Friday Night MHSAA Playoff Scores

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Grosse Ile 14 Summit 10 final

Huron 21 Rouge 40 final

SMCC 6 JLC 22 final

Whiteford 14 Summerfield 34 final

Mason 0 DeWitt 43 final

Martin 54 Marcellus 8 final

52 thoughts on “Friday Night MHSAA Playoff Scores”

  1. First let’s congratulate Summerfield, Milan, and GI. Keep it rolling and represent. Next to all the Morning after coaches. Get a whistle and apply for a job. Otherwise mute your mouth. You are not at practices. You don’t know the kids. You haven’t watched the film. You don’t put in the time to speak intelligently about these football teams. There’s a lot on here about SMCC and the T. Maybe you should go to a T clinic. All the major T coaches like Giarmo, Shilito, Sigler,Wooer and major programs ZW, SMCC, EDWARDSBURG, GRANDVILLE, Riverview. They make point to saying, you can add more formations and plays, but it will take away from your T offense. The T is about blocking schemes, execution, faking and discipline. It is an equalizer much like the option teams use when over matched….think college military academies. Why not pass more? They do when the opportunity presents. Word to the wise T teams including SMCC have a minimum of 10 pass plays that attack at three levels. Some play passes some quick drop, some roll out. They have other formations and motions. SMCC ran some wideout formations this year. In regards to Friday. SMCC moved the ball and JLC defense made turnovers or four down stands. If they don’t this is a back and forth team with the ball last wins. Riverview lost to Rouge arguably the most talented team in the state. Another fact SMCC does not have a middle school feeder program. Players as freshman never ran the T….Ever! So they are year one players as 9th graders. Learning the T fundamentals takes a lot of practice time and reps. So hypothetically if they ran other formations, passed more, and in return lost more……….would that quiet the doubters? No they would still be on here whining. So I’ll go back to my original thought. Many schools need coaches. Take your morning after playbook and whistle stop being a coward behind the screen or behind the fence and go coach. Show us lifetime coaches how it’s done. Please do and maybe we will come to your clinic on how to coach.

    1. While everything you said is well taken and well said, I think it is ok for people(fans) to toss around ideas.
      Some do it in a respectful manner while others lean the other way.

      I dont think anyone has said the coaches are doing a bad job.

      Nothing we have let through anyway.

      My advice would be to stick to your guns, adapt when you should and coach em up the best you can.
      If you have done that, you can easily rest your head at night.

      No matter what you do, there will always be haters. And most of them have no idea what they are talking about.

      1. CC Fan Living in Ohio

        I don’t disagree with what you have said but I know coaches whose families and kids come on here and read some terrible things said about their parents/brothers/cousin/siblings by people who don’t have a clue. These coaches get home late every night Monday – Friday, they’re gone Saturday mornings and Sunday evenings because they are devoted to helping other people’s children be successful in a sport and in life as well. I don’t blame them for standing up for their family because while this website is amazing, does a great job promoting kids and high school programs, there is a very small percentage of people who use it to further their agenda. I know of people who have actually printed postings from this blog and sent them to a school administrator in the hopes of getting a coach fired. Frankly in the 2020 season, I don’t care if your favorite team went 0-7 or is still playing, all coaches should all be commended for stepping up, putting their health on the line, and sacrificing time with their families to coach this great game in the middle of a pandemic. Same goes to the officials, athletic directors, trainers, and of course the student-athletes who took these risks to do what they love to do and give us washed up folks something to look forward to on Friday nights!

          1. CC Fan Living in Ohio

            Sorry Gary didn’t mean that to come off as a shot at you or the FNV team. Thank you guys for promoting high school football in the area. Keep up the good work!

