My Thoughts, Not Yours

Carlson: Great season for the Marauders, Allen Park was just the better team.

Dundee: The Vikings exceeded my expectations. No shame in losing big to Marine City.

Ida: The Bluestreaks and Clinton were two evenly matched teams. It’s a shame anyone had to lose this game.

Milan: Nothing can really prepare you for the type of team Chelsea has.

SMCC: The Falcons have a great program, Lumen Christi’s is just better.

Whiteford: The Bobcats just keep flexing their muscle.

Carlson: The Marauders are no longer a sleeping giant. Mark my words, this is the first of many league titles to come.

Dundee: I bet some of the wrestlers at Dundee could help the football program get to the next level.

Ida: No shame in going 8-3, the three teams the Bluestreaks lost to are capable of winning state titles.

Milan: Don’t worry Big Red fans, Cole McElvany is still very much a candidate for the FNV Overall Player of the Year honors.

SMCC: I’m not sure why folks always seem to complain about the Falcons recruiting (yawn). Unless I’m missing something, their last league title in football was 2015.

Whiteford: I plan on going to see Hudson/Whiteford in the semis. I hope that happens.

From a football perspective, I think the Huron League should approach Dundee, Ida, Carlson and Trenton about expansion or vice versa. Imagine two divisions. Large: Airport, Carlson, Huron, Milan, Riverview, and Trenton. Small: Dundee, Flat Rock, Grosse Ile, Ida, Jefferson and SMCC. You could still play teams from the other divisions to keep some rivalries (Huron/FR, Riverview/GI and Jefferson/Airport), new rivalries could start (Milan/Dundee, SMCC/Ida), old rivalries could be rekindled (Trenton/Riverview) plus you would still have week 1 and 9 open to schedule teams as needed. Teams like Riverview wouldn’t be penalized (playoff points) for having to play division 7 SMCC. I think it could work for all sports as well. You could have geographic divisions if travel was a concern. I’m a firm believer in “a rising tide raises all ships”, Dundee would help the league get better in wrestling and other sports as well. Trenton could help league play in volleyball, soccer, baseball and track. Carlson and Ida would help raise level of play in virtually everything.

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  1. I guess the reason most of you say that playing SMCC hurts your teams is because they’re either Division 6 or 7 and your teams are in higher divisions. Okay, understood. You play bigger schools, you get more points. The thing I don’t understand is, don’t you have to beat them first, before you get the points? A win is a win, and a loss is a loss. SMCC is a Monroe County school. It should be playing Monroe County schools. I think there should be a rotating week, different every season, where the Monroe County schools should face off against each other. It seems that in this day and age, the schools are looking for games against schools outside of their “Home” leagues to better their playoff chances. Why not keep it close to home and create some rivalries? Did it hurt Monroe to play Riverview? Maybe afterwards.

  2. Im just thinking out loud. Maybe Riverview is just fine with being the biggest team in the HL. Somebody has to be the biggest.
    Winning league titles may outweigh a home playoff game or 2.

    Also, if you replaced SMCC with an 8-1 D2 team AND Flat Rock with an 7-2 D2 team, that still would have not been enough to pass
    Carlson in Playoff Points.

    1. It is nice being the big dog in the league but every year they are gonna end up @Allen Park or @Carlson as long as they only lose 2, most years a DL team losing 3 games will have more points then a 9-0 Riverview depending on the open games.
      How does the math work if you add Lincoln Park, Taylor etc… instead of CC?

      1. Replacing SMCC with LP(D2), who went 1-8, would have earned .778 more playoff points.

        In my last comments I stated, replacing SMCC and FR with 8-1 and 7-2 D2 teams, still would have not been enough for View to pass Carlson.

