Riverview 2021 Schedule Analysis

By Frank Vajcner

We now take a drive up M-85 and make a stop next to Crystal Gardens Reception Center. Riverview has been on one of the best four-year stretches in school history. Will the schedule allow for the Pirates to extend that run for a fifth year?

2021 Schedule:

Aug 26: Dearborn Divine Child

Sept 2: @ Jefferson

Sept 10: @ New Boston Huron

Sept 17: Flat Rock

Sept 24: @ SMCC

Oct 1: Milan

Oct 8: @ Airport

Oct 15: Grosse Ile

Oct 22: @ Monroe

Gut-Check Game: at Huron. You can’t help but wonder what would have happened had both teams played last season, as the game was a casualty due to COVID. The Chiefs will serve as the first big road test for the Pirates, and the winner of this game will get a leg up in the Huron League race.

Trap Game: at SMCC. Even though the Pirates thrashed the Falcons last season, that was at home. Playing at Navarre Field is a different animal. Throw in that this game comes a week before Milan comes to town, and this falls in another potential look-ahead spot. Derek McLaughlin will have to keep his squad focused.

Snoozer: We hate to keep beating a dead horse, but Flat Rock still fits the bill here.

Non-Conference Challenge: The Pirates have added a couple of familiar faces to the non-conference slate. Dearborn Divine Child comes to town to open a brand new stadium. The Falcons have been down in the last few years, but were strong before that. Riverview will then travel to Monroe to close out the regular season.

Notable: The game against Divine Child is a rematch of the 2017 Regional Championship, which the Pirates won 36-31…Monroe returns to the schedule for the first time since 1979, when both schools were members of the Great Lakes-8 conference.

Thoughts from Frank: You have to give Riverview some credit for upgrading their out-of-conference slate. Divine Child may not be what they were back in 2017, but the rematch of a classic game definitely provides some juice. Monroe as a Week 9 provides some intrigue as well. The Huron League slate is always going to be a meat grinder. I fully believe the Pirates will be able to make the playoffs for a fifth consecutive season.

Thoughts from Gary: Well done to the AD for the upgrade in weeks 1 and 9. Not just from a fan standpoint, wanting to see great games, but from a playoff standpoint. The 5 and 6 multiplier that DDC and Monroe bring are much needed on the schedule for the Pirates

Thoughts from Chris: Riverview is poised for a great year. Adding Divine Child and Monroe to the non-conference is certainly an upgrade. The Huron League slate will be tough as usual with Milan, SMCC, Huron and rival Grosse Ile standing out as tough games on the schedule.

40 thoughts on “Riverview 2021 Schedule Analysis”

  1. Coach Mac and his staff will do a great job again this year getting the kids ready to play week in and out . Summer workouts had record attendance this year . Go Bucs

      1. Whats funny about this comment is that Riverview should actually be in the Downriver League, ya know, with other teams their size and closer to their location. But no one wants to talk about that, instead they’ve been sitting pretty in the Huron League and not dominating it like they should be…..I wonder how they’d do it the Downriver League, Finish 4th? 5th? 6th?

        1. Nah, you sound to be jealous of the success Riverview has experienced. Riverview would do well in the Downriver league regardless. Riverview doesn’t even have that large of a size advantage, Huron is likely within 100 Students

  2. I’d also like to add.

    In 2017, view ran the T primarily, exclusively maybe.

    They lost to the greatest program in the history of Michigan high school football, Farmington Hills Harrison, 21-0 in the state semi finals. In that game, they were at the goal line 3 separate times and failed to punch it in.

    That’s pretty close to a trip to Ford Field. They did that without several of their best players due to injury.

    So to say, you CANT make it to Ford Field while running the T in D3, with the talent Riverview gets…. to me, is untrue.

    Here is the link to semi-final portion of the blog back in 2017. Comments tell the story.


