Monroe 2021 Schedule Analysis

By Frank Vajcner

Time to head over to Herr Road for a look at Monroe. The Trojans appeared to take several steps forward before petering out at the end to finish 4-3. Will the schedule allow for progress to continue?

2021 Schedule:

Aug 26: Roseville

Sept 3: Ypsilanti Lincoln

Sept 10: Ann Arbor Skyline

Sept 17: @ Saline

Sept 24: @ Ann Arbor Huron

Oct 1: Bedford

Oct 8: @ Dexter

Oct 15: Ann Arbor Pioneer

Oct 22: Riverview

Gut-Check Game: at Saline. I’ve said it before in this series, but it bears repeating: the Hornets have had a stranglehold on the SEC-Red since 2014, winning seven straight conference championships, and 38 consecutive conference games. They have also beaten the Trojans 11 straight times since 2012. If Nick Notario and company want to get over the hump, pulling off an upset of the Hornets would be a great place to start. Plus it’s not inconceivable that both teams could be 3-0 when they meet in Week 4.

Trap Game: at Ann Arbor Huron. Since the River Rats have gotten out of the SEC Red basement, they get to move up on the blog. They went 3-3 last season, and gave Saline a fight in the playoffs. This game also falls a week after the Trojans visit Saline, and a week before a rivalry game with Bedford.

Snoozer: Ann Arbor Pioneer went 0-6 last season, and was outscored 194-43. Enough said.

Non-Conference Challenge: The Trojans will open the season with Roseville, and close with Riverview. The Panthers went 4-3 last season, while the Pirates went 7-1. Both opponents will come to Bunkelman Field.

Notable: Ypsi Lincoln and Dexter are new members of the SEC Red this season, after being in the SEC White. The last time the Trojans faced the Dreadnaughts was 2017, when they defeated them 56-14. The last time the Trojans faced the Railsplitters was in 2014, when the Trojans won 33-28…The meeting with Riverview is the first since 1979, when both schools were members of the now-defunct Great Lakes 8 Conference…This will be the first-ever meeting with Roseville on the gridiron.

Thoughts from Frank: Even with the SEC-Red getting much tougher, the Trojans did not shy away from scheduling tougher opponents. If they can get through the first three weeks unbeaten, the showdown with Saline will be the first huge test. The October slate features a road trip to Dexter, as well as a visit from Riverview. On paper, the Trojans should be able to make the playoffs based on their strength of schedule.

Thoughts from Gary: LOVE the week 9 matchup vs Riverview. This game could mean a lot as far as making the playoffs and/or playing home playoff games. Unless the MHSAA site is incorrect, the schedule shows only 3 road games. Given the SEC and the distance from school to school, this is no small thing. Herr Rd suits the Trojans just fine.

Thoughts from Chris: Weeks 4 and 5 jump off of the schedule to me. Going to Saline and then to the ever-improving Ann Arbor Huron in back-to-back weeks could determine whether the Trojans play post-season games this year.

28 thoughts on “Monroe 2021 Schedule Analysis”

  1. Listen up Monroe… you loss to Chelsea last year… what’s that tell you? You will have your hands full with Riverview… what’s your excuse to losing to Chelsea?… answer me this.. when is the last time that Monroe beat someone that they they shouldn’t of?

    1. Yes Monroe lost to a GOOD 10-1 Chelsea team last year that went to the semis and also shutout a GOOD Brother Rice team…… Monroe went for 2 to tie it with a minute left down 17-19, When is the last time Riverview beat someone that they shouldn’t have?? You’re delusional if you think Monroe wouldn’t dominate the Huron league, and that’s nothing to write home about, just a fact…..Monroe will absolutely WAX Riverview

      1. Waxed? Bet?

        Listen, I appreciate your passion. It looks like however you are a Monroe fan and that is fine. I am not a fan of Riverview, but a fan of Michigan high school football. I feel like I’m bringing an objective point of view. You will be surprised at the high-level Riverview plays at. I promise you. Let me know how many points you think that waxing is worth and I will bet you all day long

        1. What’s your Way-too-early prediction? I agree that Riverview runs a solid program and has been tough as of late. But the comments that Riverview is going to dominate Monroe is pretty comical. Riverview 42-28? Monroe couldn’t compete in D4? Lucky to win 5 games?

  2. Poor guy doesn’t even know what offense Riverview runs. Tell us how we will struggle please. The suspense is killing me. 😂

    1. The T might struggle against the big D1 boys.

      Qb will have to make some plays, if it’s Thompson or whoever, he will have to get some 1st downs on his own.

  3. This Monroe team has a great senior class coming in that should be very fun to watch. Then when you add in the upcoming Juniors and a select few underclassman this team has pieces everywhere. It is probably the deepest team Monroe has had in a while. I actually laugh at the Riverview comments because they really have no idea. Fact is the first 8 opponents are probably tougher then them.

      1. Trust me Monroe isn’t the least bit worried about Riverview. I think you need to focus on beating Milan and SMCC who could definitely beat you. Glad we can play some of our JV kids against you the last game. That 5 quarter rule is gonna come in handy.

        1. I wouldn’t. Dexter was a doormat for years. They brought in a new coach who has done well, but they really haven’t beaten any of the big boys on their schedule.

        2. CALPREPS.COM
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          neutral field
          [2020] Riverview (MI) 41, [2020] Dexter (MI) 26

          1. 😂. Gary, That explains why you are wrong with your picks so much. Come on you don’t need that silly program.

      1. No way Gary… they will lose to a team they should beat…. They never beat a more talented team.. 5 wins….

    1. Monroe is twice as big as anyone in Huron league. They will never be a part of that league. That was just a joke by somebody saying that Monroe would finish third if they were in there this year.

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