  3. HL and DL should just consolidate the downriver area schools and combine into one league. I’ve never understood why there are two leagues in that area. It would be pretty competitive for most sports, the best would still be the best and the basement would still be the basement. Heck they all basically play each other anyway because of proximity in all sports but football. For football they would need to tier the schedules to prevent all the powerhouses playing the small schools, it doesnt help their playoff points anyway ie) Woodhaven shouldnt play GI or FR but they gain Riverview and Huron.

    1. They already tried that. It was called the Mega league and it seemed like a good idea on paper but didn’t really work.

      1. Not the same thing. The mega was a hot mess rotating schools around, all the different divisions, “forgetting” to invite certain schools etc… Like you said it was a good idea on paper but way too much about politics. Just having a downriver area league that plays just like any other league would be great. All sports would benefit from it. The travel times would be decreased and much more consistent “gas friendly” distances. The only issue is a few of the teams with football and that could be overcome by not making those teams play all the powerhouse teams each year and the big schools using an open week vs other big schools for the playoff points.

        1. I still want someone to do a 30 for 30 documentary on the Michigan Mega Conference.

          Tagline: What if I told you that a super conference would turn into a super disaster?

          What A Mega Mess! A 30
          For 30 film, directed by Billy Corben

  4. If Riverview wants to be taken seriously, they should move to the DRL to prepare for the playoffs. They play a tough d3 playoff schedule and the Huron League isn’t preparing them. Look at playoff records before you start responding. Woodhaven need to move to a D1 league so they can play schools of the same attendance. It’s ridiculous that they get excited every year about beating schools with half their attendance.

    1. I’m not sure what you mean by taken seriously. Riverview was in the Division 3 semis in 2017. That run included blowout victories over two DRL teams and a victory over Divine Child who had numerous Division 1 college football players on that team. The DRL traditionally has 3 possibly 4 good teams. The entire Huron League would have beaten Edsel, LP, Taylor and Southgate this season. Riverview playing those teams would only do one thing, earn playoff points. It does hurt Riverview playing SMCC from a point perspective, but the Falcons play very very good football. I don’t see Riverview ever leaving the Huron League, but I could definitely see the expansion of the league.

      On another note, Allen Park has a nice team this season, but aren’t they basically the same team that was blown out (30-14) by a 3rd place Huron Chief team last year? Obviously not the same team, but you get my point.

      1. Thank you Chris for the common sense. From a preparing for the playoffs perspective, a Huron League slate along with 2 quality non league opponents prepares anyone better than being in the Downriver league. The Downriver league has 3 maybe 4 decent teams in a given yea. The bottom of the league is nowhere near the caliber of the bottom of the Huron League.

      2. Yeah the same Allen Park team that is 6-1 vs the Huron League since 2015. Guy has picked three games involving AP this year and was wrong every time.

      3. I wasn’t bashing Riverview. They had a good team this year. However, AP is 5-0 against them in the playoffs at AP. I think they would benefit from playing AP, Trenton, Carlson and Woodhaven yearly. That way they aren’t playing a bunch of division 5-7 teams and they would see playoff like competition throughout the year.

        1. Thats what 3, maybe 4 games. And the rest cupcakes. There is no benefit to that. You just are bent on Riverview joining the Downriver league for some reason. From a preparing for the playoffs point, the Downriver league is not a great league. They might have a couple good teams, but top to bottom the Huron has been much more solid. Overall a better brand of football in the Huron. 1 regional championship by 1 team out of the downriver league going back 20 years vs 13 regionals by 4 different teams from the Huron league.

          1. That’s funny. You can’t compare regional championships when AP ends up with teams like King and Woodhaven goes against teams like fordso n Belleville. I mean really, maybe Huron and Riverview compete in the DRL, but those other teams don’t. And I get the bottom 4 teams in the DRL are terrible. But the top 4 are great competition. Carlson would never drop down to the Huron League because they want better top end competition.

      4. Not even close to the same team as last year. Huron played a great game last year and had a great team. I didn’t say anything bad about that team at all. That was a great win for them. But that team was loaded with seniors like AP is this year. Would have been a great game if we were both at that level at the same year.