    2. the one thing I disagree with is “but it will take away from your T offense”. At the beginning middle and end of the day T teams will live and die on their bread and butter. Trap Lead Power Keep I understand that I and I would too. BUTTT saying adding some more motion or an ace style formation would take away from your T offense I disagree. The bread and butter would be still there and remember teams meet in summer and put stuff in so it is not like they do not have enough time. Also, my ideas are not trying to change the blocking pattern of the plays, or fakes or anything. Everything is the exact same concept with different moving pieces going on before to distract and catch eyes of people. You probably watch Wisconsin kick MI butt last saturday. Wisconsin on almost every single play would flip 2-3 guys on the formation and then motion. Tell me HS kids would not be messed up about this stuff. Strength would be messed up and aligning properly would be out the window. I believe I have said in my recent posts. I love the T offense man it is great. Ground and pound. Who has the “It” factor when it comes to ground and pound. I played in it and ya it was boring but it sure was fun having long drives and beating the brains off of people. Since people probably wonder why I know so much or why I open my mouth about the T is because I went to riverview and played in the T offense and know what it takes from a player and a coach aspect. So

      Riverview alum 18

  2. I’m sorry, but can’t help to point out for the past 2 weeks, all three of you have predicted SUMMERFIELD to LOSE and guess who’s still standing? SUMMERFIELD! The small school in the middle of nowhere, that gets forgotten about it seems. Small schools do great things, just think of the fun you could have had the last few weeks riding this amazing ride with the 1-5 team that brought home the first district title in almost 10 years!

    1. Point taken! The Bulldogs have done a great job in the playoffs this year. We have made it a point ever since we started doing video that we would pick a winner of the game. It’s always worked out pretty well going with the favorite. I don’t always pick a favorite, but last time I went back and checked the math, I have picked it over at 90% clip. Just saying. Once again great job this year in the playoffs by Coach Lip and the Bulldogs. Good luck to them this week.

  3. District Champ Parent

    Holy Cow… so much commentary on SMCC changing from their consistent dominance. D7 team playing against D3 and D4 teams and competing, each and every week in the Huron League. No surprise that they prepare and dominate at perfecting their game. Good teams win when they execute their game plan better than their opponent does theirs.

    It blows my mind that there are SMCC haters every year, and it almost seems like it’s internal. SMCC has a quality program that others emulate.

    With that said… why isn’t this thread being dedicated to the WINNING area teams, like Milan and Grosse Ile?? HOW BOUT THOSE RED DEVILS?!?!?!? A D5 Team Huron League team penetrating deep in the playoffs to a Regional Final!! GO GI!!

    (Regional Final vs Lansing Catholic this week)

  4. The funny part in reading these comments about SMCC and how they need to change their offense or at least add to it, their adjustments come within the offense from their multiple blocking schemes. I coached for 32 years and have had an opportunity to visit SMCC practices when they were in the playoffs when Coach Giarmo was there and Coach Kipf was on staff. They have a dozen ways just to run off tackle power, 5-6 ways to run fullback trap. If you watched their passing game this season, they had more sprint out and 5 step passing game than I have ever seen them do since I started following them in 2010 but some nights you have to protect your quarterback. It is defensive coordinator’s nightmare when a T offense is executed correctly with the multiple blocking schemes and the fakes. SMCC had a young team this year. When I read this blog in the summer, most people expected them to finish 3-6 before the season was shortened. By my count, they return 8 starters on offense, 7 on defense, and their kicker and punter. THEY REPLACED 22 SENIORS at school of 350 students for crying out loud! That is no small task. I don’t know Coach Kipf but I do know some of his assistants and I got to believe the boys will be back in the weight room the first day they can because anyone who knows football and watched that game last night knows SMCC had their chances against a very good and well coached Jackson Lumen Christi team. Hats off to SMCC’s seniors, underclassmen, and coaching staff on their season. I told this to one of their assistant coaches last night, this will not be the last time they see Jackson Lumen Christi in the playoffs. I know people are entitled to their opinion but having lived that life of coaching (practice, weight room, film, meetings, breaking down film at home, being a father figure for some kids, giving rides home, fundraising, dealing with parents, grade checks, etc.) the 40 hours a week on top of teaching, its beyond irritating to me when people hide beyond their computer screens and think they have all the answers. Keep your head up SMCC, the future is bright!

    1. So you advice is to line up and try to pound the mall against a team you can’t move??

      And that creating any type of extreme adjustment is not beneficial?