  3. Gary , makes some great points but the T ran 90% of the time with everything tight allows teams to stack the box. Maybe sooner then later the view can join those teams Gary mentioned or maybe the athletes will continue to graduate wondering , what if we were able to utilize our talents to get that STATE TITLE.
    Go Bucks

    1. Ive been known as a defender of the T.

      But the truth is, I love the spread as well.
      In order to throw it around, you have to have a QB who can do it. In Riverview’s case, I dont know if they have that player.
      They might, I just dont know who the QB is at this point.

      I will say this, there is nothing worse in HS football, than a team running the spread, who has no business running it.

      1. Everyone knows I hate the T, but has been successful at lower division football. It is rarely run in the upper divisions (1-3) because talent will beat the T. There is obviously more talent in those upper divisions on a yearly basis. OLSM runs the ball 95% of the time, but let’s face it, they would win with any offense that they run. It’s a talent thing. Zeeland West won it one time in Division 3. I think it could be argued that they would be successful running any offense there. Winning is usually about controlling the line of scrimmage. Teams that run the ball well, control the line of scrimmage. Riverview had success prior to Mac getting there. You can’t argue that point at all. They are in the top 8% win percentage all time in Michigan and win at a .667 clip.

      2. They have the same qb from last year, #5 who threw it around good out of the T i thought, seems like you guys aren’t doing digging to even know who is on the team still

        1. I usually wait til rosters are turned in. Practices start. Communicate with the coaches. Before I name a starting QB.

          I’ve learned coaches don’t give out starting spots in July before the pads are handed out.

        2. First want to start off by saying , WOW. Came to this site because I heard that Riverview was getting a lot of attention on Friday Night Victors. (30 comments) Some good points have been made. The thing I would say as you view the site, remember that these are opinions of people that follow high school football as well as opinions ,of my guess parents or people that pay attention to Riverview football. Big key here is OPINIONS. As a coach that has coached former and current players at Riverview, I would suggest players stay away from sites like these. If not and you like to see what people are saying, take it with a grain of salt and keep moving. The bottom line is that teams are different year to year. Remember that these are opinions of people that are looking from the outside. They have NO idea on what you athletes are doing in the offseason. Examples would be, going to camps to work on your kraft, getting in the weight room, getting stronger, bigger , losing weight, working on speed and footwork drills , or conditioning yourself before football even begins. ( No offseason breaks) only you as individuals know what kind of effort and work your putting in. Seen a comments about the 2017 team. (same system but different athletes) players just continue to work and prepare yourself for the season in front of you. Coaches will take care of the other stuff. Players set the goals and coaches do there best to help them reach them. There job is to put you in the best possible situations to reach them. So remember……. OPINIONS AND MOVE ON.

          1. This is what the team needs to think about! Don’t drink the proverbial KOOL-AID that others say and think about Riverview Football! It starts and stops with each player! Putting in the work now to BE THE REASON ya’ll got the chance to play your type of Football and do it for the Brotherhood! Pirate pride will prevail! New turf field and fresh team! The work started at the end of last season and will be ongoing!

  4. This could be a very good view team. It will look different than 2017. 2017 had probably the best line that they have ever had and the talent to run behind it. The skill positions this year are every bit as good if not a little better, however, huge questions on the line when they rely completely on the T. If the can pull a consistent line together you could see another run deeper into the playoffs. Making it to Ford Field feels like a stretch but if they come together as a unit like what happened in 2017 it’s not impossible. Going to be a fun year.

  5. If Riverview finishes 9-0 which is a real possibility, this could be their year to make a run to Ford Ford. This will be their best team in a long time.

    1. They made the semi’s in 2017.

      D3 is tough.

      Detroit King – OLSM – DeWitt – Rouge – Muskegon – Zeeland West. These schools define what a state powerhouse is.

      Im sure the Bucs accept the challenge however.

    2. Are you kidding me did you see the 2017 team now this will be a good team but the best they have had in a long time can you even name the kids that are on the team to make it special because they lost alot of talent with Lopez and moultrie gone them are big shoes to fill

      1. As a parent with a player on the 2017 and now on the 2021 team I can name a bunch of them. This team will be different than last year and 2017. The 2017 team was very tight and had a toughness that embraced their style. They were not flashy but tough. The question I have with this squad is are they tough enough? They have talent to replace Moultrie and Lopez (both very good players). I agree with the above comment on the line as being a question. Watching these kids compared to the 2017 group to me is all about how well they come together and fight for each other. They have talent and are a fun group to watch. Excited and optimistic parents point of view. Go Bucs!!