        1. Riverview’s Starting QB got hurt the game before they played AP. You don’t think that might have had an effect on the game? Outcome could have still been the same but you never know.

          1. No, it wouldn’t matter. Half of Riverview is blaming the weather and the field, the other half is blaming the injuries. AP had injuries too, we just don’t put them out there and use them as an excuse. AP is 5-0 in their last 5 meetings in the playoffs.

          1. D1 is not tougher for Woodhaven than D4 is for Milan or D7 is for SMCC. That’s why they have divisions. They all require you to win or go home. The idea that only the big divisions are tough is rubbish.

  5. With the tcc on the brink of collapse now is the time to consider options. Adrian and Tecumseh have no business in the SEC and can’t compete at all. Adding them to the Huron league would make a lot of sense. What happens to Whiteford and Summerfield when the league buckles? Lcaa won’t take them. Adrian Madison and Sand Creek could get into it. An idea could be Dundee , Ida, Erie Mason, Smcc, Whiteford, Summerfield, all smaller mid tier school in Monroe division, with Clinton, Blissfield, Hudson, Sand Creek, Adrian Madison, and Onsted making up a Lenawee division. Fun to play around with but way to many moving parts for all to agree too. I doubt any real change will come.

    1. Good Idea. Also take the other southern teams from the Huron League to join. Then the northern teams from the Huron League can join the Downriver League. Riverview, Huron, Grosse Ile and Flat Rock belong there anyway.

  6. Just took a look at the teams in the Catholic High School League.
    It looks like a great league. Over 20 teams in it and they break up the divisions by school size. There are some teams not all that far away either.
    Teams in Ann Arbor area, Teams in southern Wayne county. I think it
    would be and excellent option for SMCC. I would be excited by that. Probably more college recruiters at those games also.
    New competition, different challenges. It would probably make them even better.
    Riverview GR has improved in recent years.
    Just some thoughts. Change is good.

  7. The league additions are interesting it reminds me of a league from 20 years ago the MEGA League. it was to far spread out from Monroe to Highland Park and Carlson to Ypsilanti, Can you imagine traveling from Grosse Ile to Dundee in the winter time it us bad enough going to Milan from Grosse Ile no direct route

  8. I don’t see the Huron League expanding. Why would Dundee go to a league where they will win 2-3 league games a year? Now if the wrestling program said we want to change leagues then they might. Ida I could see it making more sense, I think they would be competitive. The real question is what happens to the remaining teams in the TCC now that 2 more teams have went to 8 man. Do they combine with the LCAA?

    1. I think the small division which you have described would like to leave the league and create their own. Without SMCC.
      No offense, but playing SMCC does not benefit any of us.
      The only beneficiary is SMCC. Plus when they play neighboring schools that also help their recruiting when they win. That is why
      Monroe will not play them.
      Anyhow, Dundee, Ida, Jefferson, GI, and Flat Rock to start a new league, possibly add Summit. SMCC to join league with Riverview GR and Riverview join Downriver league.

      Still a work in progress. AD meeting is soon, hopefully something happens. With school of choice and a private school in the league,
      there is no benefit for the small public schools in the league.
      They will be struggling for years to come.

      1. I would have to disagree that playing SMCC doesn’t benefit us. I’m a Riverview guy going back 40 years. SMCC always brings it. You know they are ready to play. If you want to beat them, it’s going to be a dogfight. That’s Huron League football.

        1. That was a fair argument until this season. The new format hurts Riverview. Probably the biggest reason they didn’t host a playoff game this season. I’m not hating, that is just how the numbers work.

          1. “Home field advantage” really doesn’t matter much in high school football. Not nearly as much as this site wants to make it.

          2. A lot of posters called out Riverview for their schedule, and for not hosting a playoff game. But in the end did it really make a difference?

        2. It does benefit you on the field, CC always has a good team and always plays hard but it doesnt help at all for playoffs. When you already basically know who your playoff opponents will be (speaking for Riverview) and you are already almost guaranteed to have less points because of playing CC it does matter.

