11 thoughts on “Week 3 Video Playoff Picks”

  1. You know, when I come back in another life I’m going to build my mansion in that town. The winning culture is back and that’s a fun group of parents to hang out with.

    FR will find a way! Not even a coin toss this week?

  2. This could be a big night for the Huron League. I went to every SMCC game but week 1 so I have been able to see Riverview and Flat Rock in person. Here is my predictions:
    Riverview 48, Divine Child 24
    Flat Rock 31, Country Day 29
    SMCC 29, Napoleon 24

    I hope all of my scores are wrong, that they have a wider margin than that ha ha ! Best of luck to all the Huron League schools and Whiteford on Friday night. How cool would it be to see several teams in the final four next week.

    1. Bring it boys…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Remember the week before Huron played Flat Rock everyone said they would like to see Huron play Riverview again?

      No one believes in FR….

      Guess what they are good and have proved it!

      Shut out GI 28-0 then They beat a awesome BIG Huron Team… then Big & fast Clarencville ( who had a Double OT last week vs DC) then beat Summit (Big) to take home a DISTRICT CHAMPIONSHIP!

      Guess what… I’m taking Flat Rock to win against DCD!

      You all haven’t believed all year and we just won the districts.(picked 14th in region preseason) This team is waaaaay to mentally tough to lose because DCD is big.

      They BETTER have something else… FLAT ROCKS SHUTS UP THE DOUBTERS AND WINS BY 14-21 points!

      Told you last year Flat Rock is on the rise! Here we are!!!!

      FR IN THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!

      1. I hope you’re right, however first Friday of the season with rain, will dampen the passing game and FR won’t run the ball week against DCD.
        Sorry but I see a 42-12 score DCD wins.

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