2023 Playoff Ephemera Week 8

Division 2

Bedford has an outside chance of sneaking in at the 32 spot. They of course need to win and hope many things go their way in week 9.

Currently: OUT

Projected: OUT

Carlson, after a huge win over Allen Park, Carlson could very well have 3 home games.

Currently: IN

Projected: IN – possible week 10 opponents: GP South, Franklin, Jesuit, Allen Park, Churchill

Division 3

Riverview will be in a district with the downriver schools.  River Rouge has entered the scene, which makes their likely district much tougher. At this point, I see the Pirates on the road throughout the playoffs.

Currently: IN

Projected: IN – possible week 10 opponent: Trenton, Anderson, River Rouge

Division 4

Airport should find themselves home through Districts and possibly the Regional. It’s very hard to predict who the Jets may face at this point. The districts have been in flux, and could be organized many different ways.  No matter the outcome there, I see Airport as certainly one of the better teams in that area of the state(D4). Jet faithful may need to keep an eye on Goodrich and Harper Woods. To me, those teams are the biggest threat to Airport and a state semi-final appearance… yes, you read that right. Edt : nothing much has changed here. The Jets could go west or north.

Currently: IN

Projected: IN – Possible week 10 opponent: Adrian, Divine Child, Redford Union, Chelsea

New Boston Huron, the Chiefs would have to win out to make the playoffs. Even then, it would be razor thin. Edit: This still holds. With the big win vs Flat Rock, the Chiefs have an outside shot at 32. The Huron League needs to have a great week 9 to help the Chiefs.

Currently: IN

Projected: OUT

Division 5

Dundee has given themselves a great chance at the playoffs with the mild upset of state ranked Hudson(D8). A win vs their cross town rival Ida in week 9 would get them in the playoffs. This should be a war as the same holds true for Ida. Loser likely stays home.

Currently: IN

Projected: Too tough to call!!!! Possible week 10 Opponent: Williamston, Robichaud, Flat Rock

Flat Rock , What was once a great situation, with 2 unexpected losses, the Rams find themselves reeling a bit. A week 10 home game is still likely, and a rematch with Dundee may be on the horizon. All in all, Flat Rock is still in a good spot, as they may still be the best team in their Region.

Currently: IN

Projected: IN – Possible week 10 opponent: Milan, Romulus, Dundee, Summit, AA Richard.

Milan may find themselves as maybe the last team in the field of 32 after week 9. The Big Reds need 1 more win to make that happen. It would seem week 9 vs Skyline would be the best chance to get that win. Edit: Nothing has changed here.

Currently: OUT

Projected: IN – Possible week 10 opponent: Summit, Flat Rock, Romulus

Division 6

Ida has found themselves very likely in a lose and out situation…. but the good news is the contrast to that… win and in vs their big rival Dundee. As I said above, this game should be a dandy!! It’s what HS football is all about.

Currently: IN

Projected: Too tough to call!!

Division 7

SMCC could very well have 2 home playoff games, depending on their district. Forecasts have been all over the place, so it’s difficult to tell who they will be with. I do anticipate a Detroit school heading south to Navarre for the opener. After that, we will have to wait and see.

Currently: IN

Projected: IN – Possible week 10 opponents: Blissfield, Detroit Central, Manchester, Detroit Loyola.

Division 8

Whiteford, the defending D8 state champions, could find themselves as the #1 overall seed in division 8. A team or 2 would need to lose, but it is possible. Ubly once again looks like a powerhouse in D8. These 2 teams could find themselves facing off, this time in a semi-final. Hudson, however, may have something to say about that. The Bobcats may be in a very tough district with Hudson and Addison. Edit: Nothing has changed here.

Currently: IN

Projected: IN – Possible week 10 opponent: Sand Creek, Addison, Riv Gabriel Richard

Summerfield, should make it in the playoffs. It will be close however. They will play a powerhouse in the opener. Maybe back to back games vs Whiteford.

