMCC team who would win. Your asking the question because EM is flying high in a weaker league and SMCC is down and young this year. Why did EM leave the LCAA…………? Because they couldn’t compete and make the playoffs. What I will do is give credit to Noah B. He is a great athlete and no doubt one the the best in the county including Lenawee. For the record EM and SMCC use to play but EM dropped them off the schedule. As I mentioned, everyone is in this year and EM will get a chance to beat their old foes in the LCAA.

    1. A quick thought: Schools don’t leave leagues for one sport. Athletic Directors, Principals and Superintendents make decisions for the entire student body, not just a handful of people. This was probably a good move for Erie Mason.

    2. I think everyone knows the answer to the question you are bringing up. State champion vs a team who won 2 games.
      This year the game would be more in doubt for sure. I would have Mason winning. It would be a high scoring affair on both sides.

    1. This is a bogus question. Erie Mason has a team with four year seniors on it including their QB. They moved to a weaker league with smaller schools and now are undefeated and you put this question out there. SMCC plays in a league where every school is bigger. This year they are super young including 7 sophomores. It’s like comparing apples to oranges. This would have been a better question last year when both teams had three year seniors. Erie Mason in the LCAA did not make the playoffs and only beat two TCC schools Summerfield and Deerfield. SMCC won a state title. These questions are always a lose lose for SMCC. If they played and won, they were suppose to win. If they lose Erie Mason storms the field like they won a state title. So let’s stop the what if’s and let the season play out. In the end we have to play schools are size and competition level. Good luck to all!

      1. Why is a hypothetical question on a fan blog a bogus question? So because EM plays in a smaller league and CC plays in a league where every school is bigger that makes CC a better team? It is bogus that EM has a lot of seniors? So should we take away the state championship teams from CC because they were senior laden? CC is not the greatest athletic program this side of the Mississippi. Most years in all sports they face lackluster competition in the HL. Otherwise they have a fine program, but also does not mean that they would beat every team in the county just because their uniform says SMCC

      1. This year I think it’s a shootout

        Erie mason spreads it out and creates gaps and Smcc has a
        Long tradition of struggling against the pass and this year the secondary is young

        But I have coached and played in the area and I will tell you hands down the Huron league is pound for pound tougher then the lcaa and the lcaa is tougher then the TCC overall so Erie record is a little fixed but they are improved and would give Smcc problems I say 50-47 type game

        But 9/10 years Smcc wins to date

    2. Michigan High School Football Updates

      Hi Em. As a part time Volunteer to Friday Night Victors, this is a great question that has me thinking. I see this as a great matchup. In the Battle of the Birds, I would have to pick SMCC because of their rich history. Thank You for giving us one to scratch our heads about. Enjoy your Football Weekend!

      – Trevor

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