Week 5 Our Thoughts, Not Yours

By Chris Schultz and Frank Vajcner

As usual people, these thoughts are from Frank and Chris. Frank is usually serious, Chris not so much.

Jets are showing they’re not going to let anyone sneak up on them.

That might be what keeps the Mules at home after Week 9

The Marauders just keep getting better and better.

It’s only going to get tougher, but at least QB1 is back.

Not surprised, the Eagles had played a much better schedule.

Close, but no cigar. Rams may be forced to settle for a 3-way tie, but have some work to do.

It’s been an odd year and still is

It took a minute, but the Chiefs wore down the Bears.

A good song would be Takin’ Care of Business, or Stayin’ Alive for the Streaks.

Bears are better offensively but are on pace to give up a school record of “points against” in a season.

Big Reds most likely only need a week 9 win against Skyline to sneak into the playoffs.

Monroe with a valiant effort against the Hornets, but fell short.

Never doubt the “Heart of a Champion” or the pick of “Yours Truly”.

The Falcons are like Michael Myers in Halloween 

Dawgs have seen enough of Cole Kreger.

Win. Rinse. Repeat.

Bonus: My “root for blog” scenario came true. We’ll see how the rest of the Huron League season plays out.

Bonus: I hope double cheeseburgers were served at Riverview.

Players and coaching win football games, not media hype and sunglasses.

18 thoughts on “Week 5 Our Thoughts, Not Yours”

  1. Week 5 takeaways:

    The bears could go winless if they don’t beat Grosse Ile week 6.

    Jets, Rams and View will cruise rest of way for 3 way tie.

    Will the powerhouse falcons get into the playoffs?

    Carlson rolling after week 1 loss.

    Could be the worst Mules team we’ve seen in a while.

    Nabozny continues to make big plays for Trojans in heartbreaking loss.

    Milan’s Inconsistency hurting them tremendously.

  2. Hey Huron Dad where you at? You were talking a little smack about Airport a few weeks ago. Just wanna see if you show up on game week.

  3. Riverview feels invincible after nearly blowing a big lead at home Friday. We would beat Belleville. We would win the Downriver League ( you would probably have to learn how to beat Allen Park first). SMCC will not get a first down. We perfected the T. Last I checked SMCC won 2 state titles using the T. Riverview always a bridesmaid never the bride. Oh wait I forgot you guys can beat Belleville. So you should have no problem winning D3. You Fort Street loners are hilarious.

    1. HSFootballfan –

      It’s very obvious that majority of the stupid Riverview comments are coming from people who are faking being Riverview fans or they are young HS kids just talking smack.

      The real fans, the players, and the coaches, respect the hell out of Airport, CC, Flat Rock, and the rest of the league.

    2. Everyone on Elm Street knows that no one from Riverview is posting this garbage. It is more than likely an overzealous Huron League parent doing their best to “fire up” their team SMH

      Parents, alumni, Saturday morning lay-z-boy coches, please just let the players play and coaches coach

  4. If your kid’s is a linemen, the rule is, two burgers always. Our Riverview linemen has cost us a fortune in food I’ll tell you that, but that’s what it takes with a big guy.

    On Flat Rock. Flat Rock is a very good team, and their players were very classy according to the linemen under our roof. They had a bad start, and fell behind early, but they fought hard and got back in and never quit the entire game and nearly pulled it out. It’s tough to beat a team that determined and that confident that they will win. Good strategy, kick onside kicks and get them, then the Riverview offense can’t score because Flat Rock mostly couldn’t stop them on offense. The Running Back on Flat Rock, the one who dragged about five guys ten yards and into the endzone, he must eat 3 double cheeseburgers to have strength like that. What a bull. Riverview is a young team, and from what I’m hearing Flat Rock has guys coming back, so it should be a good one next year. Good luck the rest of the way Flat Rock.

    1. Big Question. Where was Boom last year. Did Flatrock have some Daddy ball going on in the back field?
      Someone from Flatrock please
      Answer the question

      1. Booms led the Rams in rushing last year, so maybe you weren’t paying attention. In the last 15 years, I think Flat Rock has only had 1 position coach with a player on the team and that coach had zero influence on the position his son played.

  5. I’m exhausted from reading the 143 comments from the last feed. The high school kids really need to stop commenting. The Riverview fans (mostly kids) are back and as cocky as they could possibly be. Everyone thinks it’s gonna be a 3 way tie but Riverview and Flat Rock still have to play SMCC. They aren’t a pushover and they might sneak up on one of those teams.

    1. I’m with you. I love FNV and it’s popular for the same reasons sports talk radio is (talking about how little their team’s coach knows, how poor the officiating was, if it weren’t for this player or that player being out, etc) BUT the blog, these last few weeks, has been less entertaining (and definitely less informative) than past years. Unfortunately, it’s mirroring the current state of our society I’m guessing most of the nonsensical comments are coming from dads who never played the game, coached the game, and are living vicariously through their kids to compensate for what they never achieved “back in the day.” I think it’s great for the HL to have three teams in the hunt for the league championship. I respect everyone (coaches, players, officials, and fans) who’s working hard making the game and the league fun to watch.

  6. The View will teach SMCC how to run the “ T “ this Friday. We will average 12 yards a play against SMCC, and not allow a first down to SMCC. We practice against our great offensive everyday so we know how to shutdown the “ T “ . It’s going to be a long night for SMCC.

    1. Here is the biggest problem with all the comments. This and a lot of the other Riverview is better then everyone could be anyone writing this. They don’t have to be from Riverview. Maybe its a SMCC fan trying to hype up his team.
      Love reading the blog but comments have been a little too much lately.

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