          I do agree with the others that home/away isnt the end all be all for success but anyone that has played or coached can tell you they would much rather play at home especially if it is a long trip. The new playoff system punishes teams for playing programs like CC. Whether we agree with it or not that is how it is now.

  9. For all the hype Carlson gets every year, they still have not ever won 10 games in a season. Maybe things will change? Seems to be some buzz over there but haven’t seen the results yet.

      1. Sure, not easy, but a lot of teams in this area have won 10 games several times. I always look at 10 game seasons as the mark of how successful a program really is. The history books don’t lie.

    1. You do realize before Coach Giarmo arrived Carlson was a very mediocre program. Since then, it has been expected to make the playoffs each year. The new guy they got may be a little much online for the old heads but those kids are bought in. They will be competing for league championships regularly moving forward.

      As far as the district goes. D3 is the toughest division in the state and they are always played with AP and Riverview. It’s a tough district for all involved and a toss up most years for who makes it out.

        1. You should call them out from a non anonymous account then big dog. What’s your name and school affiliation since you seem to have a strong feel for what Carlson has going on?

      1. So we rank a team on what they ‘might’ do because they had a good coach 3 years ago? Or do we rank a team on what they actually have done?

        1. 6 head coaches in 7 years… still making the playoffs and winning league championships. Imagine what some consistency could do big dog …

      2. Timing is everything. High school football is very cyclical.
        Hamilton came in after Carlson was way down, had a few good years and left.
        Sikora came in when they were way down, built them back up with few good years had a few lean years before stepping away
        Giarmo came in with a wave of D-1 players and had a couple good years in a short time
        Now new coach Grove is there and had a great first year and got results
        10 wins for any public school program is a special year

        1. Hopefully Carlson can keep Grove. He’s only 26 but runs a program well beyond his years. I’m sure some big jobs will make there runs at a young guy like that! I sure would.

  10. It’ll never happen
    Ida is comfortable being in a league with smaller schools and traveling.
    Dundee will follow what Ida chooses.
    I love the concept and it really makes sense but it’ll never happen

  11. I like your concept of those teams joining the HL. Only thing is Trenton has become a powerhouse in baseball recently. Going to the HL would hurt the baseball program. DL much more competitive than the HL in baseball (recently anyhow). Other than that your concept is interesting especially the way playoff points are now.

    1. Not sure how Trenton baseball would suffer by playing in the HL.
      They haven’t fared real well against Huron or Airport in the past, plus they play many HL teams in non-league games such as Airport, Huron, Flat Rock, Jefferson, GI, SMCC.
      I think Trenton has always been good in baseball, not just recently.

    2. Apart from Woodhaven, what does the DL have in baseball? Huron will be really good for the next couple years, 2 D-1 kids in the rotation and a lot of bats. Milan is solid and Airport should be on the upswing.

      1. Nobody will dominate any sport like Milan girls swimming has. I saw today that they won their 22nd straight league title. Crazy but congrats.

  12. Big Red and Bluestreak Fan.

    Cole McElvany had nearly 1200 passing and nearly 1300 rushing with 29 TDs and over 100 tackles on defense. I think he more than deserves to be in the conversation for POTY.

    1. Yes he is a good high school player.
      Worthy of all blog, league, etc.
      Sometimes difficult to give poty to 3rd place team.
      Is he being recruited by anyone for college?

        1. Riverview, SMCC, Ida, Whiteford, Carlson, Airport, I’m sure all have players with similar if not better numbers.
          Not saying the McElvany kid is not worthy or a bad player because he is very good,
          Like mom says, “Let em play”
          She needs to “Let em vote “

          1. It’s always been crazy to me how grown men can come on here and say things like this about players and their parents when they #1 don’t know who or what they are talking about or #2 wouldn’t say it to that persons face. People need to grow up.

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