      1. This team has a lot of speed and athletic talent, but not utilizing it by only running the T will be the teams downfall.

        1. You realize, the year they started running the T, they all of a sudden had good players? (sarcasm folks)

          Coach Mac knew what he was doing when he made the switch.
          And once he did the Pirates have gone 33-9 and are in one of the best stretches in school history.

          1. Great coach and nice system. Just not getting that state championship in this division running it. I would have to go back and look at the last 10-15 yrs to see what team won a state title in this division being one demential. Maybe you know?

          2. OLSM and Zeeland West are wishbone and Full house T teams, They have won D3 five times since 2011.

            Musky runs the ball primarily. as well as Rouge.

            I think people get confused with the formation. Many teams run the ball 75% out of the spread.

            The end result of, win the the line of scrimmage, is just done in different ways.
            Tight T with zero splits, or 5 wide with 2 yard splits. The end game is always win the LOS and run the ball.

  6. As a FNV fan this is the first I heard of a brand new Sadium at the View. I am guessing this is upgraded stands as well as a turf field?

    1. I would agree this team has some talented athletes coming back looking to build on last year and speed will definitely be a strength. My question for those who defend the T or really just having one system and refusing to try another that is best suited to the talent on the roster is what do you do if the O- line isn’t as good as last season? Run the T regardless and settle for an average season with a early exit from the playoffs if you get in? Should you just settle and teach the kids it is what it is because this is what we run regardless? Or maybe just maybe have a plan in place with a backup system?

      1. This will be a crude answer, from someone who doesn’t claim to be an expert at the full house T. Keep that in mind.

        The Full House T is an offense that can mask a lot of talent deficiencies.
        -The offensive line is rarely left to block man on man, straight up. There are often angles involved and pulling lineman.
        -The fakes add another aspect that a defense must account for. 20 years ago in michigan, few teams ran the T. You see it much more now, I believe because of the success of Coach Giarmo. Defenses couldnt find the ball and had to tackle everyone. all 4 backs.
        -Zero line splits cuts down on negative yardage plays. almost no gaps for the blitz or stud lineman to get through.
        -The balanced formation gives nothing away. All the plays look alike.
        -The tightness of the formation, brings everyone into a phone booth, not allowing the great athletes on the other side to spread their wings and make plays.

        So to answer your question, it does not take a great line, from a talent standpoint, to make the T work. Coaching has to be excellent however. Think about it, can you hide best in a crowd (the T) or can you hide best on an island, blocking one on one?
        Much easier to get exposed vs that D1 commit running the spread.

        There are only so many practices allowed, this isnt the NFL. Coaches only have so much time to put in a system. If the coaches dont commit, how can they expect the players to.

        1. Have to disagree with you. The T is based of the interior line. If you don’t have it you can’t run it and get the 3-4 yards every down. This then forces you to pass and if you aren’t accustom to doing it , Execution is low. Puts a lot on your D to have to shut teams down to get the W. No mistakes. So I disagree. Respect your opinion but have to disagree with you on that. You have to evaluate your talent yr to yr and run a system that showcases your strengths and talents.

          1. I would say it has to be coached well. No doubt about that. However, you don’t need the studs to be successful. And success is defined differently by many.

        2. I definitely agree that the T was an offense designed to control the clock and protect the line when it lacks in size and strength the is 100% accurate. My concern with “committing” to the T regardless if your talent is you may potentially and more often planning to fail. How many games in the past have teams that stick to a run heavy offense whether it’s high school or college come back in the 2nd half or 4th quarter when down by 10 or more? The lazy answer is well don’t get down that many. The intelligent answer is don’t be predictable and have a plan to do something different that maximizes the talent on the roster and put the kids in a position to win. Go Bucs!

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