Divine Child @ Riverview

The Riverview Pirates (11-0) will host the Falcons of Divine Child (9-2) on Friday at 7 pm. These two teams met in the opening game of the 2022 season and the Pirates came out on top by a score of 34-28. These teams last met in the playoffs back in 2017 as the Pirates defeated the Falcons 36-31 when both teams were Division 3.

Riverview is led by a bruising rushing attack averaging nearly 400 yards and 38 ppg. Jacob Shank, Gavin Blackwood, Anthony Bowman and Max Lockhart are RB’s by committee in the Powerful T offense. The offensive line is led Gavin Labadie and Gabe Landskroener. Defensively, the Pirates are giving up just 16 ppg and are led by Zach Werling, Shane McAlinden and Lockhart.

For Divine Child, the Falcons are led on offense by senior Robert Lalain (QB) and freshman Marcello Vitti (RB). Lalain is a big strong QB who has picked up numerous D2 and NAIA offers. Although just a yearling, Vitti is a star in the making and has already received a D1 offer from Central Michigan. Both lines are anchored by 4-year senior starter Dylan Senda. He is committed to Northwestern. Senior Isaiah Ploucha is a 3-year starter at defensive line and is verbally committed to Saginaw Valley. The linebacking corp is led by 3-year senior starter Nick Cibor.

This should be a great game between two teams that have vastly improved since week 1. DC has lots of star power and high-end athletes while Riverview is your typical T-style team that lives in the weight room. This is a battle between a veteran head coach in Riverview’s Derrick MacLaughlin and Falcon’s first-year head coach Chris Laney. The key for the Falcons will be to get a few stops against the Pirates’ 4 down offense while avoiding the home run ball. For Riverview, they will have to play well defensively. DC is capable of putting up points just like Riverview is.

Chris: Riverview 30 Divine Child 28

Frank: Riverview 38 Divine Child 31

Gary: Riverview 32 Divine Child 21

17 thoughts on “Divine Child @ Riverview”

  1. If Riverview is so good and so talented then where is their D1/D2 commits, like other contenders such as DC? Living in the weight room is good but is Riverview suffering in academia and perhaps recruiting from their coaches? Seems schools like DC churns collegians while Riverview generates technicians. Again my thoughts not yours.

    1. Riverview is a “small” school. Just because it’s not all over social media doesn’t mean it’s not happening. I for one as a parent of an athlete on the team knows what my son has received. However, with that said, track is his passion…. As for others on the team baseball is their passion….so why “boost” about their football offers?!

    2. Ex Riverview Staffer

      If you are not learned enough to know that’s it’s all about the Team, you’ll need to find a way to console your D1-D2 Recruits after after they are defeated by the “technicians” this evening. DC has a fine History and Tradition but that doesn’t win games…. Teamwork does!

  2. So DC has the top end talent with multiple people having multiple college offers but Riverview is the well oiled machine behind a great technical O line and powerful backs…. sounds like we’re back in 2017 which was a fantastic regional championship.
    Haven’t been able to watch any games this year but I will be watching this game on the stream, and my out-of-bounds chit is routed so I can go to ford field in a few weeks. go bucs!

    1. There’s a few View boys receiving offers & being “watched” just because it’s not all over social media does not mean it’s not happening!! Our boys are silent leaders!

      Go Bucs!

  3. Just a regular Joe’s 2 cents here having seen Riverview pound my Falcons earlier this year.

    Riverview 48, Divine Child 27

    I’m sure if DC has talent but Riverview has it all right now. Speed, size, and toughness. They are excellent in all 3 phases of the game and didn’t experience any major injuries like they did last year. I know their staff isn’t going to let them look ahead but I see them playing at Ford Field.

  4. I have concerns that it is real tough to beat a good team twice in the same season.
    Riverview has to play a perfect game.
    GO BUCS!

  5. Downrivertraphouse

    The view has gotten a lot better on both sides of the ball. The bucs are battle tested in high scoring games and have also played a few defensive game. If the view comes out and executes their offense and plays well on defense this should be a 40 to to 25 game. My thoughts not yours go bucs

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