FNV Week 4 Power Rankings

Here is a list of our Friday Night Victors week 4 power rankings. We will update this list each week based on the results of games.

  1. Riverview (3-0), Pirates win again, trap game against Flat Rock?
  2. Milan (3-0), Big Reds appear ready for SMCC
  3. Bedford (3-0), Huge win over Dexter
  4. Monroe (2-1), Trojans begin tough 4 game stretch with Saline this week.
  5. SMCC (3-0), Falcons healthy yet?
  6. Whiteford (3-0), Um, look out Division 8.
  7. Carlson (2-1), Marauders looking to bounce back after disappointing loss to Allen Park.
  8. Ida (2-1), Blue Streaks do just enough against bitter rival Dundee.
  9. Erie Mason (2-1), Eagles roll past Summerfield.
  10. Summerfield (2-1), Who else?
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25 thoughts on “FNV Week 4 Power Rankings”

  1. Rivrveiw is so trah I don see the hipe. I went to won of they’re games and they arge reelly bad. They jst get luky every play. Flat stone will totaly beet them soy bad

  2. I think Gary always likes to downplay how good the Falcons are. I’M NOT BUYING YOUR HUMILITY. haha
    Honestly, I have a hard time buying they’re the 3rd best HL team. I guess we’ll know a lot within the next 3 week as the assumed top 3 play each other.

    1. You may be right Adam. But my downplay is not misplaced in most cases.

      In regards to the top teams in the HL, SMCC hasn’t beaten Milan the last 3 times they have played.
      So no real downplay there.

      When you talk about your Riverview Pirates, they are a top 10 D3 team.
      I realize the Falcons are 2-2 since 2017 vs the Bucs, but I think it’s a stretch for a D7 team to beat a very good D3 team.
      Can it happen, sure, but I think most people will have View as the favorites.

  3. Considering Mason didn’t win a LCAA game in like their last 5 years in the conference, I can see how people wouldn’t think they would stand a chance in the Huron League. I think you have to look at Mason as during Beaudrie years then after Beaudrie years. With Beaudrie, I think they do beat 2-3 teams. Without him, not so sure. The Huron League is much more physical and faster than the LCAA week to week.

    My predictions for the week:
    Riverview 63, Flat Rock 12, View starters done by halftime although Flat Rock shows signs of improvement and hits View with a couple of Buck Reume special trick plays

    Huron 35, Jefferson 14, Jefferson keeps this close for a half but can’t keep up with the athletes at Huron

    Airport 49, Grosse Ile 17, Nik Hammond runs all over the Islanders on his way to an All State season

    Milan 31, SMCC 21, Milan has too many athletes for a depleted SMCC to cover in space. Sorry Falcons, its been a nice story so far but The Big Reds are too much, too soon for an unhealthy Falcons.

    Ida 24, Clinton 19, Ida pulls the upset in a game that may be over by 8:30pm

    Whiteford- I hope they get a game against anyone, they are fun to watch.

    Summerfield 31, Pittsford 17- Coach L’s always tough Bulldogs grind out a win and will be a force to reckon with by time the playoffs come around.

    Mason- won by forfeit already correct? Too bad Whiteford and Mason couldnt get together for a non league matchup but I get why both teams would take the forfeit win and stay healthy

    Dundee 24, Blissfield 21- I am predicting that Dundee squeaks out a last minute win after a 30 yard field goal by Ratliff. Both of my nephews went to Dundee and Blissfield is a big rival for them.

    1. SMCC is really really good. Milan has injuries and is without some of their best players. SMCC also has the depth as Milan only dresses around 25 guys. I think the game will be a battle.

    1. You better start getting things right Chris or were going to have to withhold about half of your $290,000 pay. Really most of us still appreciate what you do just trying to enlighten us about a great game of HS football and take our minds off alot of junk going on in the world rite now. Thank you and looking forward to seeing your next video pick show.

    2. Hey, half the fun is bantering back and forth with you and Gary.
      I just like to give an opinion and have some fun.
      I do love this blog and enjoy reading and am so thankful for you guys for doing this and letting guys like me express my ideas.
      I think that is what you guys want and why you do this.

      1. Thanks. I enjoy the back and forth.
        Bring your argument or counterpoint. Take a stance. It is a part of what we do that is fun.

        Im glad you enjoy reading. Without the readers and commenters, it would just be Chris and I listening to Frank describe the next 30 days of his life in great detail.

  4. And I’ll bet Huron or Airport would destroy Summerfield or Mason.
    You really think FR, GI, Jefferson is that bad?
    Huron league is that down this year? They must be if a TCC team can beat almost half the Huron league!
    Maybe they should all move to the TCC like Mason did and they would be good again, right?


      neutral field
      [2021] Airport (Carleton, MI) 28, [2021] Erie-Mason (Erie, MI) 24

      Calpreps has this game close.

      I agree

      1. You answered my question. The Huron League is that down.
        1 very good team, 3 good teams and everyone else is not too good.
        SMCC the only team to do much in playoffs, and that is D7.

      2. So again, if you refer to calpreps, who say Airport would win, do you not have Airport listed or at least ahead of Mason in your power rankings, you know Aitport plays a tougher schedule than TCC football.
        We all know you love SMCC, but you got kin at Mason?

  5. This doesn’t mean that Erie or Summerfield would beat Huron or Airport or GI or even Flat Rock or Jefferson does it?
    Not sure on what you base this power ranking on.
    Huron League a much different animal than the TCC, I think.
    Even Dundee better than some of these teams.

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