Currently: IN

Projected: IN – Possible week 10 opponent: Hudson, Whiteford, Addison.

If you don’t find your team listed, they are currently eliminated from the 2023 playoffs.

Good luck to everyone as the playoffs approach!!

26 thoughts on “2023 Playoff Ephemera Week 8”

  1. Falcon Alumni 2005

    Based off Snooze’s 8.5 projection, it looks like the Falcons are going west now? Or is there just too many variables right now to predict? It doesn’t make sense to me why Montrose would be sent all the way down to Detroit area.

    1. Thats the way snooze saw it.. it can be done many different ways.

      The bottom 3-4 spots in D7 are still in flux.
      Coloma, Hemlock, Houghton Lake, Burton Bendle, Leslie, Ravenna all are still alive.

      The field could change(probably will), thus the map could change.
      Even if the field stays the same, You could have SMCC with the Detroit schools, and have Bath or even PW drop south into Region 3 district 1. Napoleon would take SMCC’s spot.

      I would say its 50/50 which way SMCC goes.

      1. Falcon Alumni 2005

        Thank you, is there certain game results we can look for on Saturday morning to get an idea? We appreciate all your help!

        1. All those teams I mentioned.
          Namely, Coloma and Hemlock.

          Frankly, I dont know what would need to happen to allow teams to move.
          I just personally think the way snooze has it now, will not be how it will end up.
          Of course I could be wrong.

          Also something to keep an eye on.. If Clinton loses to Hudson and SMCC defeats DCD, SMCC could surpass Clinton in POP.
          The chance that both of those outcomes happen, is less than 50/50 for sure, but its not out of the realm of possibility.

  2. Airport has Dearborn Heights Crestwood this week, is this division 2 team playing for a shot at the playoffs? I see they are ranked #35 in division 2, would a win against Airport get them into the picture?

    Could an Airport win have them catching Chelsea in playoff points, Chelsea is probably taking an L this Friday vs Dexter. Seems there is a lot on the line.

    1. Airport should beat Crestwood without much trouble.
      If Chelsea loses and Airport wins, good shot of both, Airport could host through districts.

      1. Whelp! Did I say an L? My bad! Chelsea winning may cause some movement in/out of districts/regions. If not, region 4 could be stacked, with half of the teams in it this year have 60+ playoff points.

        The only way Airport gets the chance at two home playoff games is to have one of (Chelsea, Harper Woods, Airport) move out of region 4.

  3. Pretty disappointing to see the Milan disrespect. Mark my words we WILL win states. A quick side note: my insiders are telling me that there is some teams in the Huron league activating their recruits. I know of one recruit who is a very talented receiver from California making his debut soon…

    1. This year, or in the future? I don’t see a Milan team capable of winning in the first round this year. I never heard of a recruit situation in the Huron League, that’s probably just a rumor. They don’t do Belleville or Rouge type all star team football here.

        1. If a team wins, of course they recruit.. if they lose, they don’t.
          That goes for every team that has ever been a part of this blog.

          Nobody ever wins because of good coaching or anything of the like.

  4. This is good stuff and I enjoy reading your material. Thank you for doing this for all our boys. Keep it up!
    -Carlson Senior Dad

  5. If Airport stayed west I’m assuming they would be in a district with Chelsea, Adrian and Tecumseh. If they went north who else would be in Airport’s district?

        1. They seem to be very solid. But not great. I’d have Airport vs Chelsea as a very good game. Edge to the Jets by 7-10.

  6. Gary- D 3
    If Thurston beats a not very good D 1 opponent this week -Det Western
    Assuming they in – could they be in the Riverview district and move Rouge somewhere else

    1. Probably not but you never know til its said and done on Sunday evening.

      There are 3 dowriver teams… the next closest is Rouge.
      Thurston getting in, I dont think would change the landscape for those 4 teams.

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