      Look at AW in Ohio, they boomed first year after switching away from the winged t and it was bc it was new wrinkles and good lifting

      The wing t was good there but they excelled after switching and according to you if Smcc added a new formation it wouldn’t benefit them at all lol ok

      As a dc having to deal with the t is a challenge more so against Smcc the. Others but the. You add an empty it’s an entire new approach and you have less time to focus on the t bc you have to remember they may go empty and if you don’t prep for it you fall back on rules yes but it creates natural space and lanes

      But your right it wouldn’t help them at all the answer is to just confide to run trap on 3/15 12 times bc maybe this time it’ll break

      The t has tells to the ball goes to the QB back 95% of the time

      Some teams line up deeper in the pulling side

      Smcc does an amazing job at what they do and I support it in full but telling me that adding a fall back is non beneficial is ignorant

      1. I highly suggest you contact Coach Kipf and share your groundbreaking knowledge with him. Maybe SMCC could win a state title then! Oh wait…

    2. These coach’s put in so much time. I remember Monday’s where coach flint would already have all of the other teams tendencies down to a science. Every formation and everything they did he was on top of after hours of film study over the weekend. Know matter what happend, those coach’s had a plan. From practice schedules to adjustments. On top of all of their busy schedules they were able to balance a healthy social/ family life on top of that

      1. Former cc player #2

        amen to this man. cc coaches are the best coaches around with how hard they work. these men don’t get paid jack sh*t but still busy there ass for the kids cuz they love the school and love the boys. Always a proud alum of central and will always cheer on the falcons in the green and gold. Brotherhood baby

        1. I have all respect for every coach at every program with all the time and effort they put in! I send my kids to smcc and that doesn’t make me better….but I believe in the teachers and the coaches teaching my kids things that will make them better as people in life going forward! Sports are a real stepping stone to life that our young men and women can apply going forward! For the what is worth I HATE the offense but it WINS…and for that I love it! ITS perfect! Don’t do a thing different smcc!! I’m done with negative people!

  5. The only issue I have running the T nowadays, isn’t the offense itself, it’s that everyone seems to be running it.

    Before 2000, only a select few were running it. With the success Giarmo had, many teams have copied it. I probably would have too.

    With so many teams running it, opposing coaches know better how to defend it. Gone are the days of 70 yard off tackle power plays because even good teams just didn’t know how to defend it. Is the offense still effective, of course it is, many teams have won state titles with it. I would wager some will this year as well but it rarely surprises anyone any longer.

    To those that say CC needs to pass more, CC had more yards than JLC did, more TOP, more plays….
    JLC just took advantage of their opportunities more than CC did. That’s how you win in these tough battles.

    You win in HS football by blocking well, tackling well, hanging on to the football and capitalizing.

    Run.pass.whatever. If the other team does those 4 things better than you.. good luck.

    1. gary i hear you. but you have seen cc over the years. a couple short passes in the flat or over the middle would help open up the offense for more for traps and lead plays. just to soften the eyes of LB and D ends.

  6. Lumen Christi was geared up for the pass. They were so good up front they could keep 7 in the box and have their corners off wide and safeties deep

    1. For Smcc being a young team they still had their chances.. you can’t fumble the football in the red zone against good teams… just didn’t finish drives.. I think total yards were even? Good game to learn from.. Now get in the weight room and let this feeling drive you for next year..

  7. In my opinion any team worth their salt and wants to show their kids what it takes would schedule Rouge as their first game. Call them “team Detroit” or what you will (every school has transfer students) but they will show you what it takes to get to that next level. Tonight, unfortunately, Huron spotted them 28 pts before the kids and coaches decided enough was enough and started playing to Rouge’s level.

    1. I love what Smcc does but I really wish they would add just some pass threats

      Can’t always be bigger stronger then everyone sometimes you need to be slicker

      1. SMCC will always have the same plays and same offense,
        They will never risk having a bad season to update their

          1. Exactly Chris!
            I will take the “same plays and same offense” that brings consistent deep playoff runs with our “non-updated program” every year. SMH. This was a young Falcon team with a bright future vs an underrated JLC team with one of the greatest coaches in state history. Or maybe we should go to the spread. Lol!

