Friday Night Victors Week 4 Video Picks

Watch as Chris, Frank and Gary discuss some of the Michigan High School football week 3 games and make their picks for week 4

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41 thoughts on “Friday Night Victors Week 4 Video Picks”

  1. My cousins boy plays for CC and just got quarantined along with 6 other players. They may not have enough guys to field a team I don’t know why they don’t just forfeit

      1. I understand the gamesmanship here, however, some people end up on a vent or lung transplant list or worse yet, they die from this disease.
        You will all feel pretty dumb if it happens to a kid,
        I know of 2 that it did happen to.
        Not funny.

        1. Where did this come from? We are talking about football and you bring this stuff here. We all know what Covid is and don’t need to be reminded. Save that for some other site because this is about football.

  2. Whiteford will play Edon High this Friday.

    High scoring team out of OH. They will chuck it 40-50 times a game. Edon comes in at 3-1.

    1. Week 4;
      Monroe- slice of humble pie still in the fridge. Time to put up or shut up nail.
      Whiteford- congrats on finding a game. Keep it rolling.
      Mason- too bad you cant play this week. You should have never left the LCAA.
      Summerfield- proves you can still play 11 man football with 17 kids. Keep it going.
      Airport-gonna get well this week. Hammond kid could run wild in this one.
      Grosse Ile- young team , odd year, keep pitching.
      Huron- win 1 will be running clock and everyone plays.
      Jefferson- Tough year, not much to say, I know Gene and his staff work hard like any other coach.
      Riverview- Happy homecoming, running clock by half, everyone plays.
      Flat Rock- Pleass don’t throw the ball or run trick plays when you are down by 35, against their 2nd team. It doesn’t bode well for you.
      Milan- if SMCC is healthy, could be a great game, I give you the nod because of COVID issues.
      SMCC- see Milan, two good coaches with great staffs. Welcome back Mr. Jondro.
      Carleson- important game for you.
      May determine if you belong in the upper half of the DRL.
      Dundee- see Carleson, in LCAA.

    2. Update on SMCC: looks like they’re down to 15 varsity (including jondro) and 12 jv. Good thing is they only need 11. Go Falcons!

    1. That’s crazy! It’s getting worse by the week over there. Better to get stung by Covid now than towards the end of the season/playoffs though. Jondro still out? Or will he be back?

          1. We will see if they play their JV game this week. It could be a mix of JV and varsity kids just to get them through the game. It is too bad that we are going to see a B version of what was suppose to be a good Falcons team.

  3. Chris, my power rankings I posted on August 29th under your “My thoughts Not Yours 8/28/21” make better sense than yours:

    White Ford
    Erie Mason

    Obviously drop Carlson and Ida a couple (and remove Jefferson).

        1. The best win of any of out teams, is Bedford over Dexter, to me, that gets them the #1 spot.

          Has View done anything to drop them from #1, no, but I think Bedford’s resume is the most impressive.

          1. I almost put Bedford at #1 too. If I would’ve you would’ve said “What did Riverview do to drop to #2? They beat DDC in week 1.”

          2. Why is Dexter a great win? Look at the teams that they played. How do you know Dexter is a powerhouse based on those wins? Great thing is it will all unfold soon.

          3. Dexter has several D1 offers and/or commits. If you have your ear to the grindstone, the Dreadnaughts are said to be a program on the rise.
            I think they go no less than 6-3 and are a tough out in D2.

          4. I missed that. All I remember was Chris saying he didn’t care what you guys thought about his power rankings. The you guys said Chris your rankings suck. Lol!! I’m totally kidding. You guys are awesome and this blog is my entertainment every year during football season!

      1. I think it difficult at best to power rank the teams the blog covers.
        You are trying to cover teams that are D1 to D8,
        Teams that play in the HL, DRL, SEC, LCAA, TCC,
        Combined with injuries and of course the damn COVID.
        Almost impossible to get it right.
        Enjoy the discussion though!

    1. You are correct Kyle.

      You no longer need 6 to get in.

      You get points for beating teams. As the list shows below.
      Div 1 = 60 points
      Div 2 = 55 points
      Div 3 = 50 points
      Div 4 = 45 points
      Div 5 = 40 points
      Div 6 = 35 points
      Div 7 = 30 points
      Div 8 = 25 points

      The points above are divisible by games played.

      Also, you get points for how your opponents fair in regards to the rest of their schedule.
      For each win, you will receive bonus points, as you see them below.

      Div 1 = 6 points
      Div 2 = 6 points
      Div 3 = 5 points
      Div 4 = 5 points
      Div 5 = 4 points
      Div 6 = 4 points
      Div 7 = 3 points
      Div 8 = 3 points

      These points are also divisible by games played.

      For example, if your team beats a 5 win D4 team. They will get 45 points for the win, and 5(wins) multiplied by the bonus points for D4(5).
      Which would be 5 x 5 = 25.

      Add that to the 45 for the win and you have 45 + 25 = 70 points. Again, all that is divisible by games played. Thus, 45/9 = 5 and 25/9 = 2.777. Add those together and you get 7.777 playoff points.

      If you had lost to that same D4 team, you would still receive the 25 points for their 5 wins. Your loss would make them 6-3 but your loss to that team does not get factored in, thus you would only receive the 2.777.

      The 32 teams in each division with the most playoff points, makes the playoffs.

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