FNV Week 7 Power Rankings

  1. Riverview (6-0), Pirates keep rolling.
  2. Bedford (5-1), huge game with Saline this week
  3. SMCC (5-1), Falcons travel to Huron this week
  4. Whiteford (5-1), Division 1 opponent coming to town Friday.
  5. Carlson (5-1), Should be fine this week before they end the regular season with a bang.
  6. Milan (4-2), Big Reds have lost 2 of 3 games.
  7. Ida (4-2), Tough part of schedule is behind the Streaks, can’t look past anyone though.
  8. Huron (3-3), Chiefs playing well right now
  9. Erie Mason (4-2), Big game against Sand Creek
  10. Airport (3-3), Jets crack the top 10.

15 thoughts on “FNV Week 7 Power Rankings”

  1. Loving the Huron love in these comments and in the rankings. They definitely have the ability to be 5-1 right now

  2. I agree, SMCC should not be ranked as high. They haven’t beaten anyone aside from Milan who is good. Their lack of strength and speed will be exposed on Friday night on the turf in New Boston. They have never seen speed like we have and we know their tendencies. Its our time!

    1. It won’t help the Falcons that they are just not very good against the pass and Huron has multiple athletes they can throw to. The odds are against my Falcons this week.

      1. You may be right.

        However I think the Falcons are built a little different this year.
        Jondro, Bergmoser, Barno, Lipford, Laboe. That is a solid secondary.

        Lets face it though, most teams will have trouble facing the WR and TE group of Huron.

        1. CCs ends are legit pass rushers this year. Both are very good. The best pass defense is a pass rush.

          I think they will be just fine against the pass.

    2. SPEED?? CC has none? Very confused? Gunna be a very good game with 2 good football teams. I can’t wait to watch the SPEED shine Friday night!

      1. SMCC has 1 guy with speed, Jondro, as Riverview has proven, he can be taken out of the game. Huron has multiple guys with legit track speed not to mention a line that averages over 260lbs. Huron by 3 scores.

    3. Huron hasn’t beaten anyone either.
      You are 3-3, probably the most underachieving team (next to Monroe) in the entire region.
      Most preseason picks had you winning the league, now you may not even get in the playoffs.
      You need to pipe down the Huron hype, you make yourself look not too smart.

        1. Read Monroe news pre season report and quotes virtually every HL coach stated Huron was one of the top teams to beat.
          Underachievers for sure do far.

  3. I would put Carlson over Whiteford and Bedford over Riverview, just based on strength of schedule.
    I think Carlson would beat Whiteford and Bedford would beat Riverview.
    All 4 teams are real good, just my thoughts on the ratings.

    1. There is a chance and they are still looking.

      With teams bowing out of games for whatever reason, something may pop up even in week 9 that they may be able to schedule in short fashion.

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