          2. Exactly Chris!
            I will take the “same plays and same offense” that brings consistent deep playoff runs with our “non-updated program” every year. SMH. This was a young Falcon team with a bright future vs an underrated JLC team with one of the greatest coaches in state history. Or maybe we should go to the spread. Lol!

      2. SMCC is rarely the “bigger & stronger” team. They win because of execution and discipline. Tonight they didn’t have either one on top of running into a team with the size and speed to stop them.
        Lumen played 2 DBs back making passing difficult for CC.
        Young team running into a better team, no shame in this loss. Look forward to seeing this young team come back next year and seeing where they go!

      3. I agree man. gotta pass the rock more. and not deep threats. just dump down passes for 5 yards keep those LB and CB honest. they did this when they won states. and Kemmerling was a better throwing QB then Bergmosser.

        1. People on here you can tell dont coach, smcc is prolly the best at what they do and I’ll 100% support them on that but there very much is a time and place to be honest and Smcc coaches and fans are like cave men to the idea that there are other options or wrinkles you can use to confuse and gain an edge

          I support them to keep the T I love the T, but have something in their back pocket.. right now thier go to for tricks is to move a rb to a wing and run toss lol

          Put in an empty formation and run q draw or 4 slants and a post/go

          No one ever preps for that and it would generate an edge when they come into teams like jlc

          Football is all about finding angles and lanes

          Smcc does an amazing job at what they do and stacking the D against them and still finding a way but sometimes you need to open the lanes in other ways

          You can’t and won’t be able to always make the lanes yourself

          That’s all I’m saying

          Problem for them is they have won state titles so now they are so arrogant and act
          Like we never have to be creative bc we’ll we won state titles meh meh meh

          We don’t pass here bc well we have won without passing

          We will just run trap 97 more times until we break one

          Football is like boxing you need to soften spots and move the defense around to open spots and passing or a new formation can do that

          But all that aside good season to Smcc and apparently they will be loaded next season

          1. I watch the state playoff games almost every year and most teams win titles running the ball. I’ll take execution and discipline over 5 wide any day. The spread is nothing more than a supped up version of the single wing. Great season, great program, great kids! Congratulations CC.

          2. amen dude. you get it. not trying to change the entire offense. BUT adding something to their offense that is already within their offense. they already run the wing with two back in the back field. BOOM. just adding a play is not changing their offense. a quick hitting pitch would keep that D end from crashing hard 24/7 disrupting pulling guards or leading backs. I would disagree with running a spread for a few plays. Teams face the spread all the time and have basic adjustments for it. I would do a strong side of the line. 4 guys to the right/left of the center and 2 on the other with possibly a wing. Hurry up to the line like lumen did not last night so the defense does not have time to adjust. boom quick 4/5 yards. Again, coach kipf is perfectly happy with getting small amounts of yards every play because thats wat the T does baby. I said it above but really good season to the falcons. I def doubted them at the beginning of the season with lack of experience.

  8. Nice ad reads, Chris!

    I *wanted* to come in and take a victory lap because that’s kinda what you do when you’re still salty about losing and the team you lost to is playing against the team you were fighting for first place with but while they’ve struggled to slow down the Panther offense, once the Chiefs settled in with their passing game, Molnar made some nice throws in the first half (writing this before half). I believe he’s the backup, but the kid made a few nice plays with his feet on that drive and will eventually be proud and able to tell his kids he threw a TD against one of the best teams to lace up on their way to another (probable) state title.

    No shade meant with that comment at all (I know tone is tough to read online), and all respect to Molnar, the pass protection and the talented receivers making plays.

      1. lol. Looking at it, it kinda reads that way. Not my intention though. A lot of talent on that Huron team, has been for years, it just seems like they’ve finally got the pieces around the players now to pull it all together. They’re at the start of what seems to be a mutli-year run.

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