Friday Night Scores

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Bedford 28 Monroe 14 final

Carlson 28 Anderson 33 final

Jefferson 14 Airport 51 final

Huron 27 Grosse Ile 0 final

Flat Rock 14 SMCC 20 final

Milan 7 Riverview 42 final

Dundee 7 Clinton 34 final

Onsted 22 Ida 49 final

Sand Creek 6 Whiteford 68 final

Erie Mason 14 Pioneer North Central 34 final

52 thoughts on “Friday Night Scores”

  1. Happy to see my alma mater win last night on Home Coming but what is going on with SMCC’s offense? I was wowed by their QB , #81 and how he ran the ball. Jondro was tough as usual but the rest of the offense I don’t understand. I am not blaming anyone in particular, but they do not look like the T offense I am used to watching every year. And, I’m not trying to be that guy but how do we have all these kids on the sideline but only like 2 of them play on defense? I am glad they won especially in the way they did because SMCC has a history of losing on last second deep passes. Can they make the playoffs if they win out? everyone I talked to last night had different answers

    1. Agreed we still suck.

      Proof is we just got beat by you.

      Fact is we didn’t play the style we have been playing all year until the 4th quarter. That was the only quarter we look any good.

    2. I take that last comment back… still sore from the loss…

      CC beat us fair and square… congrats to you.

      FR is on the rise, lost last year something like 35-0 to cc and if they catch the ball in the end zone on last play last night we win…and we didn’t play that well (possibly credit to CC)

      Same against Airport. So if we convert 2 of our last plays of the game we possibly are 5-1 instead of 3-3.

      There was no quit in our guys and I’m proud of them for that.

      Congrats CC bring on GI!

      1. Flat Rock may end up 3-6 this year.
        Run the ball at them and pressure their QB with tight coverage and they’re done. None of your remaining games are going to be easy.

        1. May end up 6-3 also…

          I remember when everyone was saying g couldn’t win 2 games.

          Now won 3 games and lost two games on last play of the game even with the strategy you just outlined.

          I agree nothing left will be easy but adjustments can be made. Thanks for teaching us.

          We ain’t scared!

  2. Is 67 on view really a freshman. He might be scary to deal with as he keeps playing. Lipchick is crazy fast on the defensive line also.

  3. Monroe really played a great defensive game. Hats off to The defensive coaches on a great game plan. The offense is still just not getting it done. Many opportunities but they didn’t capitalize on any.

      1. Love That VanHausen

        Flat Rock passed the ball quite a bit tonight but it appears after SMCC’s 2nd “roughing the quarterback” penalty of the first half, that FR opted to the ball more with Booms.

  4. Monroe 14 – Bedford 14

    Brugemann does it all for Bedford. Loveland TD run and Sieler to Brodie TD reception for Monroe.

  5. Bucs off to a slow start but started to push em around at the end of the 1st half. Could be a long second half for Milan if Riverview keeps the momentum.

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